How to overcome Tension

                                                                                 By Ashutosh Karnatak

A) How to overcome Tension:
                                       In the urban life generally people are found complaining about tension. They generally utter that today they are under tension or passing through a period of tension. After all, what is this tension? It is analogous to stretching the body like a rubber band which comes to its original state after relieving of the force but it deforms the original state of the material of rubber band and if such forces are applied continuously, it looses its stretching strength and losses its basic characteristic . In the same fashion human behaves – external forces stretches him and after rearranging his attitudes, comes to a normal position and if such stresses are on a continuous basis, he is under tension and if not able to cope with the situation .Consequently his productivity get affected and , diseases start attacking on him.

Representation of tension conditions can be represented as under:

Metal Strength = K x External inputs

                                            Mental Strength
Where K = Constant = -------------------
External Inputs

Where external inputs are individual requirements, desires etc, etc.So long as K is more than 1 or 1, the man remain clam, quiet normal but as soon as it goes down to 1, so called ' Tension Starts '.Therefore, it is clear that in order to avoid /over come tension either mental strength to be increased or external factors are to be controlled / reduced in order to maintain the value of K less than 1 or 1. 

Everybody knows that tensions are bound to be there, but how to remain in normal condition that is important. Some of the methodologies are enumerated below, which need to be modified /adopted with or without change keeping individual temperament in view. 

1.Normal:  When a piece of rubber band is stretched, it is elongated, and after releasing the force, it comes back to normal position, provided the material has enough cohesive strength, otherwise it is elongated. Similarly, in case of tension also the mind is stretched thus strained and keeps on that status only, if one is not having enough strength for toleration. It is preferred that after sensing the tension situation, try to come back to original status/ normal status. Conscious efforts may be made to maintain normalcy of mind during tensile conditions.

2. Breath: It is a very simple antidote to overcome tensile situation. It is advised to take a long breath twice or thrice holding the fist. Instantaneously, it will soothe your mind and give relief - A tested solution. It increases the mental strength to cope with the tension. In the present competitive life, tension is bound to occur. They are the result of negative stress. Endeavors are required to convert it into positive one. 

3.Relax:  While one works or at home, sit for some minutes in a relaxed posture, keeping legs strength, arms around the neck, and bending neck towards back and closing eyes. Have this posture at least for five minutes and feel it. A feeling of rejuvenation shall pervade. 

4.Visualize: Generally, the tension is purchased, or problem is created and felt by the individual himself. Do not try to solve problems of others, which can be solved by them – it is purchasing of tension .St least these parts shall be reduced .It depends on individuals to visualize himself in any state of mind. When any tensile situation arises, better recall experience of travel to mountains covered with snow, river, rose garden or any pleasant moments, in order to come out of the tense moments. Actually, efforts are required to come out of that particular moment of tension. 

5.Peace: Conceive the idea of peace in mind and the words as if serenity, tranquility, and quiet take care of tension slot of the mind & sway your mind into peace. Send a positive signal to the mind. 

Meditation is one of the tested solutions to come out of tension and for acquiring peace. Sit quietly, before sleeping for a least 10min. In addition, visualize the thoughts flowing in -out of the mind. After some time, a feeling of zero shall be felt. Be in that stage, only witness to the thoughts. Regular practice shall enhance the mental strength and after some time you will find that, spurious problems, which was bothering you earlier, are not generating any stress.

Role of external inputs is also very predominant in generation of tension, which is described as under:

6.External Inputs: It is not out of place that unhealthy competition, thought of
growing rich over night, unrealistic goals, procrastinating tendencies are real cause of tension. These inputs frequently attack on your mind like a virus and breed the tensions. A proper analysis of these inputs are required and based on the mental strength only warranted inputs should be taken. Philosophy of contentment can also be practiced to be away from tensions. However, the judgment is of individual.

7.Action: Try to follow the above-mentioned analytic approach to come out of the tension state of mind. Enhance the mental strength, decrease the external inputs, and is free of tension. 

B)How to overcome Inferiority complex:

Complex of any kind detrimental for development of any individual. Inferiority complex is more severe than superiority complex. Inferiority complex is the result of realization of some shortcoming within self, which is a negative quality and some times it over laps all strengths/ positive points within self, which ultimately hampers the progress. Some of such complexes are less height, less weight, non-English speaking, dark color, less educated etc. It is really a matter of thinking that how you project yourself to the society and more importantly to yourself. It is necessary to fight with these complexes and take steps for its reduction. The above complexes can be neutralized by: 

1) Identification: Identification of complex the first requirement whether it is unique or mixture of two or more. One can identify it easily for self and note it down. It is essential that the identification be done judiciously and rationally. Requirement is willingness to identify the complexes and take steps for improvement upon the same. Better note down it in a diary. 

2) Self: Self-esteem is one of the very important features of personality. You are a unique personality, created by almighty and nobody is comparable with you, so where is the question of inferiority and superiority. All your virtues are your proprietary. No other person is comparable with you. What you have others are not having. Thus, you should be proud of yourself and shall have self-esteem of your uniqueness, competency, and virtues. 

3)Understand: After identifying the inferiority feeling, next step is acceptance of the same, where we generally fail and fight against it, remain in illusion. Although it is bit difficult, but not impossible .try to win over them, whatsoever may be? Make up your mind that any shortcoming/ complexes can be overcome, if we desire to do so. It is worth mentioning that understanding of any complex is the beginning of healing of the same.

4) Reinforcement: Having realizing your complexes, reinforce your personality by chalking out a strategy improvement within a period. In case of less height, one can go for exercise, but have to accept the truth that it is a unique feature given by Almighty. In case of non-English speaking, one can join course for improvement. Complexes due to less education can improve by taking up educational courses. However, a definite will is required to overcome such complexes; otherwise, you will always remain under illusion.

5) Realize: It has to be realizing that the complexes are self-made. Complex of some person may be strength of other. Therefore, thought fully and realistically with complete honestly, estimate your abilities and shortcomings. Starts gradually try to compensate for complexes under evaluation in ours of time. After some time, you will feel a change in your personality, and recovery from the shortcomings/complexes and unrecoverable short coming (what you feel) like less height etc. may be taken as unique feature of personality. It should also to be born in mind that such complexes never come on the way of progress. It is very well seen in the music recital by blind person, dance performance by handicapped person etc. etc. Proper realization of self is required to be made.

6) Action: Rationally identifies the complexes, do not live with that either accept it truthfully & happily or improve it with perseverance. Where there is a will there is away. Make a time bound program for coming out of the complexes.

Future Forecast: July 2005

Auspicious Days: 1, 7, 13, 18,26,28,30 July

Some courageous decisions shall be taken by you , which shall boost your image in the society ; General prosperity in the professional field ; Change of house and short journeys are indicated; Health of younger shall be a cause of concern: should be careful on account of inimical activities .

Involvement in intellectual activities shall give boost to your prestige. Pending works shall gain momentum; Have control on financial activities; Gain in professional activities; Be careful because of activities pertaining to children.

Fatigue shall be experienced due to excess work; Have composure in your dealing with others , otherwise it may lead to unnecessary arguments ;confusion shall prevail in the minds of superior on account of your working ; Moderate success is indicated ; Be conscious about your health .

Difference of opinion is bound to happen with superiors or elders; Happiness because of children shall be moderate; Interruption shall be experienced in religious activities; Journeys shall not be very helpful; Loss of money is also indicated. 

Pending works shall experience progress; Association with influential person shall be helpful; In profession, seniors shall be helpful; Sudden health related problems should be encountered .Driving needs to be done with care.

Professional up gradation is indicated; Help shall be extended by seniors at work; inflow of money from different sources; Expenditure shall be done on various luxurious items ; Difference of opinion id indicated with life partner and business partner .

Mental strength shall be helpful in encountering difficult situations; Superiors shall be helpful in professional life; Fear shall remain because of secret enemies, one need to be vigilant; Health related issues need not be neglected.

Unnecessary expenditure needs to be curbed at the very first instant; Health of life partner shall be a cause of concern; Any arguments need to be controlled because their inflation; Less progress because of children shall also cause mental tension.

Have control on your various interest before it take deviations ; Health check up is required of life partner; Journeys shall not be so beneficial; eye related trouble may take some of your time; Journeys shall be stressful; Property related issues needed to be deferred.

May be able to blow on the face of opposition; Different problems shall get resolved automatically; withheld money shall be received by you ; Change of place shall not be so beneficial; New works need to be taken up with caution .

Journeys to distant places is indicated ; Disturbance shall be experienced in different works ; Health related issues not be dealt with casual approach ; Don’t hurt others with your tongue; Confusion shall prevail in mind on financial matters ; Meditation may be resorted to get over mental tensions .

Control is required to be exerted on mental activities ; May indulge into controversy due to misunderstanding ; Sale purchase of property may be postponed to next month ; Take care of environment and take necessary steps for mental solace ..

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