Never Give In

By Ashutosh Karnatak

Never give in; never give in, never, never, never, never – in anything, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of  honor and good sense."                
                                                 -Winston Churchill

Our life is full of complexities and trifles. Every day a new problem comes on the lap, wherein others had already taken place and hibernating there with an anticipation of the solution, which may or may not come up in near future. These problems have definite impact in our mind and cause mental stress .Living with mental stress is Life, which one likes or not but it is true position.

From the above it is clear that the man is always engrossed by old and new works and problems and in fact, no day he experience when he find himself free from this. But the key is how one faces these all with Courage, Conviction and Will. However, Saying easy – Doing difficult – as most of us find ourselves in crossroads when we leave the work, after not getting success and the life goes on like this.

In the epic of RAMAYANA, Ravana kidnapped Sita from their residence in the jungle, Lord Rama was very much disturbed on this subject, and ultimately he delegated this responsibility to his disciple Hanuman. When Hanuman was searching Sita, he did not get it anywhere and but he has not left any hope. Sometimes he was dejected also but due to his “Never GIVE In” approach, he became ultimately successful in searching her.

Few Years ago an actress naming Sudhachandran and accomplished dancer broke her leg and he dreams were shattered to become a good actress having core competency in dancing. After some time it was known that, she has started dancing with artificial legs and now she has earned his name as a skilled television star.

Infosis Narayan Murthy, his story is well known – today the empire of billions of rupees has been built with a pecuniary amount of Rs 10000/. He with his five friends has dreamt for a mission .It is not that they have not faced any difficulty on the way to establish such a huge empire. They were not having sufficient amount to travel by car, they were not having any telephone connection when they got first contract and all sort of problems. However, the man has not accepted any defeat that is why today he is owner of biggest software empire of India.

Sherpa Tensing when tried to climb on the fist time could not accomplish in his mission. Then he said to silent mountain that you cannot become more than what you are today but after this defeat I would become stronger and shall be able to have victory over you. With this conviction – he has become a history by registering his name as first man who climbed on the Mount Everest.

Why we give up:

The basic instinct of man is laziness and inertia – he does not want any trouble in life and wants to face least resistance so that he remains undisturbed Instinctively he does not want any problem. This is the basic concept of any human being.

But in the course of life some persons adopts another route – although in their mind the basic instinct works but they do not want to have defeat and takes the bull by Horn . They face troubles boldly and face nay sort of resistance – but they do not give up.

However, in the competitive life later category of people are more successful than former one.

What is your Position? Let us try to know it from following questionnaire:

1). Do you decide your goal :
a.  Yes
b.  No
c. Generally

2). Generally ,Your Goals are as per your capability :
a) Within Capability
b) Beyond capability

3).After some failure you give up :
a. Yes
b. No

4) You give up:
a. Never
b. After making few attempts
c.  Initially after failure

5) How you rate yourself as on this day:
a. Successful
b. Unsuccessful
c. Moderately successful

6) Do you have :
a.  Strong determination to accomplish
b.  Weak determination to accomplish
c.  No Determination

7) Do you :
a.  Try and try again
b.  Give up after failure

You can have your assessment before you go ahead.

How to Develop Habit of Not Giving Up:

1) Before taking the job assess your capacity:
Its is an essential ingredient as we take up the job without assessing our capability and capacity. It is worth noting here that if you want to fill a tank with the water, it can contain only up to its capacity, balance shall be spilled out. In case of compressed fluid, you can fill the substance in a pressure condition that gain has a limit. In the same way one need to assess the capability and capacity at normal, compressed, and take up the job accordingly.

2) Develop Patience :
It is one of the main ingredients to success. One should not ruffle on the failures, as they are one of the outcomes of the process of work

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." – John Quincy Adams

From the above quote, it is clear that Patience and perseverance has magical effect on difficulties and obstacles. Edison has tested 9000 times before final product as “Light Bulb” came into existence. We should have sufficient patience – things are bound to happen. It is also observed that the objectives also test the patience of the person. A weak person having little patience cannot become successful.

3) Perseverance or “Lage Raho”:
Success is not an easy thing to get. You might have seen many successful persons. Their success is not the outcome of one-day effort – they have been doing the work with constancy and perseverance. They do not leave the work until it is completed – that is the main attribute leading them to be successful.

Being defeated is often only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.
                          -- Marilyn Voss Savant 1946-NA

The above quote rightly cautions the individual in leaving the work in between as defeat is a temporary condition whereas giving up is a permanent one. Thus better is keep it doing till you get your target. Try and Try again.

4) Determination :
It is such attribute, which is essential for any body if he wants to be successful. It is again an intrinsic quality of man. Determination to do, determination to achieve something in life. It is like a thirst for achievement. Develop it within self by practice. Think that you would not keep silent until you achieve the target, what ever may be circumstances – Chodne Ka Nahin (Not to leave)
It is worth mentioning here that any attribute, which you require to inculcate within you, requires deliberateness.
To start with, take one target on time and determine it to complete and after completion of the same, go for another one.

5) Develop Resistive Power :

Resistance is also one of the attribute, which deters man to accept failure. In the parlance of electrical engineering, resistance is the quality of the wire, which restricts flow of electrons, in the same way resistance of man, is restricting the flow of feel of failure into the system.
I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.
                                                      -- Michael Jordan

Therefore, whenever such situations arise i.e. you meet with failure on the way do not let it go to the mental system. Put as much resistance as you can. It will enhance your mental strength and which will grow with the time. A successful person has strong mental strength and more resistance to sustain no success cases.
Based on above readers are requested to implement these techniques in their day-to-day life and reap results.

1)  Each morning, before you get up, resolve to accomplish three things. It does not matter how small they are but each must move you towards one of your major goals. When you have done the three and maybe have half a day left, you might consider taking a few more steps. Soon, you will be thrilled with your progress and your self-esteem will get a boost. This stuff works…but you have to, too.
2) Formula for Weight Loss: Eat less. - How simple it is- How many of us do it .

                     Future Forecast: April 2006   
Self : Impulsive nature may be troublesome. Better check your language; Problem may be encountered in taking decisions; Professional advancements are indicated.
Life Partner : Differences are likely to occur.
Children: Good news shall be received from their part.
Finance: Strengthening in financial positions is indicated.

Self: Professional advancements are indicated. Social status shall enhance.
Life Partner: Health will be a cause of concern .
Children : Gain will be there to children. Results shall be favorable.
Finance:Take care of financial position .

Professional gains are indicated; Help shall be extended by associates; Take care of unknown enemies; Enhancement of prestige in society.
Life Partner : Harmonious relationship shall exist at home and gain of money is indicated.
Children: Care is required to be taken on children account.
Finance : Unstable financial position.

Self:Your simple approach shall be appreciated by the society; Decisions are required to be taken with care; Professional advancements are indicated;
Life Partner: Shall assist in achieving different objectives.
Children:They shall be part of your joy.
Finance:It shall be better than moderate.

Self:Fortune shall help in profession; Many of the works shall be as per your desire.
Life Partner: Shall be a source of energy .
Children:They shall be pride to you
Finance:Moderate financial position, better do expenditure with caution.

Social respect shall increase; Professional advancements are indicated; Take care of thinking; Better do meditation etc.
Life Partner: Mental disturbance shall be in the mind.
Children: Favorable position shall be there .
Finance: Improvement in financial position.

Self: Developmental works shall be beneficial; Better to have sweetness in dealing with others.
Life Partner: Partner shall achieve Progress also; .Some of the issues shall have heated discussions.
Children: Their progress shall make you happy.
Finance: Normal financial position shall prevail.

Self :
Take care of your health; Month is prone to accidents; Opposition shall not be able to do much.
Life Partner: Fortune period and gains shall be there .
Children : Take care of their activities, give more attention towards them.
Finance : Loss of money is indicated.

Self: Professional gains are there along with enhancement in social prestige.
Life Partner: Aggressive nature shall be cause of concern.
Children: Favorable results are indicated .
Finance: A positive change in financial position is indicated .

Self :
Think before taking actions; Impediments in some of the activities. Support from associates.
Life Partner: Gloominess shall prevail in mind.
Children: New opportunities shall knock the door.
Finance : Improvement in financial status.

Improvement in tension in mind due to positive attitude .Professional advancements;
Life Partner : Gain and positive mood
Children : Impulsive actions might be taken.
Finance: Illusive financial position.

Self: Inclination towards things related to art .Actions to acquire luxurious articles.
Life Partner: Health related problems needs attention.
Children: Not up to the mark. Cause of concern.
Finance:Improvement in position is indicated.

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