T for Think Differently

                             By Ashutosh Karnatak             

                                                                  Think Differently  

Thinking –how you think on any subject is key to many issues, when we live in the environment of uncertainties and turbulence. Thinking pattern solely depends upon two aspects:     
    • Perception of  the subject
    • Our thinking pattern

It all depends upon the individual. Nevertheless, any time did we think about our thinking process and thinking style .R Gopalakrishan Vice Chairman of Tata Sons writes, “We have known down that future will be different from the past. Every science fiction writer, from Jules Verne to William Gibson, has reminded us of that .Our erroneous attitude towards the future is rooted in our culturally ingrained notions of predictability and control, a world in which change appears to be linear, continuous and to some extent predictable .Linearity is the artificial way of viewing the world because linearity concerns efficiency , not necessary effectiveness .”

We generally think as aerially and not in a zigzag manner and accordingly we arm ourselves with all the tools to face any subject and react accordingly. But in real life, it does not happen many times and ultimately one has to be happy with marginal success or failures.
One can take corollary from different patterns in the world, other than drawing a line in the piece of paper, nothing seems to be linear .How many times results were same as thought by us. Whenever results were in favor –analyze your plan, strategy, thinking pattern. This world is like game of chess, wherein moves are always planned and many alternates are required to be thought commensuration with the move of the opponents’ .Thus instead of straight thinking, it requires to be changed to spiral one. Spiral has more momentum than straight one as due to spiral pattern, speed is changed more frequently thus giving rise to higher speed. Mostly it is based one experience, reaction of opponents, linked activities etc etc.

Generally, mental conditioning contributed by love, fear and other conditioning elements drives thinking process and whenever any thought process starts its revolves around the same mental premises and the outcome is of same pattern, what was thought earlier. Have you thought that you can also think differently? Write down decision you have taken during last one month/week and study their pattern, are they indicate some pattern or different. 

Visualize reaction inside you and in your mind. Some of the methodology attributing to change in thinking process is as under:

 a)    Positive thinking:  Thought is the pure energy.  The energy of thought never dies. Positive MENTAL attitude is a mental state of an individual , which is reflected by him in day to day activities , works  etc etc . It  makes one to decide the objective , plan the strategy and achieve the goal . It gives rise to clarity of mind . All the cobwebs of doubt and disbelief must be removed to achieve transperancy of thoughts . All that you want to achieve , must be in a crystal clear form in your mind without any confusion .  But clarity of thought and objectives  are   essential for reaching to any goal .Our active life is of around 30 years which is equivalent to 262800 hr. . If we work in a day for 12 hr. , then working life shall be 131400 hr.. Now in case of negative attitude for 50% time , the net active life is reduced to 65700 hr. equivalent to 5475 days or 15 years . So effectively 30 years are reduced to 15 years , or the life time is shortened by 15 years . If we try to improve our mental positive attitude to 75% , the span of active life can be increased to 23 years .By further increase on positive thinking substantial increase in active plus life can be noticed .  It is worth noting that by adopting negative attitude , you not only reduce the active life but also invite many ailments like blood pressure,stresses  and related diseases and which in turn affects our thinking pattern . 

b)    Develop Intuitive capability:  Intuitive capabilities help in proper thinking pattern. Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in man during those instances when his mind is calm . The cosmos is full of thoughts of very kind . Need is to catch it correctly and according understand the pattern of the subject . mind need to be tuned automatically as per the requirement of the subject . At this  point it is essential to know self , and thinking patterns .

c)    Think Differently : Not a common word . One may argue that what is the need of thinking in different way . But in this life of uncertainty , one need to think all pros and cons before any decision . some time such thinking yields better results. Take the case of negotiation – the opposite party thinks differently than you. Try to visualize  his thinking pattern as if same situation is with you and then open the dialogue . Spiral thinking helps in converging into the solution ,which straight thinking may not have ,as in this the end is reached immediately whether in spiral thinking after every step new step germinates . It helps in developing open personality.  

d)    Accept Turbulences : One must realize that life is not a straight line i.e. that everything would be good form birth till end .Despite of realizing turbulences , one always finds himself in doldrums in case of any such turbulences ; They are bound to happen . One day, when I was hospitalized because of some disease, I called on of my friend on the issue. Instead of asking my welfare, straightway he uttered that it was good. I questioned his narration. He solaced me that such turbulences came in life since you have sustained it is it would not be repeated shortly. Try to recuperate as early as possible and he would come to see me as soon as possible. So, what matters is how you think?

e) Shun Traditional thinking Pattern:  Could you appreciate this point. Most of the time our thinking pattern on same situation is same. What hampers us to think differently .If you think thoughts of sickness or disease, your body will translate these thoughts into physical forms. It is because inner process of translation of thought is very linear –as you think that you behave. Can’t we reverse this linearity, can we think differently. To be more clearer – in a situation of diseases . 

      a. Traditional Thinking: You feel sickness, and in case of acute problem think of death.

        b.  Changed Thinking: It is of a temporary nature. Medicines shall react properly and shall recover soon and start morning walk and playing with children.

     You can appreciate which type of thinking is more preferable. And most of us follow traditional thinking.


Thus, Based on the above readers are requested to think about their thinking pattern and try to switch over to ………


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