W for Weeding Problems

                                                                    By Ashutosh Karnatak 
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It is told that the birth of Human yoni is after 84 lacs yonis and the man when takes birth is full of problems from childhood itself. In this competitive life one can be considered happy, who has less problems.  You might have seen, one problem ceases other raises its head.

If one has to live efficiently, one needs to reduce his problems /constraints. As such, no person in this world is to be said without problems. It is a comparative position that someone has more whereas others having less problems. It is also better to understand that the person himself is responsible for all his deeds whereas ever he does, he has to reap it, in this life or next. More over in this life also, he is required to manage his problems and constraints, nobody else will be able to help you.  Whatever you have to do, you should do. Because, it is your life, and only you know what is inside your mind, therefore you and only you are in a better position to manage your life.  

What is your position?

Charity begins at home. Instead of treating other, better to treat yourself by finding out what is your present status.

Answer following questions: 

1)   Do you think much?
      a)     Yes
      b)     No

2)   Do you have many constraints?
      a)     Yes
      b)     No 

3)   Which area has more problems?
      a)     Home front
      b)     Professions
      c)     Finance
      d)     None of them
      e)     All of them  

4)   Do you prioritize your problems?
      a)     Yes
      b)     No 

5)   For you problems are?
      a)     In a form of bundle
      b)     Separate and segregated  

6)  Do problems affect your mind?
      a)     Yes
      b)     No

7)   Which constraints have more impact on mind?
      a)     Home front 
      b)     Professions
      c)     Finance

 8) Do they affect your performance?

     a)     Yes
     b)     No

9)   Are you sensitive to any problem?
      a)     Yes
      b)     No   

By through answering these questions, one can be able to decipher followings : 

  • Existence of problem
  • Area of problem
  • Severity of problem
  • Way of handling
  • Impact on mind and performance.

Brief description of all these is as under:  

Existence of problem:  First existence of problem is required to be understood. Whether it is real problem or purchased/created problem. Diagnosis of the same is essential. It is told that if any problem can be solved by others then why you take that on you. In fact, identification of the problem is an art, which need to be done with dexterity. Weeding of problems is to be done.    

Area of problem:  After knowing that there is some problem, which is affecting you.  Better find out which is that area .Is it profession or family or finance or children or other. It may be one or more. 

Severity of Problem:   It is important part of any problem as it solely depends on mental attitude of the person and it differs from person to person. Same problem have different reaction from two persons as one may take it lightly while other may take it seriously and gets anxious about it.  Proper assessment of the problem is necessary. It is an art and one can develop it gradually. However, it solely depends on one’s attitude.

How you see half-filled glass of water: Is it half full or is it half-empty. Positive attitude persons see it as half filled whereas negative attitude persons consider is as half-empty.

Impact on mind and performance: Generally, man is very sensitive; rather its area of sensitivity is very large to start with. As one grows old, the area of sensitivity is reduced. For example when one joins his new job, he gets nervous when gets firing from his boss, who haunts his, mind continuously. However, with experience and age, reduction in the sensitivity gets reduced, but by the time less sensitivity could have done damage. It not only affects mind but performance also, as performance is directly related to the mental state. In case of disturbed mental state performance, level is also reduced.

What to do :

Weed Problems:  The first and foremost requirement is to weed the problem. Generally, one will have many problems of different fronts in the form of a basket. If one tries to resolve it by means solving them in totality, it would be difficult for the individual and consequently, it leads to stress. As one is not able to understand problems.

Following issues may be encountered by mind of individual:

-          What is the problem
-          What is its severity
-          Is it really a problem or it’s a virtual problem?

Thus the individual is required to weed the problem by the sieve of his/her intelligence, mental attitude. It means that a problem may pass through the sieve of person A, whereas it may find difficulty in passing through the sieve of person “B”. One can learn it by practice to increase the size of holes of sieve, so that problem remain in the sieve are very less, so that one can handle them properly.

Here the role of sub conscious mind appears. We need to train our sub-conscious mind. In such a way that most of the issues are weeded out at the first instant for conscious mind to take action.  

Area classification : In order to understand the problem it is necessary to classify the same i.e. the area of its belonging ness i.e. in profession, financial, family front etc. Some times the problem may be related to more than one area. However, the requirement is to identify area of problem. It is mingling with other area to be avoided as far as possible. It will come with experience. 

Knowledge of Human behavior:  Any person is a subject for you and nobody should be taken granted. Life is full of interaction with others and this interaction makes us to understand the person. His style of thinking, his way of behaving etc. So that at the time of need you are able to behave as per psyche   of the person.  If we behave in synchronism with others, results are tremendous in positive sense. Thus, a sense is to be developed to understand people with whom we are interacting.

Decrease Sensitivity index:  Most of the problems are due to our sensitiveness. However, this index varies from one to another. Person having sensitive to problem gets succumbed to problems easily and it is the main cause of mental disturbance and other related issues. Therefore, area of sensitivity needs to be reduced as far as possible i.e. professional related issues develop fewer problems than family related problems. But ultimately, one has to develop immunity towards all the problems so that there negative impact on the metal state of the person is least. Here it is not intended to mention that one need not to be sensitive but reduction in negative impact on the same in mind. 

Heavens are not going to fall:  “Heavens are not going to fall” – this slogan should always be in mind in all the aspects of life.  The present will pass also and solution of the problem will come as all the problems have seed of solution, but we do not have patience. Generally, patience leads to solution of problems particularly chronic ones.

Convert problem into a Project: It is better to convert problem into project i.e. project has scheduled time of completion. Problems give you pain whereas project inspires completion /resolution In the same way the problem is required to be defined and broken into smaller elements having individual schedule. the resource required for each elements of problem is to be provided , Project is mechanical way of tackling the problem . On by one elements of the problem can be resolved, leading to resolving the problem in totality.  

Have positive attitude: Last but not the least, positive attitude is panacea of all the problems. Always see water in a glass as half glass full than half glass empty. Such attitude helps in life and encourages you to look for solution. 

Therefore, develop art of weeding the problem and optimize constraints to lead a happy and peaceful life and have a firm belief on the fact that “Every Problem has a seed of solution.


 Future Forecast (Jan'2008 - Feb'2008)

   By Ashutosh K.

"Fortune is supplementary to Karma – thus Karma is to be done in any case. After reading the forecast for the month the reader to take advantage of good period and manage the life, but don’t loose heart in adverse conditions because “Dawn follows Dusk”.  

Aries: Favorable month ahead for financial matters; Auspicious ceremonies will be held in the home front; Name and fame will enhance in the society; Professional achievements are indicated; Good news will  be received from children front.  

Taurus: Workload at professional field will make you stressful; Superiors will be helpful in profession; Long journeys need to be avoided; Materialistic tendencies shall prevail in the mind; Health of life partner will be a cause of concern.  

Gemini:  Financial matters needs to be dealt carefully; Association with strangers to be done after care; Health of life partner will be taken care of; mental strain shall be there in the first half of the month. Important decisions are to be deferred.  

Cancer: Fortune shall be generally favoring; new activities can be undertaken during the first half of the month; Superiors at works at to be dealt with care and caution; Actions pertaining to mental development shall be done; Journeys shall be fruitful. 

Leo: Professional achievements are indicated; Change in position is indicated; investments shall be done in new ventures; some of the issues pertaining to children shall be disturbing; Success in one of the undertaking shall be motivating. Virgo: Financial dealing need to be done with caution –better defer; Journey to distant place is indicated; mental disturbance will prevail during the month; Improvement in the second half of the month shall give you some solace.  

Libra: Better to maintain a low profile during the month; Avoid unnecessary arguments with others; Financial dealing need to be postponed for a month; care need to be observed in office while signing the files ;Inimical activities shall be accelerated.  

Scorpio: Health and mental status of the life partner shall be a cause of concern; New partnership is to be avoided; Opposite sex need to be dealt with care; Improvement during the second half of the month; Activities related to mental development shall be undertaken.  

Capricorn: Education and health of children needs more time; speculative actions to be deferred; Providential help shall be available at the time of need; Impulsive and rash tendencies required to be checked; Eye related diseases are indicated.  

Aquarius:   Property related issues should take most of the time; Opportunities for new friendship has to be used with proper verification; Health of mother needs attention; differences or ill health of father; Journeys shall not be so fruitful.  

Pisces: Improvement in financial position is indicated; Success over opponents shall boost you; Developmental works shall be undertaken; Professional achievements are also on anvil; Education of children shall give you mental peace. 


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