D for Desire

                             By Ashutosh Karnatak             

D for desire is also an apt word, which adorns the vocabulary of the person. Every person while stepping into the adulthood develops a desire to do something.  After attaining adulthood, one aspires for admission in a good and reputed professional college. After graduation, he wants a suitable job, drawing a handsome salary with all the benefits. He then wants to marry a young and vivacious girl still in her teens. She too must be a caring wife and a culinary expert. In a good time, he wants to be a father of a son and a daughter. Matter does not end here he aspires to be a proud owner of a bungalow and a chauffeur driven luxury car, and of course seeks recognition and fame and a fairly good amount of bank balance of a million rupees, a life spanning up to 75 years, with grandchildren growing and shaping into promising teenagers, with all-round prosperity & happiness is all that he desires and dreams.

This is the typical ambition of a person in this materialistic society.  No body would however mind   having all these things , if   achieveable. Achievements are dependent upon one’s mental attitude, had it been not there , the industrialist like Ambanis of Reliance , Steel Man L N Mittal , Narayan Murthy of Infosis , Aziz Premji of Wipro  could not have risen so high. They desired and acquired whatever they wanted,  and they achieved in front of us . So, when they can do it, why we can not. Only one attridute is required  that is : “Desire for achievement  /Win”.

“If a man has not discovered something that he will die for it , he is not fit to live" 
– Martin Luther King  Jr.

A person desirous to achieve an objective, can win the world without much of the difficulties, because he wants to achieve he sets a goal for himself. A Killer Instinct is necessarily required to be developed in order to achieve the objective and goals. Generally, people half heartedly take up work with no clear objectives and goals, and consequently end up not achieve the results. When they do not achieve the results, they leave the work and switch over to other work. It happens because they are not ardently desirous and have no clear objectives and goals. Such people are possessor of average success. All the top successful persons invariably have set objectives, goals, and a strong desire for winning and achieving them.  

Before going further it is essential to self-examine yourself  :

What is your desire?
•Have you ever desired for a place which you want to occupy in this world ?
•Whether you are in the right place?
•Do you have strong desire for achievemnt of your objectives or is it half hearted ?
Formulas for Success:

Success = Function of
             {(Clear Objective X Proper Strategy X Proper Action) X (Desire) 2}

From the above it is clear that success is function of Clear Objective, Proper strategy, Proper Action plan and square of desire. It means that if the person has strong desire then he will be able to overcome the shortcoming of other variants.   

Impact of lack of desire:

It is also essential to understand that if one is not having the desire then what the implications are. The direct impact of lack of desire is: 

“Failure” in any undertaking. To be successful we must have desire to achieve the goal, otherwise it would be like halfhearted approach.

Loss of energy: It is because you zhave been doing the particular work but due to lack of desire, you could not succeed so it resulted into loss of energy as well as time wasted for that work.

Loss of interest : frequent failure leads to lack of interest  in   day to day activities and ultimately the person gates dejected from his life.  This analogy hold good for each individual as mentioned under:

Student : They are not desired results in the examinations, particularly students appearing in the competitive examinations should not have dearth of desire. As qualifying, the examination has serious impact on the life, which may turn their life to any direction. 

Employee : In the environment of cutthroat competition, one is required to complete the work as per time schedule and with required quality. Further, there is a competition among employees. Any one, which lacks in desire, gets its reflection in their job that affects their performance and career development.  

Businessperson : The same analogy holds good for a businessperson. Quite often, many, leaving their job and start their own business. If they lack desire for accomplishment or achieving their objectives, they while facing obstacles, encounter the problems halfheartedly i.e. with lack of desire, then the disaster in the business is inevitable.

There are many persons who with strong desire to do something in life and accomplish their goals and objectives   became successful in their ventures, and while those who lacked these, had to face defeat. Some of the examples are as under:

1) Dhiru Bhai Ambani : Most of the persons may not know that Dhiru Bhai was a petrol pump operator. He had a dream of having a refinery that would be largest in the world. His dream blended with the strong desire   resulted into construction of the largest refinery in Asia located at Jamnagar. 

2)  Rise of Infosys : S Narayanmurthy and his five friend started this company with Rs 10000/ only and toady they have around 30000 employees and their turnover is billions of rupees. The only reason of this success is their desire to succeed. 

3) S B Fuller : He was one of the richest people of America, rose from a poor family. He was one of the seven children of a Negro tenant farmer. He started to work at the age of five. By the time he was nine, he was driving mules. There was nothing unusual on this; the children of most of the tenant farmers went to work early. These families accepted poverty as their lot and asked for no better. 

Young Fuller was different from his friends in one way; he had a remarkable mother.His mother refused to accept this hand-to-mouth existence for her children, though it was all she had ever known. She knew there was something wrong with the fact that her family was barely getting along in a world of joy and plenty. She used to talk to her son about her dreams.

“We should not be poor, S.B.” She used to say.” And don’t let me hear you say that it is God’s Will that we are poor. We are poor – Not because of God. We are poor because father has never developed a desire to become rich .No one in our family has ever developed as a desire to be anything else.” 

With this message in mind, S B Fuller became one of the most successful men in USA.

 Now the question is how to develop desire, so that next time if such moments are encountered, one can take care of them:

1) Know yourself : In our life, we spent most of the time to know others may be our life partner, our children, our neighbor, our colleagues and others. However, if some time   is spent on self to know ourselves then perhaps we will be able to do better. Find some time for yourself and find out what is our desire. Be truthful to yourself. There may be many desires. Note it down. 

2) Screen your desires : Prioritize your desires on short and long-term basis i.e. what you want to achieve within one year and what you desire to achieve within five years and beyond. Revise these desires again and freeze out the desires, which you really want to accomplish. 

3) Develop punch in desire : If a desire is without punch then it would turn into a dream which never get realized like a bubble in the air, which has no life. The desires must be relentlessly worked upon   to achieve/accomplish them.

Keeping in view the above readers are may identify their short and long-term desire and plan accordingly towards achieving them.                                

       “ I desire , I plan , I  get”

                              Future Forecast: April 2007

Self: Professional advancements are indicated; Prestige in society will enhance; Fatigue due to more work.
Life Partner : Harmonious relationship with life partner.
Children: Progress in the field of children.
Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Self: Difference in opinion with elders; actions for luxury will be taken; Improvement in professional front is indicated.
Life Partner: Shall be helpful in taking some decision.
Children: Positive results will be obtained.
Finance: Sudden investments should be avoided.

Self: Support from superiors will be extended; work will be appreciated ;
Life Partner: Harmonious atmosphere will be at home; health and thinking will be positive.
Children: Progress is indicted.
Finance: Stable financial position.

Self: Professional achievements and help from friends. New works will be started.
Life Partner: Health needs to be taken care of.
Children: More attention is required to be given.
Finance: It shall be better than moderate.

Self: Difference in opinion with elders. Despite of support from superiors, caution is required to be taken.
Life Partner: Difference of opinion is indicated.
Children: General progress will be achieved.
Finance: Loss of money is indicated.

Self: Victory over opposition; Social recognition will enhance; Friendship with unknown to be avoided.
Life Partner: Health will be a cause of concern.
Children: Requires more attention.
Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Self: Journeys should be avoided; Moderate success in profession; Avoid leadership works.
Life Partner: Health needs to betaken care of , difference in opinion on some issue .
Will become a cause of concern.
Moderate position is indicated

Self: Success in any competition; But take care environment.
Life Partner:
Help from life partner is shall be helpful in to meet crisis.
More attention is required to be given.
Normal financial position shall prevail.

Self: Long journeys are indicated. Victory over opposition; Achievements in new undertakings.
Life Partner: Have compassion and take help .
Children: Take care of their health.
Finance: Moderate position is indicated.

Avoid association with wicked person. Some of the issue may cause mental tension. Some of the relationships may be at brink to break .
Life Partner: Active support is required to counter different situations.
Children: Their progress shall give sigh of relief .
Finance : shall be better than moderate.

Self: Avoid working under impulse; Take care of actions being taken by opposition; social prestige will increase.
Life Partner: Moderate position will be maintained.
Children: Required results will be given.
Finance: Good position is indicated.

Self: This month requires more labor ; Professional field also be tiring.
Life Partner: Their help will be necessary.
Children: Not up to the mark. Cause of concern.
Finance: Improvement in position is indicated.

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