How to Conduct yourself

In the competitive age where cut-throat competition is there in every field- particularly for the professionals, for whom every day existence has become difficult. Thus every moment ,we have to keep ourselves as per the requirement of the environment so that the market value does not fall down. One of the important aspects in this direction is
" How to conduct Self ". In earlier days, when requirement of skills were not so much and people were unaware of the quality of work etc etc. One could have continued with anything, but now situations are different and everybody wants to excel beyond his own limitations. Or it has become a blind race and who so ever wants to continue - he must know How to conduct self. Some of the important aspect of the same is illustrated below:
· Communication
· Knowledge


So , above are some factor which are required to be taken care of in day to day conduction and which have a definite impact on your image in the society as well it is helpful in establishing yourself . It is also clear from the above that a constant vigil on self is required i.e. attention in speech, dress, knowledge etc. so that our conduction in our society is updated. Courage is resistance to fear mastery of fear- not absence of fear. A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure man whom timidity prevented from making a first effort .

- Sydney Smith

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