Inner Strength (IS)

By Ashutosh Karnatak

One day when I was traveling towards my office, a phone was received from one of my friend. In order to know his welfare, I posed questions about his family members, he uttered that his wife was suffering from spine related problem compounded by the same problem is being faced by him. Then I thought that how he might be feeling inside, still he is with the same vigor and going to his works. This inner virtue is nothing but “Inner Strength (IS) “ which is required to live in day to day. It is the real strength rather than physical. In fact, you might have seen physically impaired people, struggling to live life – they also have tremendous internal strength.

Draupadi in Epic Mahabharata is an apt example of Inner strength – after being humiliated by Duryodhana – she never tried to commit suicide. In today’s context, such a case would have led to suicide as we come across such cases in our day-to-day life – which indicates that such persons lack Inner Strength.

Most of the time due to financial crisis, one is not able to study and parents find it difficult to have means to meet both ends. However, with their inner strength, they are able to face the situation .In our society plethora of such examples is there. All these fellows have tremendous inner strength, which helps them to face the situation and discourage them from breakdown .Similarly in day-to-day life every now and then, whether in office or at home or in society – we encounter situation where the need for inner strength is felt. One who has it – finds courage to face the situation.

Advantages of Inner Strength (IS) are listed below:


  • Mental Developement.
  • Enhances capacity to fight against odds.
  • Helps in aligning inner strengths.
  • Enhances composure .
  • Enhances reaction time.

Extrinsic benefits

  • Increase in Success rate.
  • Helps in acquiring confidence.
  • Helps in developing patience.
  • Increase in tolerance limit.


  • Better health and appearance.
  • Reduces breaking down condition.

Intrinsic benefits

  • Develops Internal Inspiration.
  • One bounces back faster.
  • Conviction to fight against odds.
  • IS is the force of the soul or internal on which he /she fights against circumstances. It can be felt not seen.

  • Its limit determines success in the life. Higher the limit of

  • IS higher the success.

  • Is independent of physical structure, but definitely related to mental development. Person having higher limit of IS have better mental strength.

  • IS is power of soul – which is invisible.

  • IS develops one’s capacity to fight against stress – thus less stressful conditions.

  • IS develops internal inspiration – which automatically surges inside whenever such situations arise.

  • IS helps in alignment of internal strengths to fight problem.

  • Requirement of inner strength is needed when problem pounce on us. When bad time is experienced – one has two options either, break or make. Most of the people after some time start breaking – this is the time when inner strength is required so that one does not fall prey to the circumstances and is able to overcome the period.

  • IS helps in acquiring more confidence and patience

  • IS Helps to acquire better appearance and health

  • IS gives you conviction to fight against odds.

  • IS reduces chances of breakdown.

Techniques to Develop Inner Strength (IS): Some of the techniques based on the experiences are given below:

1) Fight with circumstances: One of the essential requirements is to develop a tendency to fight with the circumstances; generally, one succumbs to the pressures and surrenders. Whenever some negative event takes place it exerts negative pressure inside the human being.. Some of us are able to sustain it due to inner strength, whereas some of us are not able to take it. Here lies are the difference. The person having more IS can fight better and have more successful moments in life as compared to others. So

Whenever negative event take place, prepare your self mentally to fight it
    • Close your eyes and hold your fist – develop courage to fight it .
    • Take long breaths – it would charge you by inhalation of more oxygen.
    • Mind it this the moment of decision which makes you a man of Success

2) Gradual development: It is not an affair of one day; inner strength can be developed gradually after practice. A weak heart, which cannot withstand untoward condition and is not able to cope with it, has to decide on the need of inner strength and develop it gradually.

    • First one needs to decide that IS has to be developed;
    • It is an inner commitment to self.
    • In fact, one needs to hear the inner voice of self.
    • Whenever such circumstances occur, it is better to accept the conditions as it is and develop a spirit to face it.

First time it might be difficult but gradually you will find that you have developed inner strength to fight against odds and when ever such circumstances are cropping up, you are ready to face it.

3) Develop tolerance Tolerance is the key to success: You might have experienced that in case of adverse situation, you react immediately in a belligerent manner and get angry which :
    •Increases anxiety and Mental disturbance

So at this point of time , it is better to be tolerant .Tolerance has different meaning in the dictionary but the word being used is meant for “Power to absorb “, “Endurance “ or Resilience , which is required to be developed in present age of living.. Some time you encounter such situations, which are equivalent to swallowing poison, and when one is able to achieve it – he develops tremendous inner strength. Again, it is a gradual progress, which may take some years. Later, if somebody tries to provoke you with insults – you may not react to that situation and handle it coolly. Net effect is you are not losing your calm and peace.

4) Synergize all energy sources: In order to fight against the odd circumstances, it is essential to have all the energy sources synergized. Different energy sources are mental, inner-self., physical etc. One important aspect is this that the inner strength is less dependent upon the physical strength. Some time you might have seen that the person having strength that is more physical and breaking down in indifferent circumstances. 

5) Do meditation: It is the key to success or developing inner strength (IS). Sit quietly at any place.

    •Close your eyes for 5-10 minutes.
    •Observe the inner processes.
    •Anxiety of mind would not allow you to sit.
    •Do not get bothered – thoughts will come and go.
    •After some time you would find, change in mental set up.
    •Reaction time shall increase
    •You would find yourself cooler than earlier.
    •Ultimately, increase in inner strength.

Readers are requested to follow these techniques in developing Inner strength, face the world with more confidence, and get success in life. Mind it, it is you and you only, who are responsible for all good and bad from the life. So build more and more inner strength (IS) and face this indifferent world.


Future Forecast: September 2007
(from 16 sept. to 15 Oct.)

Self : Take care of people working with you; Health needs attention; New ventures should not be done.
Life Partner : Contributions from spouse will be helpful; Biased approach may create differences .
Children :  They need more concentration in studies.
Finance : Loss of money is indicated.

Self :  Avoid arguments with any one; Journeys to distant places are indicated; Some of the issue will breed mental tension.
Life Partner :
Domestic harmony will help in development.
Children :
Better results are indicated.
Finance :
Inflow of money from different sources; Selective speculation can be done.

Self : Metal worries are indicated; Evil forces will work against you;   Unnecessary arguments should be avoided.
Life Partner : Have better control over different situations.
Children :  Required to do hard work to success.
Finance :Caution is required to handle finance.

Self : Courageous decisions will be taken leads you to have laurels; Opposition will suffer defeat. Impulsive actions need to be avoided.
Life Partner:  Perfect harmony at home front.
Children:  Better results are indicated.
Finance: Transactions to be done with due care; Inflow of money is indicated.

Self :  Changes are anticipated; Use mind to come out of different issues; Rash tendencies needs to be avoided.
Life Partner :  Health needs to be taken care of; Domestic harmony will prevail.
Children :   They need more attention. Should concentrate more on studies.
Finance : Speculations should be avoided; portfolio management is required.

Self :   Some event may bring gloominess; New undertakings needs to be avoided; Better have caution your approach.   
Life Partner :  Marital relationship also needs tactful handling; Difference in opinion in some of the issue.
Children :  More concentration in studies is required. Give time to your children.
Finance : Speculation needs to be avoided; Take care of your money.

Self :  Impulsive decisions need to be avoided; Self-prestige and pride will enhance; Family member will suffer from disease.
Life Partner :   Pleasure and happiness will be received at home front.
Children :  Disturbance in their studies due to lack of concentration.
Finance : Better period for financial subjects. Enhancement of income.

Self :  enhancement of name and fame in the society; New undertakings can be started ; efforts to have more comforts would be done .
Life Partner : Domestic happiness will prevail ;
Children : Good news will be received from this front. Developmental activities will be undertaken.
Finance :  Betterment in financial position is indicated.

Self : Impediments in ongoing projects; Better to have control over situations. Arguments need to be avoided.
Life Partner :  Help will be extended from this quarter and gain will be reaped.
Children :  More concentration is required in studies; Better extend necessary help to them.
Finance :  Inflow of money is indicated. Have proper plan to spend that.

Self :  Pending problems needs more attention towards their settlement .Extra care is required to avoid accidents. Better to take of your health.
Life Partner :  Mixed result is indicated, some of the issues still have difference of opinion.
Children : They will give better results this month; Try to find out their requirements.
Finance :  Unavoidable expenditures need to be avoided. Do better planning of the same.

Self : Duality of mind will pose difficulty in taking decision. Change of place in also indicated .Health related issues needs to be dealt properly.
Life Partner : Health of spouse will be cause of concern; Limited happiness is indicated.
Children :  Hard work is required for success; However, fortune will help in getting success.
Finance : Avoid unnecessary expenditure; Not a very smooth month.

Self : Opportunity to advance career ;Mental satisfaction will prevail; better time for purchase of property.
Life Partner :
Happiness will prevail at home front despite of some trivial issues; able to find solution of your problems.
Children : 
Better concentration towards studies will make you happy.
Finance :
General gain is indicated ; Inflow of money from different sources .

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