New meaning of weekdays and alphabets

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 New Days of the week

Let us think differently, instead of following beaten track, let us rename days of the week and whenever somebody asks for the day, we should tell in renamed form. See the changes in your personality, thinking and of course health.

Conventional Day

New Positive  Day  Action to be taken
MondayMotivational Day Be motivated
TuesdayTolerance Day Maintain tolerance
WednesdayWinning Day Try to conclude things in your favor.
ThursdayThinking Day Give proper time for thinking
FridayFocus Day Develop focused approach towards works 
SaturdaySatisfaction Day Derive satisfaction from the things which you have attained during the week .
Sunday Summary day Being holiday dedicate the day to summarize different activities , which you have undertaken . Workout incomplete works along with lesson learnt during the week so that corrective action is taken in succeeding week .
 After renaming days ,let us rename alphabets , which are as under 

Sl No

English Alphabet Positive words in English
1AAttitude , Assertiveness Aspirations , Achiever
2BBelief; Brand , Boundary Management  
3CCourage , Concentration , Character
4DDesire , Determination ;Dream
5EEffort , Extra Mile ,Encouragement
6FFocus ,Fire in the belly , Freedom from Fear  
8HHope , Happy
9IInner Strength ;Inspiring
10JJustice ,Joy
11KKeenness, Knack
12LListening , Leadership , Love
13MManage, Motivation
14NNoble ,Network,
16PPositive , Passionate ,Perseverance , Purpose ,  Plus Approach
17QQuality ;Qualified 
18RRole, Responsibility 
19SSuccess; Strength ,
20TThinking , Tolerance ,Team ;Transformation
21UUnbiased, Utilization
25YYield , Yearn

If we speak such words in day to communication ,instead of saying T for “ Tengo” , we can say T for Tolerance – these words internally affects on the sub-conscious mind of the individual , thus change  the thinking process . Suppose from letter “Z” you mean now “Zeal” , so when you speak this word , you will have a feel of zeal within you .

Thus, better start using these weekdays and new meaning of alphabets . 

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