How important to know yourself

                                                   By Ashutosh Karnatak

Personality plays a vital role in today’s world. The highly successful man impresses you at once by his personality –which is reflected either from his mannerism or by speech .or by dress. The man who possesses both ability and personality has distinct advantage. In order to be a successful person one must have desire, ability as knowledge of human behavior. However, most of us suffer from general weakness of human being is that the syndrome of “I am Ok, you are not Ok” i.e. what ever I think that is right and others are wrong. Man is a combination of weak and strong points and endeavor should be to neutralities those points. However, really introspect, if any effort has been done in this direction.  

A person may be a riddle for the society , but he only he knows himself in a better manner.If one wants to be successful in life –he must resort to continious improvement and introspection with resct to his strenghths and weaknesses .In other trem he must do continuos self- evaluation and corrcet himself whenever required .

“Constant self-evaluation is required in order to progress in life” 
                                                                                  -Ashutosh Karnatak

Constant self-evaluation is required in order to progress in life. Generally , we lack on this subject. It should be done on regular basis , and whenever we find problem in dealing with the situation or in our attitude , corrective action should be taken and these acions are required to be continued life long. There is no end to corrections. It’s an ongoing process . If some person say that he is the perfect personality - he is under a big illusion and posseses only a negative attitude.Perfection is very difficult to achieve however we can strive for perfection by doing correction on the shortcoming known after self – analysis .

The methodology of doing self – analysis is as under :

Let us identify areas of personality:

Personality can be divided into three parts:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social

First of all identification of self as per following parameters is required to be done :

1) Analysis of Physical Parameters:

a) Height :
     •Tall- Medium - Short

b) Physique:
     •Fat- Thin- Moderate

c) Color:
     •Black- Fair- White

2) Analysis of Mental Parameters:
     •Sharp- Moderate - Dull

3) Analysis of Social Parameters:
     •Rich- Moderate - Poor

Further to self evaluation micro-analysis of strength and shortcoming ( SS analysis) can be made.

SS analysis: It is called Strength- Shortcoming analysis. It is used by individuals to identify strengths and shortcomings. Strengths are to be exploited and shortcomings are to be improved. This analysis is required to be done time to time as it varies with time . Today’s weakness may be tomorrow’s strength. Suppose , today you don’t know computer programming: it is your weakness , but after getting trained it shall be converted into strength. So , the SS analysis, varies from time to time. It may be worth noting that the results of this analysis depends upon the truthfulness of the data ,given by the individual . If is to be done with sincere efforts , individual can take the advantage of it for improvement. The best part of it is that you are doing analysis of yourself without help of any outside agency. Who knows you better than yourself. This analysis , is required to be done at least twice in a year . It , not only indicates your shortcomings but also tells about the improvement being undertaken by you.

It can be done as per the following table :Date of Analysis: 01.09.05

    Strength        Shortcomimg

From the above table , you could note your shortcomings .Some of the weak links are not in your control , like short stature . what you can do for it ,only with the avilable pesonality you can have better dress suitng to the stature etc etc , but nothing can be done with the short stature . But definitely when shortcomings are within control ,like improvement in knowledge – there is a room for improvement , when related to computer knowledge – you can improve upon . Need is to idetify ,such shorcomings .A man having resolute sprits can achieve wonders in overcoming natural dificulties . There may be some thing which is holding you back ,some weakness which is keeping your personalily undeveloped . we are made not only to work but to achieve also .

Thus , based on the realisitc analysis – identify weak –links , which are in your control and you can do something .Face these revelation with courage.The first step towrds improvement ois reliasation of weakness ; Yes – I need to improve on these accounts .Develop the courage with strict honesty . Mind it –you and only you know your self .

On a day of analysis you can tabulate your strengths and shortcomings and make a plan to exploit your strengths and improving upon the shortcomings . It can be planned as under :

ShortcomingTime schedule for improvemnt
1. Short temperBy   31.12.05
2. Time ConsciousnessBy   30.11.05
3. English SpeakingBy   30 .12.05
4. Negative attitudeBy   30.10.05\

After drawing out the broad plan , start the action of corrective actions .Review your progress on weekly basis . You can choose a day for it and note down the review dates in diary . Note down the progress after each review in the same diary .Try to complete this exercise positively before sleeping .If due to busy schedule you are not able to do it ,it can be done on the next day .

While doing the course of improvement , send a signal to your mind that you are observing a change in you in a positive direction .Condition your mind that after completion of the period the perticular shortcoming shall be converted into the strength . 

Half yearly schedule for conducting SS analysis is enough , may be 1st january and 1st July . When you practice this on regular basis , you will find that your success rate , popularity , mental conditions has increased . You will feel an internal bliss , an eternal joy . A dramatic change in life shall be experienced .

Thus , decide to evaluate yourself and take corrective action to overcome the shortcomings and a blissful life .

Generally , a person knows very well that what he is , but avoids to do self – evaluation and the improvments because of following reasons :

1) I am O.K.
2) Basic tendency to avoid unpleasant situation .
3) One wants to be modest and humane.
4) Whatever he thinks and says is right , others are wrong.

Persons having negative attitude  or inflated self esteem may ultimately bring ruin and disaster.That neither suits to them nor the society ever accepts them.To avoid embarrassing situations , correction in self and self- presentation or projection is required to be undertaken within a stipulated time frame .

Thus, after undertaking above exercise, one can find a way to new life, a life having new version, armored with new qualities, strengths, and vision.

Have a good attire suiting with the occasion
•Ever smiling
•Be vigilant to happening in your field of operation.
•Armor self with new technologies.
•Meet people friendly.
•Have Self- Confidence.

"Hope, purpose, and determination are not merely mental states. They have electrochemical connections that affect the immune system".
                                                                            –Norman Cousin

Future Forecast: September 2005

Auspicious Days: 1, 4, 11,18,20,24 September 2005 

Long journeys are indicated ;Action for acquiring new knowledge shall be taken; Normal events are indicated on the part of children; New Leadership works shall be entrusted ; impulsive decision required to be avoided ; Physical hurts are indicated; Mother’s health shall be a cause of concern; Mental tension due to home front.

Some of the family issues shall be cause of concern; Difference of opinion with some of the relations is indicated; Good actions shall be widely appreciated, which shall cause name and fame in Society ; Younger brother and sister shall pose problem to you ; Awareness towards your own health shall be beneficial .

Victory over opposition make you elated ; Inflow of money from different sources is indicated; Good work shall fetch you good name ; some of the family related issue shall take your most of the time ;Some of the relations shall pose impediments in your works; Take action after weighing all pros and cons .

Cancer: New professional ventures can be initiated; courageous actions shall fetch you fame within your associates; Obstinate characteristic shall be helpful in taking some decision; Try to develop good relationship with your life partner and business associate.

Attitude towards life shall change ; Have caution for eye related problems ; Before taking any decision evaluate its outcome; Avoid unnecessary expenditure ;Try to maintain harmony at home ; Better go for literature on management.

Deficiency of money shall breed mental tension; Physical and mental fatigue shall cause detachment from any work; Be careful because of health of your life partner; Advancement in professional area is also indicated.

Inflow of money from different sources is indicated ; Enhancement of social name and prestige; Intelligence shall be used properly ; Health of life partner shall be not up to the mark and differences are likely to be there ; Some journeys are also indicated ; Professional advancements are also likely to take place.

Moderate advancement is indicated in professional area ; Dividends shall also flow from business also ; Courageous activities shall elate your mood; Opposition shall not able to restrict your feet towards progress; Financial ups –down shall bring your nerves down; Sometime you would feel that luck is not favoring you .

Trouble to elders or differences with him; Problems shall be faced at home front also; Blessings from seniors will be there in professional work; Materialistic tendencies shall increase; Hasty decisions may not be so good.

Unnecessary expenditure needs to be under check; some of the associate may cause you loss in any activity; Loss of harmonious atmosphere at home; Nothing to worry is due to planetary influence ; Life partner may also go off the way ;Opposition shall try to trouble you one way or another .

Health of life partner shall be a question or else differences shall crop up ; Failure in some of the mission shall dishearten you ; Temperament need to be under control; Solution of the problem shall come only after due time ;Positive attitude shall help you in coming out of the problems.

Opposition shall be under control; Sudden success on some mission shall Elate you; planning to start new venture shall be made; some of you deeds shall be helpful in increase your prestige; But problem on account of children shall be faced; some health relate problems are bound to come.

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