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SOS : 



 There should not be any compromise with DESH.
D: Development of the country 
E: Energy security of the country 
S: Security of the country 
H: Harmony in the country  
All the political parties should have same view on DESH. 



S: Save 

R: Resources 

E: Energy 

E: Environment 



It is classification of Teams:

HET : High Energy Team

MET : Medium Energy Team

LET  : Low Energy Team


SHE : 


SHE :  Sustainable, Happy and Efficient organization


IRR : 


IRR : Innovate , Reinvent , Renovate yourself 


PH Index : 


PH : Performance and Happiness Index 


DDD : 


DDD: Dream , Develop and Deliver :  Person should dream an object , develop its plan for execution and deliver it . As everyone looks for Delivery now a days not on dribbling.


GAM : 


GAM: Gratitude and Appreciation Management  : We need to offer our gratitude to the people who have done anything for us and appreciate associates who have done good job.


PE : 


PE: Performance and Execution are key for any Manager , as these are the two determinants for any performer. 


USA : 

USA : In projects one needs to Understand , Solve and Analyse  the problem . All Problems needs to be resolved within specified time .


HE : 

HE : Happy and Effecient organisation 


It is the utimate objective of any corporate ,wherein the employees are at state of happiness most of the time contributing  to enhancement of  efficiency level of the organisation .



IDEA: Intution, Data, Experience, Analysis : It is one of the method of decision making


CCC :  Connect , Communicate and Care 



IIIG menas Implementaion , Innovation and Imporvement group , which any organisation should have for implementation  of projects . Organisation are required to innovate continiously in  processes ,systems etc . One group is required to log the same and use for improvement.


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