Attributes leading to Success

By Ashutosh Karnatak

Every one of us, in this professional life is hankering after to become successful. Although, Success is a small word having only 7 letters, but it takes generations to achieve. If you are not convinced this statement, do your introspection and realize.

In order to achieve, many courses have been launched, many articles have been published but Success Garland is received by a very few.

It is worth mentioning here that Success does not automatically, one has to strive for it and toil for the same. Most of the time, all the actions required are to be taken with self only. What ever you have to do, it is to be done with yourself only as all the actions are required to taken by you only and you and only you are responsible for your action.

Think for a while on the statement …

Because most of the time either we blame others, or circumstances or at the end … poor fate is blamed but none of the time we discern the reason within self. However, there are some attributes, which are useful in getting success. The success formula may be varying from one to another, but every person has some formula or another. Some of the tested formulas are as under:

A) Self –Discipline: It is the key of success. Discipline is taught since we go to the classroom but when the age and comforts carves the shadow on us, discipline gets faded away. However, the person who maintains discipline in life wins the race. Discipline is the action taken by the individual at that particular time irrespective of his /her desire to do it. One of the examples is going for morning walk during winter season – most of us are inside the quilt in the morning hours and avoids going to it. Nevertheless, a disciplined person shall sacrifice his morning slumber and go for a walk. It gives him not only good health but enhances willpower as it makes him tough to fight with the difficult circumstances. Therefore, its implications are somewhere else also. You have to force yourself to do it. In India, we have seen persons going to temple on some specify weekday to pay obeisance to the respective GOD. Some of the devotees are so disciplined; they go to the temple on every specified day irrespective of any circumstances.

Japanese are icon of self-discipline. One of the stories is as under:“Once the children aged from 7 to 9 were waiting in the bullet train platform. They were having national inform at particular age instead of local dress. They were sitting in a rectangular array .This array was not disturbed until the train arrived. And after arrival of the train, discipline of children was amazing, no one left the array, got up started jostling his neighbor or needed to visit toilet or buffet bar etc, rather got into the train in a systematic manner. Further these fifty children were supervised by only 2 teachers.”

So, such self-discipline is required to be inculcated within self.

Action required to be taken:

  • Draw out routine for self.
  • Maintain it what come may be.
  • Develop a habit to follow rule of the land and teach the same to your children.
B) Goal setting: Every now and then, we come across this word, but again we fail to set our goals. In realistic terms, it is very important. It is observed that:
  • We are not clear what we want.
  • Time line of the same is not specified.

Life is very short to do all the available options; therefore we need not to dwindle he re and there. In addition, at some point of time we need to converge our options to one or two. It has been seen that the people having one or two options in life could succeed than others. Take the example of Pt Ravi Shanker – Sitar Maestro, Amitabh Bachhan – Legend of acting, Sachin Tendulkar – King of Cricket etc etc. One may argue that everybody can become like this – they can be argued that they are persons who have risen to their zenith in this lifetime only in front of our eyes with difference that they had goal setting whereas most of us have not.Further, we also suffer from malice of doing many things at one time – it devoid us from achieving success in one field. In addition, at the end, one feels himself unsuccessful.

Every day must have a goal to achieve .Goals need to be accompanied with a deadline line to achieve the same.These deadlines force us to achieve the goal .Goals without time line is like a person moving in the desert where he is not able to see the end of the desert line. Goals must have schedule time to achieve it as being done in any project where one has a scheduled date of completion the project. The total project is broken into different milestone, which can be termed as intermediate goals, wherein efforts are directed to meet the milestones.

C) Time ManagerTime management is essence of life: The clock of life does not stop and clicks, clicks, clicks … and does not wait for others. People of metro cities definitely knows the importance of time as they find difficult to catch time from dawn to dusk and might be experiencing that some of the works are always pending. I have personal experience in this regards:

Works, which are pending perpetually. Works which crop up daily and adds in the list.
Every day some of the jobs are pending .
Some of the works which comes as flesh in the mind but do not get logged and strike after some time and you exclaim that Oh! You have forgotten to do the same. 

How to Improve /Achieve: It is easy to identify the disease but it is difficult to get the right medicine at the right time. You might have experienced that you go to the doctor who is able to diagnose the disease correctly and prescribes correct medicines. Similarly, after diagnosing the problem, remedy needs to taken from a fellow on whom you rely. How to be a good time manager it is illustrated as under:

Plan your day. Life is summation of days. If your days are well planned then life is planned automatically. Day can be planned based on the activities to be undertaken on that day. Therefore:

  • Develop the Habit of preparing a list of activities to be undertaken in that day .List is breaking of the subject or desired objective in several parts. It can individual goal or may be part of the goal. Therefore, every day plan your activities.

  • It has been experienced that we forget things to be done and after some day, it is recalled in the mind. In order to tackle this problem following can be implemented.

  a) Put piece of small paper /diary in each room with pen/pencil.
  b) When ever the thought comes note it down.
  c) While going for morning walk, keep a diary with pen/pencil with you. It has been observed the most of the things comes into the mind while doing morning walk and keeping these accessories with you shall help in noting the same.
  d) Always keep a small diary or piece of pare in your pocket, whenever some thought comes into your mind, it would enable you to jot down.

  • Now, it is the time to implementation. After collecting all the jobs /issues, prioritize them as per their importance. Attempt first thing first.

  • After lunch do a review of the progress of the day and try to complete the same by evening.

  • What ever is left, it can be done on next day.

Gradually, it would become your habit and a blue print to success.(It is a tested remedy of time management )

D) What you can contribute Generally, it has been seen that people are guided to contribute towards their organization or towards society etc etc and the outcome is 50 % of the required results because most of the time the actions taken are half hearted and accordingly results are. But if one feels himself on his contribution towards the society then the results would be amazing. It is in fact self-actualization or self –realization. In the parlance of saintly terms self –realization is realization about self, but in the field of duty, self-realization can be understood as knowledge about self –contribution based on the capability, values, strengths etc.

A hospital having standing of 30 years was losing its repute. However, after joining of a hospital administrator scène has changed. He has decided to establish benchmarking in one of the area where he was having strength. He focused on the emergency room, which was big, and in messy condition. He decided to have improve in this and visualized to have patient checked by an expert nurse within 60 seconds and within 12 months the hospital has become model for other hospitals in United States and within two years whole hospital has been transformed.

Action to be taken

1)Today, sit comfortably in a peaceful place, identify, and decide it what way you want to contribute.

2) Start with a small contribution and develop it gradually.

3)After some time you would be habituated to contribute and the beauty is that you do not expect any return to of this contribution – that is the key to success.

E) Capitalize what is unique in you: Last but not the least, in order to be successful one should capitalize the uniqueness within self. This concept in on the premises that everybody is unique on this earth and having some unique qualities. And if one is able to able to explore it ,then one is able to give his fullest for the cause and his inherent forces helps him to achieve the goal . In fact, we neither analyze ourselves nor do we intend to do the same. We just pass our life. Our life is not only for us but it is for our generations to come, who can get dividend of the actions .Otherwise they would also struggle in their lives.

Action to be taken:

4) Try to know your self – what is unique in you – may be some hidden potential is identified.

5) Note it down – definitely, during introspection, you would find some attribute within you.

6)Use that attribute frequently and strength it.

Based on the above-mentioned tips, readers are requested to take action and prepare to be successful in life.

“Life is meant for successes –frequent successes not for failures.” – Ashutosh Karnatak
Quotes of the Month :
1) “There’s only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give everything." 
                                                                        – Vince Lombardi, football coach
2) "If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."- Antoine de Saint-Exupery:

Future Forecast: January 2006

Auspicious Days: 3, 4,5,11,15,16,25 January 2005 

Good signs shall be experienced from the start of the month; Professional achievements are indicated; Gain in business is also indicated; Difference in opinion is likely to be with nearest kith and kin; Harmonious relationship will be there with life partner ;Good news shall be from children account; Gain of money is indicate with the help of some body ;
Year 2006: Shall give good results.

Professional achievements are indicated; Differences may happen with some of the friend; Relationship with life partner shall get disturbed; Loss of health is indicated; Start of the month shall give concern on account of children; Fluctuating financial position .
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results.

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Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results.

moderate enhancement is indicated in professional field; Moderate relationship with superiors; Avoid unnecessary arguments; Difference in opinion is indicated with life partner; Children front shall be give you satisfaction; Financial position shall be normal ;Pending money is like to come.
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results. Later half of the year shall be better than the first part.

Professional achievements shall be received; Better fronts shall be opened in business; Opposition shall be defeated; Money shall flow from share market; Health of life partner shall be bad; Good news shall be received from children front.
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results in the first half of the year.

Professional achievements are indicated and in business also; Name and fame shall enhance in society due to good deeds; Financial position shall improve; Old pending money may come back; Differences are likely to take place with life partner due to some misunderstanding in the subject; Children front may be cause of worry .
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results.

Improvement in social status; Refrain from excessive development; Financial position shall be stable and money shall flow from different sources; More optimism on account of life partner shall be dangerous; Progress is indicated to children, which will be helpful in developing harmonious atmosphere at home .
Year 2006: Shall give good results.

Victory over opponents is indicated; Prestige shall enhance in society; Improvement in financial position; Fortune shall favor you in strengthening financial position; Necessary help shall be extended by life partner; Progress of children shall give satisfaction.
Year 2006: Shall give good results after struggle.

Progress is indicated in profession; New ventures shall be tried out; Actions for welfare of others shall be taken; life partner to get desired objective shall extend Necessary help; Some of the issues shall give you problem but at the end success is indicated .
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results.

New year shall usher with fortune ; Items for luxury shall be procured ;Financial position shall get stable after some time ; Life partner view needs proper cognition ; Children front shall also provide happiness , works for their development shall be taken up ; Physical injuries are indicated .
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results; physical injuries are indicated.

First month of the year shall fetch success in profession and business; Prestige shall enhance amidst of friends; Condition of life partner shall not be so good ; Avoid influence of others ;Financial position shall be moderately good; Children may give you some trouble; Blood related problems may be encountered.
Year 2006: Shall give moderately good results. More attention is required in worship etc.

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