TEA: Let us focus on TEA - Time, Efficiency and Approach management

The organization’s performance depends on leadership, but more on the performance of its employees.

The key ingredients are TEA:

·         Time: Utilization of time on fruitful activities, determines the progress of the organization. Employees should plan their day properly, identify time wasters and try to utilize their time fruitfully.

·         Efficiency: It is another factor, which progressive and sustainable organizations should also try to inculcate in the minds of the employees. Efficacy of self and the process needs to be taken into consideration.


Efficiency is output/input i.e. Maximizing the output with lesser inputs. Inputs should use the levers as far as possible to reduce efforts and systems should reduce losses of the system to have better output, thus more efficient.

·         Approach: But the most important aspect is “The Approach” of the person, Approach as defined as the way, enable one can reach nearer to the solution and the goal. Organization management should have an eye on this aspect and inculcate this habit.


Thus, have a TEA approach for improvement in the organization.

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