F for Focus - Basic element of Sucess

                                                                     By Ashutosh Karnatak

Generally, we live in a world of distraction and are not able to keep our mind in one direction. One of the mothers, while teaching, complained to his son that he was not attentive. She scolded him to pay attention and told that his attention is somewhere else and he is not focused that is why he was not able to secure good marks. It is the problem with most of us. When we do the job –our mind has interference/distraction from other sides also and due to this, we are not able to achieve the accuracy and quality in work .

“There is no higher and simpler law of strategy than that of keeping one's forces concentrated. In short the principle is: act with the utmost concentration : Carl Von Clausewitz 1780- 1831.”

Now a day, in management jargon it is being told to have FOCUS on the subject so that it is completed within time with desired quality. The other reason may be that multitude of inputs traverse through the mind disturb the individual causing loss of memory. Consequently, we had to face firing from of our superiors that we have lost the focus. May be they are correct.

Focus is the term, which is being talked from time immemorial . One of the examples of earlier days can be recalled; when Guru Dronachaaraya wanted to have competition of Archery among his pupils. He hung one artificial bird on the tree and asked all the pupils to see on the oil bath kept on ground. On by one pupil came – some body said that they are able to see reflection beautiful sky, some one said that they are see in a bird on the tree but when the turn of Arjuna (One of the disciple who ultimately become expert on the subject) came and explained that he could see only eye of the bird and penetrated correctly on the eye of the bird based on reflections only without seeing it directly. It was Focused Approach of Arjuna at that time.

Similarly, Napoleon knew the value of concentration on enemy's weakest spot- it was his secret of winning over his enemies. Single mindedness of the purpose, total concentration on goal and use of these qualities over the opponents less focused a distracted will always find arrow on the mark.

From the great epic GITA also these concepts can be very well understood. The mind, body and speech need to be employed in achieving any target . Lord Krishna told – Hey Arjuna! He who always and constantly thinks of me with undivided mind, to that Yogi always absorbed in me. I am easily available – it means that if one is focused on the Goal – it is easily achievable. He further explained that – He whose mind remains unattached to sense-objects derives through meditations the sattvic joy which dwells in the mind; then having completely identified himself through meditation with Brahma, that Yogi enjoys eternal bliss”-

Therefore, it is clear that from Napoleon to Yogi- all used Focused Approach in achieving their goals.

Before proceeding further, it is essential to understand oneself. Answer following questions with total honesty:

1) How you rate yourself focused :

     • No
• Yes

2) You are able to channelising your all energies towards goal :

    • No
• Yes

3) Have you maintain full faith on self :

    • No
• Yes

4) While doing works do you keep past successes in mind ?

     • No
• Yes

5) You are easily distracted from disturbances (external and internal)

     • Yes
• No

6) Generally, your mind remain agitated

     • Yes
• No

7) Do you have scattered focus i.e mentally occupied with too many works :

   • Yes
• No

All “a “answers indicates that you have focus problem .If you score more than 70% yes answer, it means you need a therapy for improvement of focus. Some of the techniques based on experience are as under:

Improvement Techniques :

It gives rise to a question which needs to be answered that How to develop Focused Approach. Some of the techniques are as under:

• Believe in Self : Focal point of the convex lenses is the point when pointed towards the sun, the thing kept at its focal pint gets burnet because it gets maximum solar energy converged at that point. In the same way, when we are focused at some goal – our energies are likely to be concentrated for achievement of the same. So this is the key to success. Concentrate your energies at your goal. But how it can be achieved – it can be achieved only when there is a belief on self – that I Can do it. Because with these feelings, only our internal energies are chanalized in the same direction and the output of self becomes maximum – the internal resistance is least and when maximum transfer of the energy takes place from mind towards goal and with this goal is bound to be achieved.

• Feel of Success : FOCUS can be defined as Feel of Constant urge to Success . This urge is required to rekindle the feel constantly. The feel of the outcome always sensationalizes you, when the work is completed as per requirement. A student, when get admission after passing class 12 th gets exhilarated with the outcome. If his studies are focused – it is not very difficult also. A writer with a feel of getting the book published – feels success even before the publication and this feel gets him charged to proceed further and one day he gets the goal. A mountain climber has only one goal in his mind – that is the top of the mountain. He does not see here and there but moves forward on his way without getting disturbed from the snowy winds or landslides . His mind is always imbibed with the feel of success. It has been seen that those of hundreds of men or women – engineers, managers even filing clerks – whenever they apply focused approach their excellence becomes effortless and they are totally absorbed into the work, because they have constantly feel of success . At this moment all, the emotions are harnessed optimally to deliver the desired results.

• Meditating on the gland : Fact is everything is controlled by mind and mind governs secretion of hormones from glands, which controls all our actions. Behind our brain, Pituitary gland is located, which controls our actions. In order to have more focused approach meditation can be done on Pituitary gland and by this regulation of hormones from the gland can be regulated. Consequently, when focus is required secretion of gland is regulated as per requirement, thus enhancement in performance can be experienced. Sharpening of the glands can be done on regular basis in order to achieve more focus.

• Meditating with open eye : When one is focused – it is state of meditating with the open eyes i.e. you are feeling the disturbance of the environment but without getting bothered about it the focus is on the target, so it is nothing but meditating with open eyes. At this state attention becomes so focused that people are aware only of narrow range of perception related to the immediate task, losing track of the time and space. Its state of self-forgetfulness, even self-consciousness – the man becomes ego-less and their control over is enhanced on the work in hand and their responses are perfectly attuned to the changing demands of the task . They perform at their peak while focused, they are not concerned with how they are doing, with thoughts of success or failure- a sheer pleasure of the act itself is what motivates them.

• Develop habit of Concentration : It is a matter of habit. Whenever you are doing any work try to get absorbed in that only, a s if nothing else is there in and around. Give autosuggestion to the mind that you have to complete this job within time and with best of the qualities and when ever the attention is being diverted bring it back to the focal point of the work so that you can deliver / convert most of your energies towards the goal. One is to intentionally focus a sharp attention on the task, a highly concentrated state of the mind. Which may take some time to start or to get focused – but once focused state starts lock it – then it takes on a force of its own, both offering relief from emotional turbulence and making the task effortless. It has been seen that people concentrate best when the demands on then are a bit greater then the usual and they are able to give more than usual.

Focused state of mind is state of bliss. It can be easily co-related with the state of worship when one sits on worship and get worship of God and. it is the position when man surrenders to the God, in the same way while doing some work one has to surrender to the cause and as explained above all the glands responsible for secrets optimally when there in no –internal resistance. . By practicing, this day-to-day performance is improved and suddenly we will find that the quality and accuracy of our work is improving.

• Focused Approach: By this time concept of getting focused is getting clearer, but one other aspect is also getting clearer that before attaining steady state of focused approach a gradient is required i.e. anxiety or fear or challenge or some other factor – which aligns automatically all the energies in one direction , but for this one need to have calm and quiet mind instead of agitated one because due to fatigue and nervousness, brain works less efficiently. It is also seen that one is more focused on its area of core competence and get distracted where one is not so strong . Thus, identification of area of core competence is also necessary and at least is focused on them. It is helpful in channeling emotions into more productive output.

• Focus on Profession : At one stage, in life it becomes essential to Focus on Profession, where you can excel. The most important part is identification of the same and once it is done correctly – put all your energies towards it and get the desired results. It has been seen from the childhood parents want that child should excel in all fields but by the time he enters into the adulthood – he becomes Jack-of-All-Trades. So form the child hood itself -areas need to be identified, where one can excel. You never know that one day you may also become – One of the most successful person of India like Sachin, Amitabh Bacchant, N R Narayan Murthy of Info sis; Subrato Roy of Sahara India; Sunil Mittal of Bharti Telecom or Tata – Birla.

Thus, Based on the above sit quietly, analyze yourself and develop Focused Approach and try to “Stay Focused “ what ever you do for rest of the life and be successful like others.

                                   Future Forecast: June 2007

Aries :
Self: Courageous works will be done; some important decisions are required to be taken; Impulsive actions need to be avoided.

Life Partner : Help will be extended by life partner; Harmony will prevail in home.

Children: Results will be largely Ok but not as per expectations.

Finance: Position will improve .

Taurus :
Self: Impediments will be encountered in works; Extend help to others only after knowing credentials.

Life Partner: Harmony will prevail at home; Action on development of life partner will be done.

Children: Their success will elate you.

Finance: Loss of money is indicated.

Gemini :
Self: Means to have comfortable life will be arranged; Unnecessary arguments need not to be done; Maintain patience.

Life Partner: Health will be cause of concern.

Children: This area needs attention; some of the issues will disturb you.

Finance: Improvement in financial position and old pending may come back.

Cancer :
Self: Impediments will be encountered in your area of functioning; Less support from superiors; Leadership related issues would be undertaken.

Life Partner: Take care of mental condition and health of life partner.

Children: Take care of their health; results will not be as per expectations.

Finance: Loss of money is indicated, no new expenditure should be done.

Leo :
Self : Progress will be achieved in different fields. Some long pending desire will be fulfilled.

Life Partner : Difference of opinion is indicated in some field; take care of your behavior .Health problems to be encountered .

Children: Progress will be up to the mark.

Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Virgo :
Self: Progress in professional life is indicated; Prestige in society will also enhance, but take care of your health.

Life Partner: Progress will be noticed in this field; Help will be extended in decision-making process.

Children: Good news will be received.

Finance: Improvement in financial position but expenditure need to be done with caution.

Libra :
Self : Professional success and progress is indicated; Social prestige will enhance; Implements for comfort will be arranged.

Life Partner: difference of opinion is likely to take place, health needs more attention.

Children: Favorable results are likely to come.

Finance: Improvement in financial condition is likely to improvement. Inflow of money from different sources.

Scorpio :
Self: Success over opposition; Self-development works will be undertaken; New undertaking will get the way.

Life Partner: Take care of health and mood.

Children: Progress will be noticed.

Finance: Improvement in financial position .

Sagittarius :
Self: Journeys will be much beneficial; Take care of your actions in professional field.

Life Partner: Health needs to be taken care of; Difference in opinion in some of the issue.

Children: This aspect will be cause of concern.

Finance: Over –expenditure needs to be curbed.

Capricorn :
Self : Success over opposition; some of competitions will be through; Professional achievements are indicated.

Life Partner: Moderate results.

Children: Improvement in this field but result is not as per expectations .

Finance : Flow of money from other sources.

Aquarius :
Self: illusion state will prevail in the mind ;Important decisions are required to be postponed;

Life Partner: Health will be major cause of concern, better go to hospital for r check up.

Children: Health related issues needs attention.

Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Pisces :
Self : Difference of opinion is likely to be with close relationship; Avoid closeness with wicked person.

Life Partner: Will be helpful in difficult conditions.

Children: Progress is indicated in this area.

Finance: Loss of wealth is indicated .

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