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                                                  By Ashutosh Karnatak             

 Life is the name of compromise, adjustments and negotiations. Everyday we are in the midst of negotiation either of our wife or life partner , employees or subordinates and Boss. Any imbalance in the is adjustment leads to disturbance in mind and ultimately our productivity 

It is like , you are in the center of a isolecels triangle and  each component of WEB is vertex of the triangle  .In case of  any  problem with any one of them , the balance gets disturbed . Therefore it is essential to manage WEB( Wife , Employee and Boss).

 Now we will take insight of every aspect and some of the techniques to manage them .Although it would depend upon the individual to adopt techniques as per the situation still some general strategies are being described :

1)      Wife : 

·          Meaning and their importance in our life :  It has been experienced that after marriage our performance at work largely depends on our relationship with our life partner , as individual emotional control remains with the life partner . If the mood of life partner is bad when we leave for office, definite impact on our dealings throughout the day, may be in mood, actions, dealings with others etc. Therefore their importance can not be underrated. I have come across many couples who are not living happily due to influence of someone, extramarital relationship etc, but their life is ruined. 

·          What is your present position :     Based on the above, it is better to understand yourself and your present status . Because  then only you will be able to take actions for improvements: 

1)     How you rate  your married life :

a)      Good

b)       Moderate

c)         Bad 

2)     Are you emotionally dependent  on life partner :

a)         Yes

b)         Moderately

c)          No  

3)     Is your performance at work is dependent on  your married life :

a)         Yes

b)          Moderately

c)            No  

4)      Do you take care of requirement  of your life partner :

a)           Yes

b)            Moderately

c)              No  

5)      Do you have extra –marital life  :

a)            Yes

b)             No  

6)     Do you have proper communication with your life partner :

a)            Yes

b)             Moderately

c)              No  

7)     Do you have trust on your life partner :

a)             Yess

b)              Moderately

c)               No 

8)     Do you consult your life partner before taking any decision :

a)             Always

b)              Seldom 

c)              Never

9)      Are you caring life partner :

a)              Yes

b)              Moderate

c)               No

Answers of above questions will give answer to you about your position against life partner. In case of “Moderate “ and “NO” situations , you need to improve .

 Improvement Techniques: 

1) Do introspection:  The first step towards any therapy is to know yourself. If really, any help is required for improvement and area of improvements. 

 2)  Emotional Control : Since this relationship is totally emotional one and most of the issues are related to emotions only as both the partners are emotionally dependent on each other and with age the emotional ties also gets strengthened.

 3)     Trust: Mutual trust is the foundation of strong building of married life. Such building gets collapsed by light gust of wind if trust is missing. It depends solely on the strength of foundation. Strong building can survive for years without any repair and maintenance. In the same way, the building of marriage requires strength i.e. trust for longitivity of the relationship, which depends on both the partners. In fact, any long lasting relationship survives on mutual trust. Thus, develop mutual trust at home with your partner.  

4)    Maturity: Maturity not only helps in many difficulties but also takes care of hurriedly unwanted collapse. It has been noticed that married life becomes day-by-day more stables due to maturity. The words used by partner, rattling him/her five years before, may not disturb today. As the mature behavior can take care of this problem. At the start of married life, husband & wife are two entities and gradually start fastening to one. It is an ideal situation and no circumstances can disturb /disrupt this bond.

5)   Consultation: Consultation is better than confrontation. Any decision in the house should be taken only after consultation with the life partner. It establishes importance of you partner. It may not be forgotten that every person has self-esteem, some person ostensibly shows it, while other hides it. Therefore, for any thing, if a decision is to be taken, one wants to be consulted. All the problems can be sorted out by a discussion and a solution can be arrived at for implementation. Both the parties should be ready to have an atmosphere of consultation.

6)   Equality Approach: Equality between both the partners is as important as trust between them. Before marriage, there might be different in status, qualifications etc. etc. But, after marriage homogeneity is required to be maintained by mixing to heterogeneous entities, other wise one may develop inferiority complex -which is not a healthy sign any married life. But truth is-our society is male dominated, status of females is not equal to man especially when they are not earning and the females, who are earning, feel superior to man. A compromising nature is to be built and feeling of equality is to be generated, as both are equally responsible for maintaining their family.

7)Caring for Needs: Proper attention on fulfillment of needs is required to be taken. In the    context of our    country, where most of the women are homemakers, depends solely on their husband, both mentally and physically. Successful life-partner understands these needs very well and gratifies them at opportune time in order to avoid any compliant. It again, a mutual respects to each other. The negative influence of non- - fulfillment of needs is immense and they lead to fragmentation and sometimes lead to divorce.

8)    Tolerance :  This relationship search for  tolerance upto any extent . The couple having tolerance do better in the married life . Some time one has to face irritable behavior of life partner. At that point, tolerance is required to be opted.

2)      Employee :  

 It is said that an alone man is not sufficient to carry out works. Therefore he takes help of others particularly in official parlance “employees” is the term which helps in day to work to meet targets. They are very important for you as they are great contributor for your success and failure. Since failure is not a desired situation, thus in order to get success your employee should deliver as per the requirement of the job. Average Manager play checkmate whereas great Mangers play chess . So ,if one intends to be good manager , he has to think like a chess player , who thinks for 3-4 moves ahead .

a)     Access  the requirements : You have to access the requirement of skill set for the work. if a person is not having the skill set for the job , how one can expect desired results . Further, it so better the employee is told about the expectations from them. So that they can target optimal performance.

b)       Role clarity : It has been seen that most of the employee don’t get the proper reward as our expectations are beyond their role to perform . Therefore it is better that role clarity is given to each of the employee, it may be the office, restaurant, shop etc etc . And then based on this, the performance is assessed. Some of the officials mingle the role, which confuses the employee and impacts the performance.

c)      Training needs: It has been experienced that in order to develop the competence for the job, proper training is imparted. Once one official asked his new secretary to arrange for dinner for some of his customers. the dinner was arranged but  the requirement of food and beverages was not as per customer choice . Next day the boss thought of firing his secretary , but lately he realized  that he has neither given any training to her nor he told about the requirement , so how he could blame her .”

Therefore, as per requirement of the job identify the training requirements and impart them as and when required.

d)       Friendly Approach: Being in competitive age, where there is an imbalance of demand and supply of employees towards demand, the employer is required to keep the employee like his own children. Instead of bossism, friendly approach needs to be fostered. It may sometimes misconstrued by the employee and may spill over the indiscipline range. which is required to be observed but fundamentally there should be friendly  approach with the employee , which allows them to communicate better with the employer . always develop a space for communication with the employee . It puts him in a comfort  zone .

e)       Appreciate : appreciation is such a tool which can win heart of the heartless person . It acts is like stimulus, which rejuvenates  the person. It is better if any good work done by the employee is appreciated. appreciation to be done in public whereas scolding can be done alone. It makes a difference in the mind of the employee, as it boosts his /her recognition among his/her co-worker. It in turns    motivates him to perform better.

f)        You are important for me : It is one of the great motivator for people with whom you are working . You have to show him that how important he/she is of you . When one understands his importance in the system. It automatically inspires him to contribute in a better manner. So, after assessment of the employee, develop their importance in the system and make them realize for the same.

g)     Coaching: Most important role of a boss is to coach the sub-ordinates or people working for him. It is not be necessary that a person knows the job on which he has been put. Thus, time to time coaching is required instead of finding fault with any one. Of course, one need to give definite targets of achieving the same .

h)       ABC category :  It is upto the boss to identify areas which triggers the employee to do better performance .  It should be understood that all the individual are not equal as far as their intelligence , behavior ,attitude is concerned . it is better to divide employee into A ,B and C category . A type people are sharp ,intelligent and result oriented ,where other categories have these attributes in lesser extent . Identify their skill set or strengths and develop them . It may be leadership , technical , financial or other .

i)         Fairness : while dealing with employee the most important aspect is to have fairness in your dealing . Employee also expects fairness from you . It may be annual assessment. may be other opportunity . It is worth mentioning here that you are at the centre, but all the person surrounding you see your actions . They watch it minutely and any discrimination gets their attention and they spread that action in a disproportionately blown format. Consequently you need to justify your actions, which may become a cause of discord . Thus, it is imperative on the part of the boss to be fair as far as possible.

a)      Empathy : As such ,this attribute is required in life i.e. emphatic to others .Generally, if someone explains his problem ,we pretend  to listen him, but practically we are indulged in our thoughts only . So we are not able to appreciate his problems /issues. Thus one need to be empathic to everyone. A person working with you and for you needs your empathy towards him . It bears advantage to you also as you would be bale to understand the issue immediately in correct format not in a disrupted version . It saves your time and you get more loyalty from the co-workers.

b)     Good Decision Maker :  Most  of the employees looks towards boss for a decision . If at all he takes a decision , he would like get it validated from his boos . Thus boos has to take two actions:

     ·        Allow employee to take decision : It is great technique . Advise them to take decision for their area of work and if they take it boss need not to question them.

     ·        Give decisions: when employee come for some decision to you, give him the decision so that he gets a comfort and reliance on the boos . 

So , it is better you understand  the people working with/for you and take care of them so that they can deliver their best for you , because everyone wants to work and wants to deliver their best . so why not to extract best from them by changing ourselves .

3)     Boss : 

 Third ingredient of WEB is boss ,i.e a person who  supervises your work and does your assessment and he matters for continuance of your job , your pay packages etc etc . To a working person, the Boss-Subordinate syndrome did effect the day to day working. The actions of a person reflect the relation with boss. If relation with boss are cordial, the mental status of a person shall be on positive side, on the contrary situations, his mental state may be precarious. So, really boss has a place in our life, let this factor be analyzed in order to make this cordial relationship.

a)     Meaning of Boss: Boss is the person, who gives instructions, implement policies of management, assesses your performance and recommends you case for promotions etc. Your boss may be less qualified than you still he is your boss. He may be giving deaf ear to your opinion still he is your boss. He may not be smarter than you- still he is your boss. Thus boss is always superior to you. One must realize this fact .

b)    Requirements: Try to understand the requirements of the boss. It is better  if you discuss his requirement of working, before start of the work i.e what  are his expectations from you . This exercise can be done any time, whenever you find problem in adjustment. If you feel that his requirement are not suiting to you, in a proper time try to convince him, and if it is not possible to synchronize the both, better accept it with a pinch of salt. It should always be kept in mind that, he is also accountable to the hierarchy above him and you are answerable to him only.  It would alleviate conflict with your boss.

c)      Time Conscious: Develop a consciousness for completion of work within stipulated time given by the boss. Boss may be any type but, internally he like those, who complete the work in time. In order to do the same, categorize the work and do you the work of priority 'A', whereas works can be delegated. However, efforts are to be made to complete the work in time. For a time consuming work, progress of the work is to be intimated on regular basis. This quality is definitely going to be upgrade your position.

d)      Information Flow: Every boss has got his own style of functioning. This style needs to be judged by you only than you can formulate the strategy of information flow to boss. It has been experienced that some bosses wants to listen only positive aspects, while other type requires all sort of information. It is always better to inform all the issues in a structured form to your boss, to make him aware of the circumstances. Please take a note that, criticism of the individual to be avoided as far as possible as you may not earn any point out of it. However, if it is causing problem in running of the system, it should be discussed in a positive manner.

e)      Discipline: Discipline and rules may be followed in order to have better image in front of the boss. Boss may afford to come late out you can not. It has been experienced that the subordinate starts equating himself with the boss in many respects. Better to know your own limits and jurisdiction of work and try to confine yourself within the same.

f)       Problem: After doing all your duties, should you find any difficulty with your boss, take appointment for discussions with him - preferably in the morning hours (Generally morning hours are conducive for discussion, as mind is fresh). Before going to him, list out all the points of discussions, and try to put your points after giving due regards to his point of view also. Maintain a positive frame of mind during discussions.Discussions may or may not be fruitful. Never forget that he is decision-maker at that time and you are at receiving end to honor his decisions. But some times, bosses are reluctant to listen and you get frustrated. In this condition, better to accept the situation as it is. But pursue for you point of view in such a way that it does not effect adversely to you. It may always kept in mind that you have hardly any control over behavior of others, whereas you can exercise control over yourself.

g)      Facilitation: An effective subordinate knows the dates of birth, anniversary etc. of his boss, and facilitate him on that particular day through greeting cards or telephones etc. etc as it costs hardly anything, but it serves in a long way. If at all it does not pay any dividends, let it be mark of respect to the elders.

 As explained above that Boss- Subordinate relationship is very important for service people. Thus based on the above strategy, try to improve upon the same and be successful.

Therefore, in order to get  success in life  one must know how to manage “WEB” so that one is not struggling to come out of the web
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