Specific Predictions

M S Dhoni

His present period

Name : M S Dhoni

Date of Birth :07.07.1981

Time of birth: 11:15 am ( corrected to 11:10 am) Place of Birth: Ranchi

Mahadasa :

Rahu (From 12.12.02 to 12.12.20):

Signifying Houses: 5, 6,10,11,12

Analysis: Having signification of 6, 10, and 11 houses made him one of the best captain of India.


Mercury (From 24.11.10 to 12.06.13):

Signifying Houses: 1, 3, and 8,9,10:

Analysis: Mercury is Sub lord 4th ( profession of opposition ) and 6th house( competition ); Thus this period of mercury will take his most of the time dealing with opposition although 1,3,10 are favourable houses for him , thus success of the order of 60% is indicated but opposition will overcast him . Which is being seen after debacle in Australia in recent?


1) Rahu :( From 15.04.12 to 14.09.2012)

Signifying Houses: 5,6,10,11,12:

Analysis: It is sub lord of 5th house. Rahu is also nearer to Venus, which is in 11th house, thus it will improve his image in cricket. This will be better time.

Actual : He has won Srilanka series during this time .

2) Jupiter : ( From 14.09.12- 17.01.13 )

Signifying Houses: 4,7,10,12

Analysis: It is sub lord of 2th house. It is located on 12th house and lord of 4 and 7th , which are good houses for opposite side. Partial signification of 10th house of himself. So broadly period upto 3rd Janu 13 is not good for Dhoni . It will be difficult for him save his prestige also take care of health.

Remedy : Upto January 13 , he should do donation of yellow things .

3) Saturn ( 17.01.13- 12.06.13)

Signifying houses : 5,6,10,12

Being signification of 12th house , the improvements will not be upto the mark however signification of 6 and 10th will get him professional success.

Remedy : Should donate black things and visit sani temple.

Mars -Saturn combination

Mars and Saturn combination is fatal for the world at large , they are coming closure and in the month of august, perticularly third week , which will be full of fatalities like in 1984 .

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