How to Cope with Difficult Situation

                                                               By Ashutosh Karnatak

A) How to Cope with Difficult Situation:
Every now and then, we encounter with difficult situations in our life at different levels- it may be home, office or any other place. Sometimes such situations make the life miserable and one finds him in a very precarious situation. There has to be some solution to come out of such situation.The methodology to cope with difficult situations is as under:

1.Confidence: Any birth has a death; similarly, any difficult situation has to go one day. Have this confidence that this situation will be over on day, or you will find a solution of this.

2.No panic: Most of the situation gets worsen, when one gets panic in case of excess or difficult situation. Hold your breaths shortly, panic shall go. Taking any decision under this situation should be avoided as far as possible.

3.Why me: In case of difficult situations ,man feels that the sky has fallen only on him, despite of not harming any body and it is felt that but he/ she is the only sufferer whereas others are not. However, rationally every person has some problem or the other and which is unique. Therefore, it is not you only but others also, who are facing such difficult situation, may be more than you may. In addition, at present it is with you so face it boldly.

4.Patience: It is my firm believe that patience is the key to all difficult situations. Thus, have patience until the storm settle. One finds the way to cope with the difficult situation, after having patience. I have come across persons, who have limitless patience. Rationally, it varies from person to person, some are out of the difficult situation shortly, and some are after some time. But the human being is so; he can not have patience.Think positively, dawn follows dusk. Remember it and engrave it into sub conscious mind - It is one of the success formulas for life.

5.Acceptance: The best way to come out of the difficult situation is to accept the situation in your mind and the only solution is to pass through it. When we resist it, more energy is lost, resulting into tension etc. Accept it as it is. This solution has to be faced by you only, so why not confront it laughingly than being gloomy.

6.Learn: Every situation gives us a message to learn. These feedbacks/ lessons are to be used in future to overcome any difficult situation. The positive way to take difficult situation is to turn it into a positive one and send a signal to your mind that when I will come out the situation, I will be more stronger and richer in experience that others, who have not faced such situation.

7.Action: Keeping the above consideration in mind ponder into the difficult situation with positive mind and when you will come out of it, a positive change in your mental strength will be observed.

B) How to Manage with Life Partner
The essence of life is Human engineering /understanding .For a married person more than 70% of the time is with life partner. Therefore harmonious relationship with partner is required is essential. If one could achieve the same, the meaning of life can be understood in real terms and one can say that he has achieved some thing in lifetime. But, saying easy - doing difficult, most of the person due to one reason or another, complaints secretly, on lack of harmony on family front. Being in conservative society like India, person retain the feeling inside their heart, which causes lot of stress and strain and some time the situations becomes so precarious, that it leads to divorce.

The aim in life is to keep family ties intact and integrated and to have a harmonious life.Following tools can be implemented to manage with life partner :

1.Trust: Mutual trust is the foundation of strong building of married life. Such building gets collapsed by light gust of wind if trust is missing. It depends solely on the strength of foundation. Strong building can survive for years without any repair and maintenance. In the same way, the building of marriage requires strength i.e. trust for longitivity of the relationship, which depends on both the partners. In fact, any long lasting relationship survives on mutual trust. Thus, develop mutual trust at home with your partner.

2.Maturity: Maturity not only helps in many difficulties but also takes care of hurriedly unwanted collapse. It has been noticed that married life becomes day-by-day more stables due to maturity. The words used by partner, rattling him/her five years before, may not disturb today. As the mature behavior can take care of this problem. At the start of married life, husband wife are two entities and gradually start fastening to one. It is an ideal situation and no circumstances can disturb /disrupt this bond.

3.Consultation: Consultation is better than confrontation. Any decision in the house should be taken only after consultation with the life partner. It establishes importance of you partner. It may not be forgotten that every person has self-esteem, some person ostensibly shows it, while other hides it. Therefore, for any thing, if a decision is to be taken, one wants to be consulted. All the problems can be sorted out by a discussion and a solution can be arrived at for implementation. Both the parties should be ready to have an atmosphere of consultation.

4. Mutual: One important formula for a successful life is not being liability on each other, as far as possible. Every person is supposed to carry out his/her responsibility. Life partners should be helping each other to carry out that responsibility instead of to become liability on other. Both persons must share responsibilities equally in the partner ship and avoid dominance on each other. Mutual respect to each other’s feeling is necessary for successful partnership.

5.Equality Approach: Equality between both the partners is as important as trust between them. Before marriage, there might be different in status, qualifications etc. etc. But, after marriage homogeneity is required to be maintained by mixing to heterogeneous entities, other wise one may develop inferiority complex -which is not a healthy sign any married life. But truth is-our society is male dominated, status of females is not equal to man especially when they are not earning and the females, who are earning, feel superior to man. A compromising nature is to be built and feeling of equality is to be generated, as both are equally responsible for maintaining their family.

6.Caring for Needs: Proper attention on fulfillment of needs is required to be taken. In the context of our country, where most of the women are homemakers, depends solely on their husband, both mentally and physically. Successful life-partner understands these needs very well and gratifies them at opportune time in order to avoid any compliant. It again, a mutual respects to each other. The negative influence of non- - fulfillment of needs is immense and they lead to fragmentation and sometimes lead to divorce.

7.Action :It is therefore prudent for a good and happy life, mutual respect, equally with partner is essential based on the above take the actions and cherish a happy life.

Future Forecast: From 16 April - 15 May 05

This month shall give you progress and prosperity; Some of your actions shall be appreciate by society at large; auspicious work shall be done in the home; More responsibility shall be given to you at profession; Family life is also be harmonious ;New ventures can be undertaken.

Some of the issues may lead to develop differences with the family members; Financial deal seed to be done with care; Journeys may not be so beneficial; Excess working and wrong planning shall be cause of failures.

Some of the issues shall be cause of concern during the mid of the month ; Decision making may be difficult ;Pending money shall start inflow ;Professional up gradation is on the cards ;Still you would be able to maintain harmonious atmosphere at home .Take care of health of life partner.

Professional advancement is on the cards; Near relations shall extend hand of help; Unmarried shall get proposal for marriage; first half of the month indicates long journeys; New undertakings may be taken by you.

Month shall be full of upheavals ; unnecessary arguments shall be with elders at home; and in the same time superiors shall be restrictive in their approach; Inflow of money from on the unknown source ; Opposition shall get blow on the face ; Some of the results shall be in your favor.

Loss of money is indicated from different sources; friendship need to extended with care with others; auspicious event shall be held at home; children related issues shall breed mental tensions; Have positive approach towards life .

This month issues related to life partner shall take most of the time; Heart relate diseases may appear; Better to have mental control over different issues; being impulsive shall not yield any results; Property related issues need to be dealt with care .

Moth shall start with defeat of opponents; different quarter shall fetch you name and fame; New undertakings can be started; In a difficult situation you should be able to take courageous decision, which shall be appreciated.

Long journeys are on the cards; Progress of work in different areas shall not be as per requirement; Result of children shall be cause of concern including their further education; Some of the issues shall create mental pressure.

Avoid unnecessary arguments ; Be careful about your own health; Heart related disease may happen; Control on your mind shall be better ;Impulsive attitude need to be shunned ; Property relate issues need to be dealt with caution .

Completion of works in hand; Courageous works shall be done ;inflow of money from different sources is indicated ; Some of the actions are going to give dividend ;Beware of concerns of your life partner; Opposition shall be felt in the later half of the month .

Avoid unnecessary expenditure; conscious towards health related issues would be better; Impulsive approach needs to be under control; Later half of the month shall have positive results; Journey to foreign country is indicated; Helping others shall indirectly help you.

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