Conflicts Management

You can't solve a problem on the same level, in which is created. You have to rise above it to the next level.

- Albert Einstein

Life is like rainbow having different colors, which makes it more enjoyable. Think of a situation, if life does not have any colors then perhaps we would have become dull and drape. It is my personal opinion that sorrows make us to enjoy happiness. A person luckily had good days in life, then after some time he may not be able to get happiness from the events as for him its all lost and on the contrary person experiencing bad days shall derive maximum happiness from good moment. One of the colors of life is "Conflict " which is being faced by every human being - the degree may be different. Conflict is inevitable in a world as complex as ours and dealing with conflict is an art. This conflict is again related to human management -how you manage with different human beings. If we fail to do so, problems shall surmount upon you. Thus a specific skill is required to manage the conflict in day to day life.

Let us deliberate on it in the following manner:

· What is conflict.
· Reasons of conflict.
· Techniques of Handling Conflicts.



Panacea to conflict are to be found out by the individuals themselves, but based on above, some of the conflicts could be resolved and let us try to be conflict free and live this life with happiness and peace.

When (he) was asked from whom he learned goodness, he replied , from those without goodness, because what seemed unbecoming in them I avoid doing my self.

 - Sufi Maser

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