Fire in the Belly

By Ashutosh Karnatak

The term is used for fighting against others. But in the present age, wherein cut-throat completion is prevailing and day to day life is becoming difficult, internal struggle is required to be maintained to fight against the odds and becoming successful. Have you ever had a Cake-Walk on some undertaking – answer will be NO. Always we find constraint, impediments etc. Now if we leave the things half- way, then goal will not be achieved. What is the major cause of it – that is due to circumstances which compelled you to leave the work on half way and you could not sustain struggle odds and failed but on the contrary toit had the struggle could sustain within you – positive result would have come ..

Maintain the light of struggle within you, let it not die – it’s a force leading you to Success. - Ashutosh Karnatak

Once one astrologer happens to see the palm of one individual and forecasted that you might be having tensions. The person told that No Problems – in fact, I need tension to go ahead. It leads me to progress. If theses are not there is nothing to counter upon and my mental faculties shall not be able to develop. This answer aptly fit into the requirement of the struggle in inside you. Struggle although being a negative word but generates all positive things like success, confidence, self-esteem etc etc. A man with out struggle seldom able to achieve the goal in life. You can take the history from Abraham Lincoln to Nelson Mandela, every known personality have faced adversaries sin life and came out of if, because internal struggle was alive and they rekindled it whenever it was required.

Take the case of a bird – it flies in the sky here and there. The internal force /struggle are translated from body to the wings and birds fly. If their wings are chopped off, they are not able to fly and die viz. The struggle inside the body is not that much which is able to give them power to have buoyancy in the air. Similarly in our case if the struggle is less inside the body, then results can be anticipated.

No Bird soars so High if he soars with his own wings – William Blake

A minimum level of struggle is required to be maintained inside every individual and it should not be taken as a negative trait. Some of the techniques are as under:

1) Negative Circumstances to be converted into positive one: If you believe that every time in life you will find green pasture then you are living in the nightmare. If you do a survey of people asking them their experiences in life – every body will narrate the story of their struggle sin life. If these struggles or negative circumstances are taken a negative then one will succumb to the circumstances and will not be able to counter it and ultimately face failures. Here lies the difference between a man of Success and failures. These negative circumstances need to be converted mentally into positive one and taken as challenge.

2) Auto Suggestion: It is one of the tried techniques which could be utilized to over come any circumstances,. You have to instruct your mind –particularly that “Look, you have to face it and you will come out of it with success.”It will be helpful in developing a positive frame of mind even in negative circumstances.

3) Fire in the Belly: It is the foremost requirement to live in this world. Those who have taken birth will live till death, but living fire in the belly is like living like a worm in the world. We must not leave the things they are completed despite of any trouble or constraints. Whenever you find your self encompassed in negative circumstances in life and you have no desire to move further – remember the following slogan by James Corbet and while murmuring in your mind – image the content of the slogan as if you are there.

• Fight one more round when your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the center of the ring.

• Fight one more round, when your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hand to come on ground. 

• Fight one more round when your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish your opponent would crack you on the jaw and put you to sleep.

• Fight one more round-remembering that the man who always fights more and more rounds is never whipped.

This type of fire is required in side the belly to face the world and to maintain your existence.

4) Reference of Past Events: In fact remembrance of past events becomes stimulants some time. How you have handled and behaved in a particular condition that gives link to co-relate the things in life and inspiration to fight out with circumstances. By recalling those events, a feel of struggle is required to be developed within self.

5) Positive Aggression: Struggle with fire makes develops positive aggression in man, which is required in a person if wants to do progress in life. Aggression has to be interpreted in positive manner and it is required to be developed in nature. Make habit of taking the job with the positive aggression and have the attitude of completing it, despite of being many hurdles on the way.

Aggression and struggle within self is necessary ingredient for success -Ashutosh Karnatak

It has been seen the persons are avoiding tensions etc in life and go for meditative techniques and other stress management techniques. One finer point needs to be explained that these methodology although cures you from the stresses etc, but also kills aggression and struggle inside you. Idea is not to remain in the stressful condition and keeping alive the struggle within you.

If you don’t have the same, better develop and feel it. It will give you punch to get up and shall inspire you for progress. Without struggle man is dead.

Originality and the feeling of one’s own dignity is achieved only through work and struggle: Fyodor Dostoyerslay

                                                           Quotes of the Month

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• "If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door".      –Ralph Waldo Emerson

• “If a man goes into business with only the idea of making money, the chances are he won’t.”
                                                           –Joyce Clyde Hall

• “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”
                                                          - Henry David Thoreau

                                                                       Health Tips 
                                                              Complied by Vidushi K

Obesity Tips: Regular intake of reddish reduces obesity as it helps in reduction of fat.

Beauty Tip:
1)Use pack of banana and honey – face will radiate.
2)Petals of rose flowers duly mashed with milk and apply the paste on face – face will radiate.

Future Forecast: From 15 Feb- 15 March 05

Auspicious Days: 15, 20, 26, 27, Feb and 2, 6, 7,11,13,15 march. 

Success in different undertaking; more responsibility shall be entrusted upon and works shall be appreciated ; attention on health is also require to be given; Some of issues shall test your patience and perseverance ; Oppositional shall not be able to harm you.

Promotions and progress shall be achieved in your field of works; Different works shall be implemented; Patience is require to be taken while taking some important decision; Fever etc may be felt in the second half of the month; your advice shall be taken on some of the important issue.

Support shall be extended by superiors in the professional field; Harmonious atmosphere shall be maintained; Blood related problems are indicative; Care should be taken in dealing with opposite sex; Property related issues yield success ;Unnecessary expenditure needs to be curbed

More work shall be exhaustive ; Legal issues may crop up during the month but opposition shall face defeat; Be attentive towards the activities of opponents ; Impatience shall not be good on some of the issues ; Before taking decisions evaluate pros and cons of the subject.

Be careful about health of your life partner; avoid arguments and discussions with anyone; maintain harmonious relations with superiors; before developing relations hip with unknown try to evaluate his /her credentials; important decisions need to be taken in consultation with others.

Month shall be moderate in nature; Pending money is likely to come; Normal health shall be maintained d; Moderate success in different undertakings; Property related issues need to be dealt with care; vehicle etc to be driven with care.

Long journeys are indicated during the month; Health of the children shall be cause of concern; some particular issue shall breed tension in the mind; later half of the month shall give victory over enemies; Disharmony shall prevail at family front.

Month shall have moderate results; Relationship with some kith and kin shall deteriorate; Property related issues need to be kept in cold basket; Later half of the moth shall fetch better results ; Argumentive position may come with others; Planning shall be made to lead luxurious life.

Intention to go for courageous actions; Opposition shall keep shut after seeing your bold actions; Inflow of money from different sources ;enhancement of name and fame in the society ; Hurried decisions need to be avoided.

Financial matters to be dealt with caution; Unnecessary expenditures need to be curtailed; Blood related problems shall surface; Difference of opinion shall e with the life partner on some specific issue; Positive approach shall be helpful in dealing with different issues.

Pride should not come in between friends and relatives ; Unknown relationship need to be extended with caution; Later half of the month shall have congenial atmosphere at home ;Promotion in professional field is on the cards .

Poor health and inferior relationship with father shall be cause of concern; Inflow of money form different sources; Business relate venture shall be beneficial; Courageous actions shall be taken; Avoid unnecessary arguments; Professional leadership shall enhance ; eye related troubles shall be encountered.

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