Power of Positive Thinking

“Man should not be differentiated on the basis of caste, creed or color rather it should be based on thinking Positive or Negative”: Ashutosh Karnatak

Human being is a species who has a “Thinking” mind. That is how human are different than others. The mental faculty plays an important role is our life, provided it works efficiently. The word “Efficiently” being used to lay stress on “Productive Thinking”.   Productive thinking needs deliberate cultivation like when a seed sown in a fertile land, it yields better than the same seed sown in less fertile land. Therefore same seed delivers different result based on the land. In case of human being this land is “Mind”. Fertile mind will yield better thoughts thus better health.”
What is Positive Thinking: It is but our mental attitude which reflects in our day to day working as thinking is a reflection of our attitude and attitude develops actions.

One may ask say how to know he thinks Positive or not .The litmus test is:
“He always looks for solutions”

Apart from this a positive thinking person is:

  • Always smiling
  • Unruffled with problem
  • Has a  helping attitude
  • Optimistic : always sees a silver lining  ray in the darkness
  • Sees Half glass filled and not as half  glass empty 
  • Without any prejudice
  • Fearless

A person  wants to become positive thinker and  he does  want himself to take a plunge into positivity however  the issue is that one feels that the circumstances makes him to be negative . But factually it is not correct as for the same circumstances reactions of different persons are different. Had it been otherwise everyone would have reacted in the same way. Thus the myth that circumstances drive us, has to be erased out of mind and one has to control one’s mental attitude so that the state of mind as well as of thinking remains in one’s command and control.

Now-a-days every product /thought needs to be sold i.e. one purchases that item or  follows that thought which gives him advantage tangibly or intangibly. In the subject matter ,it is "Positive Thought ".Before adopting /following any idea, three questions come to  the mind automatically:

  • Why I should become a positive thinker
  • What are advantages of positive thinking
  • How to become positive thinker

Based on my experience and literature in this subject reasons to become positive thinker are :

  • To cope with stress in day to day life
  • Strength to face the challenges in life
  • To have happiness in life
  • Improvement in mental state 
  • Improvement in health condition like reduction of BP , Sugar etc.

Above reasons are   sufficient to drive you from negative thinking to positive one . It should be clear in mind that in order to succeed and in order to face any challenge, one must have Positive Attitude/Thinking. Otherwise one may find it very difficult in grabbing success because the mind-body are not in sync.  Body wants to go ahead but mental attitude drags back or vice-verse .Because of this reason only, many of the people are not able to achieve success because of half-hearted approach and leave the work in-between and ultimately they are rated as failure. Therefore, for achieving success mind-body synchronism must be there i.e. both needs to be positive.

Advantages of Positive Thinking :

Its advantages a must to be understood so that its adaptability becomes easier. Some of the advantages of positive thinking are:

  • Increase in optimism and happiness
  • Focus on “Can” instead of typical attitude of “Can't”
  • Start seeing half glass of water “Half Filled” instead of “Half Unfilled”
  • Increase in determination ,confidence and persistence
  • Increase in resilience capacity
  • Enhancement in leadership skill thus more acceptability in society
  • Enhancement in enthusiasm and energy level.
  • Reduction in prejudice level.
  • Improvement in health, decrease in stress thus reducing probability of heart attack.
  • Improvement in rate of success

Positive Thinking (Optimism) and Health:

In one of the study in U.S, a team led by Erik J Giltyanand analyzed data on relation of optimism with longitivity. A group of 999 men and women were divided into four groups based on their level of optimism (Optimism is led from positive thinking). Over a follow up period of 9 years, there were 397 deaths. Those with high level of optimism had a 55% lower risk of death from all causes and a 23 % lower risk of cardiovascular death. They concluded:-

 The trait of optimism was an important long term determinant of all –cause and cardiovascular mortality in elderly subjects independent of socio-demographic characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors.

Hormones:  It is indeed a fact that secretion of hormones from various glands control our life. When hormones such as non-adrenaline are over or under produced, the emotional state can become imbalanced negatively or positively. Thoughts, bad or good, act on the brain to release the neuro-transmitters that effect mood or health and physical response in the body.  If some one is under stress, heart start beating and body releases two powerful negative stress hormones Cartisol and Adrenalin. When these hormones are secreted continuously, it affects the body. They enhance brain aging, increase fat, causing muscle and bone loss. On the contrary, in case of positive thinking or instead of using negative words, if one uses positive words, secretion of negative hormones gets checked and improvement in health can be noticed.

All our attitudes and actions are function of our mind, which is the nucleus of everything. It is like a governor, which drives us. Therefore, it is better to understand the mind first. For a common person our mind is situated inside our head scalp having very small size but doing all big works like research, manufacturing, service etc. Every action flows from Mind. Primarily it has two parts:

  • Active or conscious Mind
  • Passive or sub-conscious mind.

Active mind is the portion of mind plays role in day to day actions, whereas sub-conscious mind helps in shaping our thinking pattern. Active mind takes signal from sub-conscious mind before taking ay action .Thus sub-conscious mind needs to be under stood in proper manner .We are born with stored memories of past births  located in sub-conscious mind , which are generally kept as heap of paper . Our need is to format the sub-conscious mind. Sometimes we find forgetfulness in recalling name of the person, forgetting answer in examinations, dreams of different types, encountering unknown fears, prejudices and negative thinking /attitude . It is due to sub-conscious mind.

Further, in 1962 Rogger Sperry who won the noble prize for identifying two hemispheres of brain responsible for separate intellectual functions based on the scientific analysis using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of brain/mind it has been established that mind has two portions i.e. right and left. Their brief roles are as under:

 Left  Portion

Right  Portion

Right side of the body

Left side of the body













Words of song

Tune of a song

Seeing finer details

Multiprocessing /Multitasking



Left side of the brain controls right side of the body whereas right side do the converse. It is told that we only use 10 % of our mental capacity. It seems to be correct as most of the person don’t use their right side of the brain. Therefore from the childhood it is told to have some artistic pursuits etc. It is to develop left side of the brain which controls mostly imaginative, artistic and creative pursuits. Development of positive thinking will be attributed to the right side of the brain, which needs to be used for its development.

Thus after knowing a brief about the brain, it can be concluded that in order to develop Positive Thinking we need to sharpen our sub-conscious mind and right portion of the brain

How to become positive thinker :

  • Take a decision to be Positive thinker: Such improvements are required to be done by oneself only . Compulsion leads to development of negative energy, which does not yield positive results. Therefore a decision is required to be taken by the individual only for his/her becoming positive thinker. It is like initiation of any Mantra given by any GURU. One needs to decide first that path on which one intends to go now . All the actions are related to that path only. This is path of “Positive thinking” and the power of positive thinking will push you up further in life.

  • Avoid saying “No” or negative words: It is my experience that the word “NO” has serious psychological Impact. By saying “NO” to any request, negative hormones flows into the systems which in turn develops negative attitude. This negative attitude develops roots in the mind and affects adversely on the personality of the person. Apart from the word “NO” ,there are other negative words like “Failure” ,depressions , mood-off etc. Instead of these negative words better use power words like success, happy mood, hope, optimism, solution, find the way etc. Start using these power words and observe the impact in the personality.
  • Always look for solution: Start looking for solution. Be part of the solution rather than of problem. Day to day you encounter many problems .Instead of blaming others, start looking for solution as to how this problem can be sorted out. Initially you may find it difficult but later on after much practice, you would realize that your talking pattern has changed.

  • See brighter side: It is one of the most important attribute of the positive thinker. One may argue that if he sees the brighter part only, he may miss the risk area which is associated with the negative part of the issue. It may be correct. Seeing the brighter side of the problem helps you in taking you away from negative moment .It gives you the strength to face the negative part of the problem. Whereas if you start concentrating you on the negative part of the problem the energy required to face it will not be that much, because in this case you may have fear of failure whereas while thinking positive your actions are for winning and you have no fear of failure.

  • Plus Meditation: As explained above, we need to do correction in the mind itself. The sub-conscious mind needs to be formatted properly and right side of the brain to be developed to enhance the use of the brain as well the developing positive attitude. As we do other mediations following technique can be used.

    • Sit in a comfortable posture
    • Environment should be calm. If not ignore  noise (initially it will disturb you but later on it would be in your background )
    • Concentrate on the pituitary gland (situated behind the forehead, it is master of all glands. Adrenal hormone is controlled by this gland)
    • Think that secretion of hormone is increasing and you are being positive and your thinking process is changing.
    • Chant “I am being Positive”, “I am being positive” & “I am being Positive” at least 108 times.
    • Slowly but steadily, this thought will ingress   your mind and right part of the cerebrum will be developed and sub-conscious will be formatted.
    • The impact will not only be seen in your behavior but pattern of your dreams will also be changed.
  •   Read inspiring literature: It is again based on the experience that inspiring stories and literature helps in development of positive thinking. For example, if you see a person on artificial legs running on the ground – are you not inspired by that person and do you not think that having two legs and two hands and even  not able to walk properly and that handicapped person is running. Such events  inspire development of positive hormones and consequently helps mind to be positive .

So, be positive, stay positive and live positive and experience power of positive thinking.

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