Meeting Needs of Multiple Stakehoders of life

In today's perspective a person is responsible for many persons like wife, brother, sister, company, children, friends, colleagues, etc. . All of them are stakeholder for him, as he has to satisfy them by his actions. One has to perform the role of a "Jokar" in real sense sand to accommodate the requirement of all. Amidst of all these, at some point of time, if you sit quietly and ask a question to yourself that " Who are You" and "What you want from your life" / "What are your Priorities".



What a nominal requirement - but how many of us do it for our employees. It holds true for our house also. If you appreciate your wife on making good recipe, she will be encouraged to offer you even better food.

So why not encourage others for doing better job. It is not a one-time job - but continuous process and requires lot of perseverance. Leaders are generally determined to make the follower understand them and don't leave till the objectives are met.

Thus, communicate continuously, listen carefully, genuinely tolerate failure as a learning experience, build on people desire to make a positive difference. The challenge of the leader is to unleash the energy of the people and harness it towards the objective

A leader, once convinced that a particular course of action is the right one, must be undaunted when the going gets tought.

Ronald Reagan

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