Project Knowledge Sharing - Archiving

Archiving  -  2019-08-14

1)  Completion of the project is not over until and unless the archiving process is completed. Archiving refers to storing of project documents, models, deliverables, charter, etc in a systematic manner. Archiving is a consistent and continuous process which includes a range of steps and procedures to keep the project records, files, documents, papers, sheets, etc.

 2) Archiving is a necessary process for administrative closure of the project. For any organization, administration department ensures that the archiving of the project is done judicially

 3) The archived project artifacts consists of scope statement, project planning documents, the project charter, risk response plans, quality plan, budgeting plans, status reports, learning from the project, final acceptance document, closure document, project request, proposal, issue logs, decisions made, status reports and summaries, procurement papers, official mail and email correspondence, including letters, attachments, pictures and other related important documents.

 4) The importance of archiving documents of a project has always been helpful in providing information for future projects and can also act as a support for other similar ongoing projects. Archiving creates a framework which is important for running project activities and procedures. This is an essential step in any project for analysis, learning and historical reviews.

 5)Another important aspect that archiving serves is to provide detailed information about the project in case of a public disclosure request. This is also helpful for answering questions regarding the project in other cases.

 6) Project Manager must ensure proper archiving of every single document used in the project after the closure. This allows not only present Project Manager but other project persons to utilize the findings and results of the project in future projects. In many cases, archiving provides insight into the problems that are encountered by the Project Managers working on different projects.

 7) Project Managers are responsible for ensuring that every document or file is properly formatted secured, stored, designed and communicated.

 8) The archiving provides an opportunity to review and use this project material in a productive manner in the future. 




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