1) Time is the essence of life . Don't waste it . After 60 years, one realizes that how much time was wasted by him . Thus catch the time .

2) Time is precious than money . Money can be regained but one cannot recover the time, which was lost.

3) Follow the concept naming TWT i.e. Today work Today.

4) Make a schedule, having a milestone before the start of the work.

5) One should have proper \"Monitoring , Control and Reporting system\"

6) Estimating time of any activity is an art .One needs to factor for uncertaintities ,vendor/contractor deficiencies ,state holidays when laborers are  not avaiable .Based on the expereince ,it is 30% than the methamatical calculation of time .

7) Time is essence of any project . The client after placement of the order is after the contractor and PMC for completion of the work .

The best way based on the experience is :

  • Draw a contractual schedule
  • Convert it to "Have To do " schedule i.e. 80% of the contractual schedule, which can be termed as "Execution Schedule: . Plan all resources, monitoring etc based on this schedule .
  • It would give you a float which can be used for uncertaintities .

8) The success of the project depends on its completion in time and deciding the project schedule is an art. Based on the experience 30% of the schedule to be added for uncertainties and ambiguities.

9) In projects fixing the time for completion of any job is an art . Generally project engineers take a mathematical time to do the work .Suppose in order to dig x qunatity of of pit T time is  taken .He  does not consider time for the uncertaintities , constraints etc .

In India one month is used by holidays ,wherein labor is not available .So better the time for an activity which is labor intensive should be 30% more than mathematical calculations .i.e. 1.3 T.


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