Project Knowledge Sharing - Exceptions

 -  2016-05-15

1) An Exception report is essential for the proper and effective functioning of a project. It documents the things such as the major mistakes, goofs or mishaps that took place during the project cycle. It is basically everything that went wrong during the project.

 2) Exception document is very critical as it can be referred to look back at a later point in hopes to avoid committing the same mistakes again. Also, for future projects, it can help teams learn from their previous mistakes.

 3) During a project, there are things that don’t go as planned and in that case if the issue arises which impact the established requirements is the ‘exception’ and for this, project board decides the best way to proceed forward.

4) A positive approach needs to be adopted as while developing this exception plan it may help in avoiding further risks and can result in successful completion of the current stage of the project.

 5) It’s more of a project board’s responsibility to carefully scrutinize the situation and authorize a stage plan which must include exception plan to replace the existing stage plan which needs to be replaced due to unforeseen circumstances.

 6) During a project, exception plan is used to recover from the effect of deviation that could be budget or accountability related. Project Manager informs the Project Board about this deviation and submits an updated plan to complete the stage of the project. If the plan is approved by the board, then it replaces the existing plan and this exception plan is used during the current stage of the project for successful completion.

 7) This plan should be created with similar point of details as the old one and it should continue from the stage where the other plan failed and only till the current plan exist. This new update of exception also requires updating the issue & the risk plan for the current stage to tackle any new risks. 


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