Project Knowledge Sharing - Preferred Practices

Best Practice  -  2019-08-14

Undertaking a project and successfully completing it goes through several stages. Project Manager plays a vital role in the success of any project and hence needs to follow certain good practices to complete it. 

1)Positive attitude towards the project can effectively reduce half of the stress. This helps in keeping mind focused to commence the project with peace of mind.

2)Establishing a clear project plan is a necessary step, building a solid plan maps out the steps that the team needs to follow and complete the project successfully on time and within the assigned budget. The detailed work plan serves as a starting point and helps project persons understand the roadmap of the project.

3)Clarification of project roles and individual responsibilities is another practice which should be followed during the start of a new project. To prevent any sort of mix-up, it is important to assign each project person their respective tasks and responsibilities.

4)Have effective communication with the team to keep them involved and informed during the project cycle.  Effective communication avoids misunderstandings which often lead to delay in deadlines and sometimes even failure of the project.

5)Constantly monitor and track overall project proceedings. This helps in utilizing the resources effectively and avoids the risk of going overboard in terms of budget and deadline. 

6)Risk management is another important practice in a project. Every project has some or other risks involved and formulating a perfect risk mitigation plan is essential for the Project Manager. Identifying every aspect of the project and calculating the potential damages in advance can help in saving costs as well as efforts during the time of occurrence. It is also recommended to create a risk response team which can come handy in crisis situations.

7)Documentation of the project is also an essential practice to be followed by the Project Managers. The project documents are an important part of any project and this not only helps the ongoing project, but can also be helpful in other future projects. Documentation can also be very helpful in case of public enquiry or in other issues.


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