Maintaining the plus Approach-Seven Strategies

The first step towards success in any occupation is to become interested in it

.-Sir William Osler

Generally, it is told to maintain Plus Approach or Positive Attitude. But how can we maintain good thoughts, when our mind or body does not allow it. Although, we know it but it is a constant struggle. Yet our moods are not constantly correlated with our physical state. On very few occasions only recovery from depressed situation is quickly.

Science of bio-rhythm is closely co-related with this subject . Primarily in bio-rhythm there are three cycles covering human i.e. Physical, Mental and Intellectual. They follow sinusoidal curves and during their ascendance we feel ourselves in good spirits despite of odd problems and during the descending path, depressions etc are felt despite of a minor issue, which would other-wise could have been taken care of. It starts from the day when we take birth.

In Fact our mood is like a turbulent sea-some time we feel that we have fallen and the waves continue to crash our heads, as we fight to rise, only to be knocked down again . But the same ocean sometimes allows us to find a wave we can ride smoothly to the shore.

We can not stay dumb and carrying depressive mood, but in order to lead life effectively and efficiently, actions are required to be taken . There are some techniques which can be applied whenever we are in depressive mood or going under waves . Let us apply some techniques :



Thus, try these strategies and empower your mind & soul and reap the benefits . Develop Deliberateness for the same.

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