`o` for Ownership

                             By Ashutosh Karnatak             

Generally, this term is co-related with acquisitions of properties etc. It is told that the individual is “Owner” of this house that car etc. Have you ever thought of diversify use of this concept beyond the above definition i.e.: 

1.     Think that you own the society rather than your own house.
2.     Think that in the office you own your job rather than just limiting to your responsibilities.
3.     Think that you are not only responsible to you but for others.

Ownership at large means the concept of epic GITA - VASUDHAV KUTUMBAKAM- that means this whole world is mine and I am responsible for it. I have experienced that feeling of Ownership is linked with emotion called Attachment (limited to I Own It). When for any thing this sort of attachment is developed, and then one develops feeling of ownership. It can be understood better with example of “Love with Paramour”-any lover does not want that to share his paramour with others. What is this – what is that right – it is nothing but a feel of Ownership towards the paramour. 

Just Close your eyes – and think the Concept of ownership and list out the item you own and stretch the list to as long as you can. Some of the common items, which you may own, are:

  1. Children
  2. Profession
  3. Life partner
  4. Self
  5. Parents
  6. Etc

It is also worth mentioning here to note the priority of areas of ownership items, location of “Self” needs to be seen apart from others. In addition, most of the individual shall have the above list but the real Ownership Concept is how far one expands his area of ownership. It is a malice that everyone thinks that this work/issue is to be dealt by other not by him. It is sheer lack of ownership.  This approach needs correction, as one is required to own the area wherever s/he is involved.
It has been rightly said, “Boundary-less behavior evaluates ideas based on their merit, not on the rank of the person who come up with them”: Jack Welch of GE
 It clearly indicates one should come out of boundaries, which has been drawn by him only. It not only hampers the performance of the individual at all the levels may be at home or may be at office.  

Concept of ownership can also be understood form an example as stated below:
 “A man lying on the road after accident. People are seeing him but a few of them come forward to help him out for the first aid or getting him treated for the injuries”.

With this incident, person coming forward for the help despite of not knowing him has a feeling of ownership towards human values or for human being. They feel that that they have some form of duties towards the person who is although not known to them.
  From the above by the time readers may be able to appreciate the concept of “Ownership”. It is expected form the individuals to own at least whatever they are doing and tries to increase their area of ownership.
 Some of the methodologies to enhance the concept of ownership are as under:

  • Increase area of influence.
  • Develop concept of synergy.
  • Involve heart than mind.
  • I am for others also.

Let us briefly discuss these aspects:

  1)      Increase area of influence : It has been seen that a person confines its activities limited to him and lives inside a shell and any disturbance in stability of the same ruffles him .By and larges he wants to settle within that shell.

In order to develop the concept of ownership, first step is to enhance the area of influence i.e. you start owning of the things that you felt is being done others. It will not only boost your confidence level but also increase the self –esteem. Let us take example of owning the corridor of your building of office or society. A day earlier, you were not bothered about the dirt being spread there but after the day of increase in area of influence, when you have started owning the corridor – then you will ensure that corridor is cleaned by hook and by crook and after getting it cleaned you will have a feeling of self- satisfaction.
Try to increase gradually the area of influence and develop a feeling of ownership.

2)      Develop Concept of Synergy : It has been seen that most of us perform excellent when work individually and do not take care of others activities. It can be treated as non-interference but the hind side is that may be with the help of others the net outcome would be better. In the concept of ownership, you own the area where you may not get the result directly but with extension of the help towards others – 

  •  Dependability of others on you increases, which was not earlier.
  •  Feel of ownership toward others shall enhance.
  •  Feel of differentiation with others shall reduce as you may feel that I own them and others own me.

3)    Involve Heart than mind: Ownership is directly related with heart i.e. emotional aspect of the same. In fact most of the time we do not allow flow of emotions or not able to express ourselves adequately because as we get mature logic take predominant role than heart and restricts us increase our area of influence..

When we start owning other subjects than ours, a feel of “possessiveness” enhances and it is felt that the subject belongs to me. As soon as this feeling takes birth, it indicates that you have started owning the thing. For example: Some of the individuals when donate money to orphanage – first question is asked that is it possible to see the child to whom we are financing – what is this- it is nothing but a feel of ownership towards the child whom you feel to become yours as soon as you donate the money. Here, the heart starts dominating the mind. As explained earlier, when you start owning corridor of your office or building – in case of dirt spreading here and there – the first reaction becomes inside your heart – that is pain which drives you to get it cleaned.

Therefore, ownership enhances feel of emotional relationship with the subject .Let us have it.

4)    I am for others also: In a study done by researchers on 2000 successful persons, it was found that the final expression of these persons were that they could not do much for the society. Generally, a person is able to meet his both the ends successfully but what is his contribution to others or to the society is also a parameter of self- assessment of success.

Thus, before it becomes late, it is pertinent to under stand that you are not only yourself but for the society and for others also. Develop an idea of “VASUDHAV KUTUMBAKAM” which means whole world is mine .I am not alone here, everybody is related to me and I am for others.
Readers are requested to apply the concept of Ownership and have emotional feel and have pleasure of ownership.

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