Self Boundary Management

Now-a-days a new word is being discussed frequently in the management circle that is-
"Boundary Management " - the meanings are very clear that one has to mange his boundaries. Weak boundaries may have ingression of outsiders. In a wider perspective India as a country is not able to manage with the boundaries with neighborhood countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh . Even some times Nepal also goes out of tune. Take another case of a mega company like Reliance - its progress story tells their excellence in Boundary Management. In the same way personal success depends largely on managing outside world like managing with superiors , influencing persons, relations etc.

Let us discuss concept of Self-Boundary Management for an Individual.

Individually a person is a unique thing. Nobody can match each other, but a few become iota of success in life. Their examples are being taken every where, as they become reference of success in different fields. Apart form labor, determination and luck their boundary management is also good. Let's determine the factors responsible for boundary management for person who is a professional:


Thus, conclusively, requirement of the day is to skill on Human engineering or developing dexterity in handling human being in order to manage "Self- Boundaries".

It is my experience that it and only it works ,irrespective of your qualification ,merits etc.

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