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This issue features:  1)     “P” for Perseverance ” : By Ashutosh Karnatak2)    Astro-Forecast            :  December – January      2007                                      
                              Happy New Year -2008”                Dear Reader,  With the grace of God and your encouragement, many people are reading “Plus Approach”, a feel of Positive thinking is being disseminated, and they are finding improvement in their mental attitude and health. Requested to keep on reading and encouraging in ensuing New Year -2008. In case, you are interested to read my inspirational book “I Can do: 24X7” or wants to  give it as New Year Gift to some known so that they are also privileged to have improvement  in their attitude and life .Pl call Publisher : Sh Vijay Mittal on mobile number 9811444294                                                                                                            “ P” for Perseverance                                                                                                                                                                                                                             By Ashutosh Karnatak  Successful people are those, who attain their goal .In the present context when living has become difficult, still some of the persons excel in their field of operation. In order to fight with the changing environment another trait apart from Assertiveness is Perseverance. The rhythm the word itself reflects the meaning and feeling of the word. The crude meaning of the word is “To be after the objective till it is achieved”. Most of the successful persons have adopted these techniques. Do you feel that every successful person has succeeded in the first go – if you read history of such people you will come to know that the had to struggle hard and to the world only glitters are visible. In fact, they all have apart form other qualities one of the most important trait called “Perseverance: Good Timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the tree: J . Willard Marriott. Perseverance makes the person a strong tree that can face strong wind of any adversary during the course of achieving the target.  One having these qualities does not deviate from any difficulty. Their belief on self is very strong with positive thoughts. During the course of persuasion of the targets, they in turn tap their most of the hidden potential, which empowers them continuously. Take eth example of Abraham Lincoln who has failed 9 times before being elected as president of USA: “Failed in business at age 21,Was defeated in a legislative race at 22; Failed again in business at age 24;                          Overcame death of his sweetheart at the age of 26;Had a nervous breakdown at age 27;Lost his congressional race at age 34;                                                      Lost his congressional race at age 36;            Lost the senatorial race at 45;Failed on an effort to become vice-president at age 47;Lost the senatorial race at 49;Was elected as p[resident of United states at age 52” No example can be better than this pleading for quality of perseverance that Lincoln has shown to the world. How many of us practice this. Another example of perseverance may be the Henry Ford; owner of Ford vehicle has shown long ago. He decided to develop motor having entire 8 cylinders cast on one block and instructed engineers to develop a design foe such a engine. Engineers told that it is an impossible idea, but Ford did not concede to this and ask to produce the same. After passing of one year engineers could not develop the engine and found it more impossible. But Ford did not concede and advised to work continuously on the concept and told;” I want this and you have to develop it anyway “ and this was the point of which turned failure into success. Ultimately engineers could develop the engine which ahs become one of the, most popular engine in the world.  Now had Ford not kept perseverance, the engine could not had been possible. Therefore, this sort of thinking/tendency is required. 

Never, Never, Never Give Up.

 Recent example of Indian Cricketer Saurav Ganguly , who was thrown out of the Indian cricket team but with perseverance  he bounced back and today in the recent concluded Indian –Pakistan test series he has  scored a double century and one single century and his batting has become exemplary . He would be taken shelter of misfortune when taken out of the team, but no – he decided to bounce back and had perseverance. He played domestic matches and excelled there and afterwards he was inducted in the Indian cricket squad and played extremely well notwithstanding the fact that some of his critics were of the view that he has played enough cricket and he should not get retirement. It is only his perseverance that has served him.       Therefore, by this time, you are imbibed in the concept of the subject. Now the very question comes that how to develop it and sustain it forever. Some of the techniques are as under: 1)     Every time nobody can be successful.2)     Be optimistic.3)     Develop Patience.4)     Put your heart and soul in the job                                                                                                                                                  1)     Every time nobody can be successful: It is my vivid experience that results are consequence of our mindset and every time one cannot become successful. Life is a mixture of successes and failures. If the ratio of success and failure is more than one, man is considered as successful thus reformat your mind,  “In case in some of the undertaking if I am not succeeded, nothing big, heavens are not going to fall. One can not reap success every time however I will not give up and I will embrace failure as well.” 2)     Be Optimistic and Hopeful: Really, optimism is the only tool, which could be depended upon to lead a happy life. In this after any failure, one finds positive reason for consolation and get ready to strike again. A optimistic person can be optimistic upto that extent that he feels that a dead man will get up from the coffin after some magic. In fact they do not see the darker side of their life, they despise it. All through my life, no matter what has happened, I have never discarded my optimism. When other start counting the impossibilities, I start counting on possibilities .If there is 1 percent chance of success, optimistic person sees that 1percent as the spark to light a fire.” Kim Woo –Choong Founder and Chairman of Daewoo. Optimism always send a positive signal in the mind that one day you will achieve it and constantly sprinkle the mind with this thought. Optimist attitude helps in discharging juices from the pituitary gland, which maintains positive attitude of the person. Optimist attitude helps a lot to a patient suffering form the fatal disease. Their recovery rate is better than others .It is like hope that things will turn out all right in life despite set backs and frustrations. It strengthens the person against falling into the trap of depression, hopelessness. Optimist person does not discard him or herself and bounce back quickly. It helps them to get result ultimately and help in developing perseverance. 3)     Develop Patience: Perseverance is synonymous to patience. A person not having patience cannot wait for results endlessly, on the contrary person-having patience can do miracle. Take the example of Addison who has invented the Light Bulb. He did experiment at least 10000 times before succeeding to final out come but every time he was not successful. But he did not abandon experimenting. He has patience. When asked, “How you could sustain your work for such a long time.” He replied modestly that after every experiment, he was getting new idea for modifications and ultimately he could produce Bulbs being used today in every house.

On the contrary to above, people wants to have overnight results and in order to achieve it they follow short –cuts, some time they succeed but they are not able to sustain it for a longer time. Patience is like a homeopath medicine, which affects after certain periods but eradicate the disease forever.

Some body may argue that how long he should wait for the result. Answer is very simple that after maintaining sufficient patience if results are not pouring in, it means that there is some defect in the strategy to get results. Do Introspection. After every night, day follows, just wait. Have Patience, May be your nights have become longer.
 4)     Put your Heart and Soul Together: It has been old saying that any work done half-heartedly yield half results only. During childhood parents used to say that while studying concentrate on studies only, don’t get diverted. If this sermon is extended, the meaning is while studying put your heart and soul to that. In this process, any individual is undertaking, it has reflection of his soul and all the energies are vectored in that direction. It is very essential to have success in any undertaking. As there is no diversion of thought and actions are also synchronized with the thought. Consequently, maximum transfer of the energy into effort, which helps in positive results. So, Perseverance can be developed, start following above mentioned techniques New formulas can also be developed based on the individual personality. However, whenever you feel down just remember following:  ·                     Fight one more round when your feet  are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the center of the ring

·                     Fight one more round, when your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hand to come on ground.  ·                     Fight one more round when your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish your opponent would crack you on the jaw and put you to sleep. ·         Fight one more round – remembering that the man who always fights more and more rounds is never whipped.


                       Future Forecast                                                                                  (From 16 December -15 January )                                                                                                                   By Ashutosh K.(Fortune is supplementary to Karma – thus Karma is to be done in any case. After reading the forecast for the month the reader to take advantage of good period and manage the life, but don’t loose heart in adverse conditions because “Dawn follows Dusk”) Aries: Long journeys are indicated along with change of residence; Disagreement may take place with superiors; Caution is required to be observed while dealing with unknown; opposite sex need to be handled carefully; materialistic tendencies shall increase. Taurus: Mental disturbance will be experienced in this month; Inflow of money from speculations is indicated; new partnership needs to be kept under hold; Health of the life partner shall be cause of concern. Gemini: Delay in different activities shall still be experienced; mental worries shall take most of the time; displeasure from superiors shall be experienced; some of the issues shall be settled in your favor; Property related issue need to be dealt with care. Cancer: Favor of fortune and help from others shall be experienced; Success over opponents is indicated; Name, money and fame shall have increasing tendencies, however some of the financial issues need to be settled after taking advice form elders. Leo:  Journey to distant place is indicated; Inflow of money from different source; Later half of the month shall be proper time to deal with property related issues; Younger brother and sisters shall be a cause of concern. Virgo: Control on tongue is required while discussing issues; some of the family issue shall take most of the time; professional gains are indicated; Delay in results of different undertakings shall be experienced; short journeys/ change of residence are indicated. Libra: Luxurious attitude shall prevail upon the mind; Success over opponents is indicated; the associates shall appreciate some of the actions; Long journeys are on anvil; second half of the month shall be able to strengthen financial position. Scorpio: Promotion in profession is indicated; Help form Superiors shall be extended; Act for having comfort shall be done; Health of life partner shall be a cause of concern; some opposition is also indicated. Sagittarius: Rash actions need to be avoided; Bodily injuries are indicated; Opponents shall have to face defeat; some of the actions shall be appreciated buy the society; providential help shall save you from a mishap. Capricorn: Better to have low profile during the month; Discontent and unhappiness shall prevail in the house; Money needs not to be loaned; Impediments shall be experienced in works; Association with bad people to be avoided. Aquarius: Life partner needs careful handling; Journeys shall be undertaken; some of the issues shall fetch you happiness; Enhancement of status in the society; some of your advice shall be taken by your colleagues; Property related issues needs to be handled carefully. Pisces: Opponents shall retrieve back their actions; Success in some undertakings is indicated; Increase in financial status is also on anvil; educational pursuits shall be undertaken; Association with influential persons is indicated. 

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