Stress Management Techniques

Read books, listen to tapes, attend seminars - they are decades of wisdom reduced to invaluable hours.

- Mark Victor Hansen

What is stress : Different people have their own definition to define this term, as it does not have a single meaning. It is individual based. Different people get stress at different conditions. It depends upon their Stress Tolerance Limit (STL ) . The need of the day is to enhance the limit of STL. As you might be aware that Stress has direct impact on the heath. But in this competitive life - nobody can escape from stress, other than Sadhus who are in jungles - the commercial ones who are under stress increase in number of disciples. In a common man's life stress areas are as under:

a) Profession
b) Finance and property
c) Life Partner
d) Children
e) Parents


From the above , it is clear that the glands have specific relation with the Chakras and by Meditation secretion of the juices from the gland gets regulated . By doing meditation total body gets revitalized and energized ,which keeps us hale and hearty , the Stress Tolerance Limit get enhanced and affect of age on the face /body can also be reduced . Basic technique of doing mediation is simply concentration on the glands in sequence from down to up at least 3 minutes each and after wards let the thoughts come and go - we will find a change in your total system.

The meditation can be done at any time - preferably in the area of less disturbance but when we will sit into the meditation you will find that there is much more disturbance inside the mind than outside. You can sit into any posture of comfort. Meditation can be done with light music also as it attenuates the surrounding noises - music of AUM, light sitar etc can be used. Better to wear loose clothes. Conclusively, stress management is very important aspect of life and every individual should endeavor to develop own methodology do it as per his requirements and  Meditation is best Medication for Stress.

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