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"Chant "Yes, I Can" 108 times daily before breakfast and before sleep. Advice your children also "
Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak was born in Almora (Uttranchal) a hill state of india... More

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In a competitive & stressful environment, let us endeavor to develop Positive eco-system, Positive thinking pattern, and Positive actions.
Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

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Life is a journey full of joys and sorrows. While we are happy in the good times, most of us find it difficult to handle the rough patches leading to negative emotions like tension, depression, health disorders, quarrels, frequent loss of temper and so forth. We however must realize that we can’t have a world without problems. But, the thing in our control is to develop or improve ourselves so that we can face these challenges effectively. This website articulates self-development tools and techniques. The motto of www.plusapproach.org is PI-CI-PI “Positive India, Competent India and Projectised India”.

Positive India:  Positive Thinking is the mother of all virtues. If entire India becomes positive, much of the problems can be solved as it will unleash the true potential of this vibrant and diverse nation. This website is dedicated to spread the positive thinking amongst the masses through positive stories, quotes, presentations and other channels. Some of the direct advantages of positive thinking are as under:

  • Start seeing half glass of water as “Half full” instead of “Half empty”
  • Transformation to “Can Do” approach
  • Always looking for solutions
  • Enhancement in happiness, confidence, willpower and self-esteem
  • Increase in enthusiasm and energy level
  • Improvement in health and decline in stress level
  • Enhancement of self-brand

All the readers are most welcome to share the positive experiences that have shaped their lives for the better.

“Positivity leads to possibilities, which in turn gives birth to options. Options paves the way to solutions. Thus positivity transforms problem to solution . It is the first theorem of Positivity.” Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 

Competent India:  The third pillar towards making a strong India is competency building of the population in the professional areas of leadership, strategy, planning, soft skills etc.Competency helps enhancing the efficiency and reducing wastages in the process of achieving the objective .The website will have series of articles on issues pertinent to this cause.

Projectised India:  Projectised India will help cultivate the time consciousness in the citizens which is absolutely critical to the development of this country. Every minute is a currency,which we are losing by wasting it. Projectised India will lead to progressive India. The progressive India will ultimately complement its positive public.The importance of other project related concepts likecost, scope, quality, execution, control and monitoring not only relate to projects but all the facets of life. The same can be understood through series of articles like (MC4E2)ec, Management Geeta etc.

Apart from this, this website has a dedicated section on astro-counselling with specific predictions and personalized solutions to one’s problems.

Let us join hands to develop “Positive India , Projectised India and Competent India “

"No pains, no happiness. Happiness can be enjoyed only when you have passed through pain, otherwise everything is the same."

Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

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