Developing Self-Brand


                                                                                               By Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

In this competitive life, where every day existence is a big question mark, it has become essential to make your self updated and upgraded as per the requirement of time, if you want to lead average successful life. You might have observed that the advertising companies come with new advertisement after a gap of 2-3 months so that the sale of the product is not affected and brand loyalty of the consumer remains intact. They spent millions of rupees /dollars for the same, still some of the product die after some time like Rummle Noodle, whereas some of the products like Sony sound system, Phillips sound system, Dabur Chawanprash, Johnson baby cream & powder. All the products in the market have their brand identification, which leads them to get a good market share. In the same way, in order to be a marketable product, an individual is also required to develop his /her brands, which need to be identified among people. 

In the kingdom of Lord Ram, Hanuman has been branded as “Sankatmochan” (One who removes all troubles) and this brand name is still being used for persons who help some one in trouble. King Harishchandra had been branded as a man of truth and honesty and this branding is still in vogue. Many of us say, “Don’t be Harishchandra”. In politics, Sardar Patel was branded as “Iron Man”. In cricket –Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar has been branded as “Little Master “or “Master Blaster”. In the world of films Amitabh Bachhan was known as “Angry Man”, Dharmendra was known as “He Man” and Hema Malini was known as “Dream Girl” at their time. Radio Mirchi, one of the channels of FM broadcasting have 59% of the listeners in Mumbai and Delhi and has established its own brand. 

Motive of this article to emphasis upon that now the time has come when a person/employee  need to establish himself as a “Brand “in the society .This branding drive individual person and identifies him/her in the society as well as in work . A brand has strong historical reputation but for it sustenance it requires contact up gradation of features. 

Professor Arker, who is professor emeritus of Marketing Strategy at Hass School of business, University of California at Berkley, one of the Guru in Branding stated,” People are struggling with managing brand portfolios even though they made a little bit of progress in managing and building a single brand .But they were sort of 10 years behind in building and managing brand portfolios and I think there is big payoff if we are able to get it right.”. He was referring this to with respect to business areas, but individual are also far behind from this concept. 

After lot of research by experts in the field of brand Management, following attributes are associated with brand of the product: 

1)       Always maintains a high level of quality.
2)       It is worth the price it commands.
3)       It is one brand that I would definitely consider if I have to buy the product.
4)       It is going to be a popular brand for many years
5)       It is some thing that no other brand has.
6)       It evokes a feeling of confidence and pride among its users.
7)       It is very special brand and has some unique feelings associated with it .  

In the same way attributes associated with brand of a person are: 

  • Attitude
  • Honesty
  • Simplicity
  • Laborious
  • Sincerity
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligent
  • Smart
  • Active
  • Health Conscious

One can emulate combination of brands also. 

Now question is how to develop Branding among people. Some of the techniques are as under: 

Take care of differentials: 

It is one of the important factors required for developing branding. Differential is characteristic of the product is required to be developed. For example there are two officers in an office at the same level, one who is different than other shall have more promotional chances and shall garner more support than the other shall. More over these differentials are required to be developed as per the requirement of that time. You might have observed that the in the advertisement of the product it is mentioned that the present product is better than the previous one. Because enduring the market research, it is found that in order to have the more penetration and share in the market, a particular characteristic is required to be developed otherwise the product shall loose its share. Sam treatment is required to be done with self also. Constantly visualize you are the requirement of the office, of your boss and develop that differential, some thing extra than others and develop your own brand. 

Change the battle ground: 

It is very interesting feature .In south East Asia where most of the Indians, Japanese, Chinese are hovering in Indian Market. The Korean has not only won the market but they have changed the battleground itself, which has led them to capture more than half of the durable market. Every one knows the success of Hyundai and LG. Similarly, individual should try to change the battleground in professional arena. It is seen that elderly executives are not so computer savvy, and if one of the official have excellence in this filed and he meets his day-to-day requirement, he can earn better results than other can. Narayanmurthy of Infosys has changed the battleground by selecting engineers from normal schools rather putting emphasis on the reputed colleges like IIT /IIMs, which helped him on better employee retention a branded himself as employer stressing on Intellect and Values. 
Professor Harry of Chicago University, “Leaders should be able to shut their doors once in a while .They need to think about the rhythm of their own lives and look for some variation. We all need some down time – it is not wasted time, it is time for rejuvenation, to think outside the box.” 

Develop Penetrating Strategy:  

In our life, in order to be successful proper strategy is required. Recently you might have observed that cold drink company Pepsi came out with small bottle of Rs. 5/ and after some time when the public became habituated, they took its Rs. 5. / Bottle up to 6/ and made significant gains with this penetrating strategy. In the same way, one has to develop penetrating strategies. It may be noted that these strategies are dynamic and requires change from time to time. 

Change Strategy:  One is unfortunate when he does not take lessons from his own environment, why one should wait to experience the thing, which has been experienced by others. Take the example of coke, which were smart enough to change their strategy when their profitability was declining. Coke change their strategy from “Affordability” to “Profitability”, because they had experienced loss in the world around Rs. 2000 Cr, so they decided to have reduction in advertising expenses their Indian operation, in which has soured as high as Rs.50 Cr. With this experience in mind, always look for change in strategy and adapt yourself for the same. Another example is consumer goods from China.  They have branded them as cheap goods and based on economy of scale. It is told that every week they change the model so that people are interested in them and tempted to buy the same. In the same way, we should also try to change our attributes as per the requirement of the market. Thus, Adaptability with the circumstances is the key point. Some may argue that then what is your personality, if you always change yourself. The answer is that you are not changing your value system but your attributes only.  

Innovative Methods:

Advertisers are using innovative methods to get their brand noticed in the environment. For example: News Channel Aaj Tak has claimed best news channel award 6 times on their band equity of “Tej Channel“. They have introduced black and white ads in between which penetrate the mind. China has floated 11 models of calculators in the market at very low cost. These are all innovation to remain in the market. Such innovations are required in the personality also. It depends on the personality and situations. 

Follow the initiatives taken by others: 

If a group of people of a company are more towards vendor grievance redressal, then others may follow the same so that employees of branded as well as the company is branded as “Vendor Friendly “company. All these actions are to be done by heart as in my opinion branding is following some set of rule which needs your heart more than mind as one needs to be emotionally attached with the brand. 

Follow set of rules of the company:

In case, a company following honesty, transparency, fairness, employees should follow those set of rules without any demur. It would convert into the brand of the employee as well as employer.    

Maintaining good attributes of the company:  

Branding also reflects consistency of attributes for example when we go to purchase any music system, we look for either “Sony” or “Philips”- why? .Because these companies could maintain their attributes from time immemorial. In the same way, some good attributes of the company needs to be maintained. 

Look for best practices:  

It is the human asset, which is important; they make or break the company. Employees should look for the best prevailing practices related to their company and adopt some of them, which may form their brand. In fact, by shaking the hand, by seeing the attire and by speech, the name of the company should be identifiable. After this, one should say: are you from XYZ Company? This sort of employee branding is required. 

Coaching others:

It is participative way of branding. Employee following specific attributes should tell others to do the same. An employee keeping his documentation in fashioned manner should infect others this attribute. It holds good for others also. If some employee have good attribute, he should try to learn it from others.  

So based on the above, you can identify yourself as an individual : what is your brand and apply  techniques to  develop your branding, so that after some time your attributes and your personality shall become icon for others. 


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                                                                                Future Forecast ( September  2009)                                                                                          By Dr .Ashutosh K.   


Success over enemies; Gain of money; good health; fame; courage; self-esteem; and success in undertaking; Influential contacts shall be helpful; shall visit to musical concerts etc; Opposition shall be taken effectively. 


Journey to distant place; ill health to children; disturbed mind; sorrows ;tendencies of being luxurious;  Sweet voice; interest in music; tackles opposition effectively (Gemini)Some of the issues shall generate mental worries; blood pressure or affliction to heart; quarrel with relatives and friend; Property related issues need to be dealt carefully Impeded works shall have progress.


Acts of bravery; success over enemy; Inflow of money is indicated; Name and fame thru out the month; Good health shall be enjoyed; ill health to brothers; Tackles opposition effectively. 


Loss of money; diseased face; obtain money from industrious effort; stubborn character; Expenditure on luxurious activities; Connect with new friends and associates; avoid arguments; temper need to be controlled.


Easy going life; Eye trouble shall be experienced; boastfulness; impatience. Control rash tendencies; Expenditure   on luxurious activities; interest in music; tackles opposition effectively; Professional change shall be beneficial. 


Dispute and ill health of father; Eye disease shall be cause of concern; Financial strain due to unnecessary expenditures; Generally feel of loss of energy and vitality;; Avoid arguments. 


Inflow of money from different sources; Name and Fame; New responsibilities shall be taken up; happy domestic life shall be led; can take new venture into the fold; Opposition shall not be in a position to take on you. 


Sudden journey is  indicated ;Moderate disagreement with father; increased fame; respect from superiors; happiness; materialistic tendencies; Actions to have comfortable life; Expenditure on auspicious occasions . 


Moderate disagreement with father; Increased fame; Respect from superiors; Happiness; Materialistic tendencies ;Kingly properties; Popularity shall increase; Leadership activities shall e taken up . 


Loss of money is indicated; evil associations need to be avoided; litigations and disputes are on the cards; Avoid wasteful expenditure; Vehicle etc need to be driven carefully; avoid unnecessary argument; in totality maintain low profile. 


Immoral tendencies need to be controlled; illness to life partner wife shall be cause of concern; unnecessary quarrels and disputes; Inclination towards religious activities; displeasure of superiors and humiliation;

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