E for Extra Mile

                               By Ashutosh karnatak

Our children know this alphabet as E for elephant and it is the end of it. The quality of elephants is worth knowing. Despite of the heavy body, he is faithful to the master, have a belief in mind that he cannot break the thin rope, which is used for tying. His ears are big, which has become symbol of lord Ganesha etc. But there is now paradigm shift, the new meaning of alphabets E is for Extra Mile i.e. mile extra than others. In this competitive world, where average intelligence of the people is almost same, then how to be a front-runner? It is million-dollar question. One needs to be ahead of others by his actions. Always it is required to do more than others do. It has been seen in the multinational companies, employees work late till night just to ensure that they have extra mile than others. This thought of going beyond others should always hanker in the mind.  The requirement of the day is to work EXTRA or SOMEWHAT MORE than others. We have seen in 100 M world athletic race that the winner has to work EXTRA i.e in the form of  early start .In the same way if you want to go ahead, you to be different from others in planning, mobilization resources etc. etc. An extra mile is the formula of success. It is the point, which determines successful and unsuccessful person. Because up to certain extent, everybody works but there are few who run extra mile – that is the point of success. Take the recent example of Indian Cricketer Saurav Ganguly, who has put his heart and soul to the game after being taken out of the team and ultimately he could get a chance to be part of the world cup team – he definitely ran extra mile by practicing, by playing in national cricket, by tolerating   insults /humiliations that being a captain of that Indian team, which has no place for him now. Therefore, he not only ran extra mile physically but emotionally. Not every body could reach to the top Mount Everest, only Sir Edmond Hillary and Tensing Norgay Sherpa could do it – one of the attribute that helped them was “Extra Mile.” It was told when in the first expedition Edmond Hillary has to return from the base camp, he saw up toward the mountain and told –“I will come again and conquer you. You will remain where you are but I would bigger than today in respect of courage, determination etc.   Before proceeding further, it is necessary to identify what we are:

1. Do you put your maximum in any work
2. Do you develop strategy before start of work 
3. Are you always try to do  different than your colleagues.
4. Do you like to give your employee more than the payment
5. Do you feel that you should get promotions /benefits without much of the contribution:

Positive answers “Yes” are helpful in self-analysis. After this write, five points about yourself /your attributes, which you can write about yourself.   

  1) ……………….
  2) ……………….
  3) ……………….
  4) ……………….
  5) ………………

                                             Improvement Techniques

Love your work:  The first step is to love your work. It is to be understood that none of the work is good or bad. It is our perception how one takes it. This point need to be understood properly before anything. If this point becomes clear then success will follow you instead of your are after success. One of the officers told to his boss, “Sir, you have been using me like a dustbin, but I have fulfilled that duty properly.” Visualize a situation without a dustbin ……. The officer remain unanswered, he could understood him and reward him ultimately. Every work gives you experience which other person is not having, so love your work what ever have been assigned to you.

Put your heart and soul:  The second step is to put your heart and soul. It is beyond comprehension that if you are doing some job then what is the point of not associating with the same 100%. It has been seen that half hearted works yields half-hearted results. It has been seen that that all successful fellows not only top leaders but top performers in any organization put their heart and soul with the work. They feel it like their own work. Some of the employees consider that work like their own child and do it as if they are rearing their child. It has been told, “A sweeper should clean the road in a way that was done by Beethoven to compose the music and Michelangelo in painting.” So that people should ask – who has cleaned the road? Thus put your heart and soul into the work – what so ever you are doing – may be you are cooking food , may be your are studying , may be you are drafting a letter . What so ever, any place any time switch your self to a mode of putting full heart and soul.

Develop desire for more contribution: It has been experience of the writer that until unless one has desire to do the work, he really cannot put his heart and soul and all the efforts remain halfhearted. Therefore, develop a desire for the work, you are undertaking. You have a right to select the work only when you have that strength, capability and capacity .Otherwise; you have to follow what is being directed to you. Under this situation if you want to perform then the only way is to develop a desire for the same. It is a physiological phenomenon, because it sends a negative signal to your mind. If you start desire for the job, there will be a sea change in you actions. You would feel that automatically you are taking actions one by one until the work is completed .So develop desire for more contribution.

Try to be different:  You might have seen the actions taken by Consumer Goods Company to remain in the market. Take the example of “Maggie Noodles” a fat food for children , it is in the market for  long time and every six month the company display the better “Maggie” in the market – the difference may be in the contents , taste ,packaging , free games etc . These are the strategies being done by the marketing companies to remain in the market- so that the public at large knows the difference.   In the same, we should also try to be different from other. Look for the requirement of the environment – your boos, your family members, your friends and develop that quality so that you are always in the market and liked by all. This will be an attempt towards running an extra mile – as you are required to do something deliberately or extra.

Take out your potential:  It is told that man uses only 10% of his brain, thus one can imagine the if balance potential of brain is used. In the same way, we do not put our best as per our potential. We do not use it optimally.  Story on Toothpaste tube is the example of extra mile or use of potential. All the households have toothpaste to clean the teeth. When the tube is new more paste is used for cleaning and gradually the paste levels gets depleted and a point is reached when it become difficult to bring out the residual paste and following actions are taken most probably by 80% of persons before throwing the tube: The tube is pressed to take out the paste.The tube is folded to get the balance paste at the end.In addition, the climax part of the same is when the tube is cut in between to get the paste.  This is the point of using the hidden potential or running extra mile, when the last drop of the paste is tried to be taken out. In the same way, we should also try to take out our last contribution towards the goal.  Readers are requested to use these techniques and run an extra mile to be consistent success.   

                                            Future Forecast:  May 2007

Leadership related woks would be done; Some of the works will give you inspiration to do it.
Life Partner : Health will be a cause of concern.
Children: Progress in the field of children
Finance: Avoid unnecessary expenditure; be careful before putting money.

Self: Actions to have more luxuries in life will be done; Harmonious atmosphere at home.
Life Partner: Influence from opposite sex needs to be taken care of. Some of the decisions will be taken with the help of life partner.
Children: Positive results will be obtained.
Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Courageous activities will be undertaken; Inclination towards fine arts.Fatigue may be experienced due to over work.
Life Partner: Harmonious relations will be maintained.
Children: Take out time to monitor progress of children.
Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Caution is required while discharging your duties; Superiors will try to nail you; Journeys are indicated; Problems encountered in decision-making.
Life Partner: By and large, health and mood will be normal.
Children: Progress will be registered in this front.
Finance: Financial position will improve; Inflow of money from unknown sources.

Self: Progress is indicated in business and profession, care need to be taken of working style enhancement of prestige in society .Independent thinkingmay be detrimental.
Life Partner: Health problems to be encountered.
Children: General progress will be achieved
Finance: Loss of money is indicated.

Difference of opinion with elders. Superiors will extend all necessary help.Long journeys are indicated.
Life Partner: Health will be a cause of concern.
Children: Worry from children.
Finance: Loss of money is indicated.

Victory over opposition but after lot of efforts. Journeys will not be so beneficial; Maintain good relations with superiors.
Life Partner: Health checkup to be done.
Children: More attention is required.
Finance: Moderate position is indicated.

Journeys will not be beneficial; Good relationship with superiors is required to be maintained.
Life Partner: Difference in opinion in some of the issue
Children: Heath related issues should be cause of concern.
Finance: Moderate position.

Opposition will face loss. Professional advancements are indicated Enhancement in prestige in society. Journeys will not be beneficial.
Life Partner: Difference in opinion in some of the issue.
Children: Progress is indicated in this area.
Finance: Moderate financial position.

Self: Long journeys are indicated; Some of the issue will be enough for developing mental tension. Victory over opposition and success in some undertaking.
Life Partner: Smooth relationship with prevail.
Children: Will be able to achieve objective.
Finance : Avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Avoid mingling with unknown persons; Decisions are to be taken after weighing all pros and cons; Some major problem will be solved.
Life Partner: Health related issues would trouble you.
Children: Required results will be given.
Finance: Avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Courageous works shall be done; Misunderstanding with friends;Enhancement of prestige in society. Do not be impulsive.
Life Partner: Strengthening in mutual relationship.
Children: Progress is indicated.
Finance: Improvement in position is indicated.

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