Anticipate Obstacles- Path leading to success

                                                                 By Ashutosh Karnatak
"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."
– Peter Ducker, Management Consultant

Life is mixture of many ingredients. It is like a vehicle running on the road, sometime we get a smooth surfaced road, and sometimes we have to face bumps or some time accidents. However, the key is with the driver, how he drives it and reached to destinations without much wear and tear to the vehicle and self. The journey of life is similar to vehicle. It also needs careful driving having proper comprehension of obstacles, which may be encountered while traversing through life. A successful man is who can regulate his actions as per anticipated obstructions and does not meet with any accident. Anticipating obstacles can be termed as one of the attribute by virtue of which one is able to send other side of the tunnel.The case of space shuttle in which India’s Kalpana Chawla died is a glaring example of failure in anticipating the obstructers. Despite of knowing the problem of failure of metal at less temperature, the crew could not anticipate the failure because of the same and the space shuttle had major blast. 

One day when one of my colleague and me was returning from office, we were discussing on this subject when he was explaining that he can anticipate the problems for any case and accordingly he takes action. After sometime rains started and he saw a obstruction coming in front of the vehicle and advised driver to take care of the same but after some time our vehicle was obstructed by some thing which was anticipate by him and he advised the driver also but driver could not take action .Such capability is required in day to day life.

Preventive Maintenance: Anticipating obstruction is like health monitoring of the machine based on which necessary actions are taken for maintenance of the machine. In the same way machine of the life needs anticipation of breakdowns on daily, monthly, or annual basis.

It is an art or habit to anticipate the activities related to any event.For example, you have some job in your hand to be undertaken during the month. In addition, it has different component to complete among with the attached risks.
Details can be as under : 
       -Activity 1
       -Activity 2
       -Activity 3
Risk Attached: 
       -Risk 1
       -Risk 2
       -Risk 3
Now you see that how nicely you have visualized activities and risks attached with some job. Accordingly, you can plan your actions for doing activities and combating risks.

Advantage : After identifying activities and risks, we are mentally prepared to face both of them. We can prepare one for different activities, take precautions, and plan actions to avert risks. It is a Mantra for success because generally one is unaware of the danger of risk that he may encounter on the way and after he takes confronting the same he has no time to plan his actions and what ever comes in the mind according actions and there is always a risk of failure.

How to develop trait of anticipating obstacles:

1.Keep watch on every activity : Every day we do many activities and our actions are automatic and many times we are really unaware of the actions being done by us because they are so instant that our mind is not able to register it, particularly the subconscious mind is not able to get a feel of it rather the conscious mind directs all the actions. Thus, involvement of sub conscious mind is required to have a watch on every activity.
Other point of interest is to allow you to take actions only when it is required. Subject where actions are required to be taken are required to be thrashed properly.
Concept is priorities the works to be done in A B C Category. 
Category A : Most important to be done by you.
Category B : To be done and can be delegated.
Category C:  Works of general nature – if not done, it hardly matters.

Therefore getting involved in category –C type woks shall be foolishness and of wasting time. 

Only concentrate on Category-A type of works and monitor category B type of works. It will help you to anticipate obstructions in the works, which are being done by you, and you can advise others on Category- B type of works. 

Visualize your activities for next month: Better sit quietly on the last day of the months and conclude activities undertaken by you during last month and find out:

  • Areas of success and failures
  • Generally, we do not pay heed when we get success – Thus change the paradigm – find out factors led you have success.

Daily planning: Best way to start the day and getting prepared to face the challenge is to visualize activities to be undertaken throughout the day. You need to take out some time for the same and anticipate the actions, which shall be required to be taken by you, while execution of the said work. It would be helpful in anticipating obstacles on the way.
                 Belief on intuition:Anticipating obstruction can be contributed to intuitive capability. Intuition is an intrinsic property of each individual, by which one is able to have a feel of events going to take place in future. Such intuitions can be helpful in anticipation of obstructions.
                 Intuitive capability helps in anticipating obstacles. Whenever there is haunch related to some activity, note it down, and correlated that with the process flow of the same. Sometime we can have visualization of the some activities in dreams also, where we get some hint pertaining to it. Idea is to have belief on these intuitions and dream.

Game of Chess: In fact, life is analogous to game of chess, where one of the players is you and other player is world /environment. Environment is busy every time to play their coin and puts us in checkmate situation.Therefore, we have to keep our ear and eyes open to thwart any action of our environment and visualize move being planned by Environment. Environment may be a global term and one can define its own environment .
               Do not fall into the trap of “Obvious” syndrome: Generally, we do not pay any heed to the obvious things and become complacent, consequently fall in the trap of “Obvious “syndrome and lament at the later point. Requirement is not to avoid oblivious activities. Some time we are engrossed in one job and falls in pit at the next moment because although we have taken care of one thing but left the other activity. It can be understood in better manner by following example:
                One astrologer who had fascination for stars used to gaze stars every morning. One day he was walking on the road and as per practice was gazing stare having head towards sky. After moving few steps, he was fall down in a pit. After some time one traveler passed through that way and asked how he had fallen down. He explained reasons for the same. Traveler replied due to your mistake you have fallen down “
               Moral is while the astrologer was on the move , he should have visualized the pits on the path he is moving , which he thought very obvious ,as he was used to go through the same way.

From the above you could have gained knowledge on a trait, which needs to be developed for being successful in life. Better, try it from today itself and note down the results.
                                                           – Ann Landers, columnist

Tid-Bits :
1) Every Sunday sit with your family members and discuss issues of last week in addition, actions plan for next week.
2)Start Thinking Positive and experience its effect on your health.

Future Forecast: March   2006 :

Aries :
Professional advantage is on the cards ;Fortune shall help in growth; Long journeys are indicated; Change of place /position is indicated; Gain to life partner is indicated; Health related issues shall be faced by children; Results shall not be up to the mark ; Financial position shall be slightly better .

Better keep control on your temperament; fortune shall favor you; Upheaval s may be experienced in professional life; relationship with life partner shall be by and large normal but some of the issues shall have difference of opinion ; Children shall do fairly good; Improvement in financial position is indicated.

Gemini :
Long journeys are indicated; Decision-making shall be difficult in some of the issues; Professional life shall be on extreme rise; Life partner shall also get benefited; Children shall have normal activities; Tensions may loom due to financial instability.

Cancer :
Take care while taking important decision; Impending jobs may be cause of tension; Professional achievements are also indicated; Harmonious relationship will be maintained with life partner; Progress is indicated on children account; Inflow of money is indicated from any source.

Don’t indulge in dangerous activities – better avoid them ;Professional advancements are indicated; Health related issues on account of life partner may be a cause of concern; Progress is indicated on account of children; Financial position shall improve on account of help from others.

Duality in mind and depressed felling will prevail; Heath related issues might bother you; Opposition shall not be able to much damage; Difference of opinion may happen with life partner due to mis-understanding; Speculations may fetch you good money.

Good deeds in this life may be able to better your next birth; Judicious actions shall be taken; Professional upheavals may be experienced; Some of the issues with life partner will have rough weather but gain of money is indicated; children shall be source of inspirations ;Sudden inflow of money is indicated.

Take care of your speech while dealing with others; Avoid taking any action while in impulse; Professional advancements are indicated; Some of the undertaking will  be given shape; Life partner may suffer from erratic temper; Progress of Children will be cause of concern; Financial position shall be cause of worry.

Generally favorable position shall prevail during the month; Advancements in profession and in business is offing ;Fortune shall favor life partner also ; Children front will not have so much favor ; Financial position will be by and large normal ; Take care while doing expenditure .

Do not be impulsive in making decision; Appreciation will be received from associates on account of taking courageous decision ; Better association with life partner shall give you success; Good news will be received from children front ;Financial position will not be so stable .

Duality in mind will make you more unstable; Take care of your language lest any body is hurt; Professional achievement is also indicated; Health related issues on account of health ; financial position will improve; Children will progress well .

Decision-making shall be difficult due to metal instability; Positive indications are their in professional life; Be cautious about relationship and health of life partner; Children will receive accolade in their field; Pending money is likely to be received.

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