Travel from Goa to Delhi : A case study

                             Travel from Goa to Delhi : A case study

                                          Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

27th November 2011 was a day of learning a lesson which we have got while travelling from Goa to Delhi.

Me and my colleague Ramesh were travelling from Goa to Delhi by a morning flight ,which we had boarded after getting up at 4:30 in the morning. Our luggage was booked from Goa to Delhi with transshipment at Mumbai, and the boarding cards from Mumbai to Delhi were also procured. The first leg of the flight was upto Mumbai, after which we had to board on another flight to reach Delhi. We finally reached Delhi at 11:45 am.This journey provided many lessons and observations.

On reaching Mumbai, we were supposed to change the flight in order to reach Delhi. After coming out of the flight, we entered into an argument.Ramesh told that, in order to take the new flight, we have to go out first, and then to come again. I told him that earlier there was system of internal transfer, and we could get an indication for the same while just moving ahead a few steps.

After crossing the barrier, we moved ahead and took out our boarding cards for a check-in. On approaching the security person, we were sent us back to go to a different gate. With a slight blush of embarrassment on our faces, told each other that we have to go from a different gate. In the same instant, a flash occurred to my mind as I have a tendency to take a lesson from the incident, so that I always look for minor and obvious details and this needs to be corrected in personality itself to see the minute details as both of us believe more on people.

Finally, after the security check, we moved ahead towards the destined gate and boarded the flight and took our respective seats. After taking an hour-long nap, I went to the washroom and when saw my face in the glass of washroom; I found that my spectacles were missing! I was surprised and thought that they might have fallen on the seat. I came back to my seat and checked for the same but could not find the spectacles. Then I thought that thy might be inside the blanket which I had to indent for taking care of cold or to have appropriate temperature. I want to share my whole thought process.

  • We run companies, so how can I afford to lose my spectacles which I constantly wear.
  • I might have left them on the coffee table.
  • I might have forgotten them in the hotel room as in the morning I had cleaned them and kept on the table. As soon as the plane lands, I will ask our concerned person who is still in Goa, to check with the hotel staff.
  • I am confident of getting it.
  • Now my forward thinking starts. OK, let it be. I was thinking of getting new spectacle as many scratches have developed in the glass. I will go in the evening to the shop and get new ones. In the meantime, I will use my other spectacles .My repentance was fading away.


While after thinking of the solution, I again closed my eyes for the rest of the journey .In the mean time, the pilot announced that we are descending now and will reach Delhi shortly, and that we all are requested to fasten our seat belts.

After some time, the plane started descending and I thought of wearing the shoes which I had put off out after the flight take-off. When I leaned forward to do so, I saw my beloved spectacles adjacent to my shoes about whom I had storied so much in the flight as if the spectacles were teasing me and saying that look! You had planned to change me I am here again to take care of you.

I was very happy after getting the spectacles and what I can anticipate is that while I was asleep they must have fallen down and gone below the seat and, when they found a slanted surface, must have slid down. This gave me following lessons:

  • Take care of loose belongings while travelling.
  • In such an incident, check all the locations which are not the possible areas.
  • Take lesson from the past and develop reflexes for preparation of future.

When the plane landed, all were waiting for the door to open. Since I was not having any luggage, I came near to the door ahead of others. I found that two air-hostesses were busy narrating their personal issues to each other instead of focusing on the opening of the door that was fixed from outside .But inside , the air-hostesses were engaged in their talks, perhaps because some tension was brewing in the mind of one of the air-hostess. This indicated that a tension in the mind deteriorates the performance of the individual. Thus one has to know the art of managing tensions.

When the air-hostesses were struggling to open the door, one of the stewards approached me to share a book which I was carrying in the flight, and which dealt with subconscious mind .Without hesitating, I immediately gave him the book. In the meantime the door was opened, and the steward hesitantly feigned to return the book while I was reading his mind and his interest on the subject. I told him to keep the book, he told that he was just kidding. Observing his interest on the subject, I took out my boarding card from inside of the book and gave him the book. A thought flashed in my mind,” If one wants to have something, he should acquire it.”

When we came out of the flight and collected our luggage. My friend Ramesh found his luggage broken and approached the flight counter which dealt in such issues. While my friend was busy in lodging the complaint, I saw that another person was also in the same condition. Since I had never encountered such a situation,I became curious to know about the issue, and broach a dialogue with that person. He was arguing with the lady at the counter and alleging the state of the airlines and was also muttering to the effect that such inefficient staff could be the cause of heavy losses to the airlines owner.

 I asked the passenger whether he will switch over to other airline next time onwards. To this , he immediately reacted by saying that whatever may be the cause of this incident, but their other services are satisfactory .I was mentally reacting to his reply that he does not want to switch over to another airline . This means that the present airline is good, and my perception about airline improved. He was showing the stuff of his suitcase, which was very hard and robust, and it meant that the ground staff at Mumbai must have thrown his luggage mercilessly which caused even such a hard bag to break. It also indicates for a  review of the quality assurance plan of the suitcase manufacturer, as most of the hard  cased suitcases seldom lose the strength and their testing procedure is tough .We exchanged pleasantries and left after lodging his complaint . This incident has the following lessons:

  • Lack of ownership of material handling contractor
  • Better services are required to keep customer
  • Quality assurance plan of the suitcase manufacturer needs a review

Today seemed to be a day of experiences. When we came out of the aircraft, Ramesh called his driver on mobile to come to him. Lodging of the complaint took around 45 minutes .I expected the driver to be available outside. But to my surprise he had not turned up and I found Ramesh was calling his driver. I asked him that whether the driver has called in between, to which Ramesh replied in negative. We discussed the non- response of driver in between and concluded on lack of sensitivity on the part of the driver and wondered whether the cause of this callousness could be the driver's permanency in job, or his long stay on the job. It compelled us to conclude that:

  • Better to change such staff
  • Driver may be in need of a training
  • Ways to combat Complacency in jobs/people/situations – Rotation(change of people) OR Keep people on their toes (do not develop comfort of job or surrounding)”

After travelling for an hour we reached at our respective residences with the memories /experiences of the journey, which can be summarized as:

  1. Take care of loose belongings while travelling.
  2. In such incident check all the locations which are not possible areas.
  3. Take lesson from the past and develop reflexes for preparation of future.
  4. One has to know the art of managing tensions.
  5. If one wants to have something, he should acquire it.”
  6. Lack of ownership of the subject can cause loss to the company. 
  7. Better services are required to keep the customer.
  8. Quality assurance plan of the suitcase manufacturer needs review.
  9. Driver etc needs to be trained time to time to have their alertness.
  10. Ways to combat Complacency in jobs/people/situations – Rotation(change of people) OR Keep people on their toes (do not develop comfort of job or surrounding)”


Pl send your feedback on this article , and other lesson learnt as per you.

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