Significance of color in our life

Manage Life with colors

By DR. Ashutosh Karnatak

Significance of colors in our life.:           

Colors do play an important role in our life. It has got a rhythmic effect on individual. Every color emits radiation as per its index or wavelength, which is received by the mind of other individual. The individual can select the dress, color of car, walls of house, as per color suiting or harmonious to him. The harmonious color sends positive vibration to other e.g. in business meeting generally one wear navy blue dress, or creamish dress. It gives soothing feeling in the form of waves radiated by that color. Generally, on marriage red color clothing are chosen as it is symbol of “Auspicious occcasion” and radiates particular wave. Conclusively, it can be said it proper selection of color is important to impress, manage with others or different occasions.

Colors are also used as remedy of disease. Proper used colors play an important role in health and can contribute to stable mental and physical health.

In fact colors are related to different planets .Planets have their lord which rule that particular planet and that lord is related with one color .In order to have positive vibration, it is necessary to identify the correct color. Broadly the selection of colors can be based on:

a) Zodiac Signs – A brief is explained as under :

(A) Zodiac Signs : Lord  
1 Aries (22 March to 20 April) Mars Lucky Color: Blue and red, which maintains their mental stability
2 Taurus (21 April to 21 May) Venus Lucky color :Pink, green and white and of Taurus sun sign
3 Gemini (22 May to 22 June) Mercury Lucky Colors :Green and yellow colors Unfavorable :Red and blue.
4 Cancer (23 June to 23 July) Moon Lucky Colors :White, cream, red and yellow Unfavorable: Blue and green.
5 Leo (24 July to 23 August) Sun Lucky colors : orange, red, green Unfavorable : Blue and white
6 Virgo (24 August to 23 Sept.) Mercury Lucky colors : Green, white, yellow Unfavorable : Red & blue
7 Libra (24 Sept to 23 Oct) Venus Lucky color : Orange, white, red Unfavorable : Green yellow
8 Scorpio (24 Oct. to 23 Nov.) Mars Lucky color : Yellow, red, orange Unfavorable : White, green
9 Sagittarius (23 Nov. to 23 Dec.) Jupiter Lucky color: White, Cream orange Unfavorable: Red.
10 Capricorn (23 Dec to 19 Jan) Saturn Lucky color: White, red, dark blue Unfavorable: Yellow.
11 Aquarius (20 Jan to 20 Feb) Saturn Lucky color: yellow, red, white Unfavorable: Orange, green.
12 Pisces (21 Feb. to 21 March) Pisces Lucky color : Red, yellow, orange Unfavorable : Blue

b) Based on Weekdays :

Colors to be used on weekdays can be explained as under:

-Sunday       : Creamish, White

-Monday      : White, Light yellow

-Tuesday      : Red

-Wednesday : Green

-Thursday     : Orange, Yellow

-Friday          : Light blue, Pink

-Saturday      : Dark brown, Dark blue, Black.

One can select the dresses as signified for particular weekday.

It one knows that which planet in powerful in ones horoscope then the dress or color of wall etc, according to that planet can be taken like. It planet Jupiter is strong, so one can go for yellow, orange colors, and In case Saturn in week, one should avoid dark brown, blue or black color as during this period they radiate negative.

Power Dressing :

Power dressing is a novel concept. Based on the color of the day one can select his or her dress. It not only helps the individual in section of wall drove, purchase of dress but also helps in emitting positive vibration in the environment.

Colors have specific vibration, you may think it irrational but it is correct. This statement is based on my own experience.

Power Dressing for Better Results throughout the Day.
Day Ruling Planet Corresponding Color Dress(Pant) Shirt Sari / Suit
Sunday Sun Golden White / Cream White / Cream White/ Cream
Monday Moon White Light Color Pant White/ Cream/ Light Biscuit Color White/ Cream/ Light Biscuit Color
Tuesday Mars Red Any Color Red/ Pink Shirt/ Having Red Shade Red/ Pink
Wednesday Mercury Green Light Green/ Dark Green Dark Green/ Light Green Any Green
Thursday Jupiter Yellow Off-White / Having Yellow Shade Yellow/ Off-White Yellow/ Off-White
Friday Venus Light Blue / White Blue/ Light Blue/ White Light Blue/ White Light Blue/ White
Saturday Saturn Black/ Brown/ Dark Blue Black/ Brown/ Dark Blue/ Grey Black/ Light Brown/ Dark Blue/ Grey Black/ Brown/ Dark Blue/ Grey
Every Problem has a seed of solution. Take out ‘No’ and ‘Problem’ from Dictionary and Put it back as “No Problem”.


c) Birth numbers: Based on Date of Birth :

In case your date of birth is 1.10.1960. So your number is sum of all numbers

i.e. 1+1+0+1+9+6+0 = 18:

18 = 1+8 = 9

After conversion into single digit the number is 9, rules by mars, so favorable color is RED.

For other numbers, colors are:

Number Color
1, 4 White, Creamish
2, 7 White
3 Yellow, Orange
5 Green
6 Light blue, Pink
8 Dark brown, Black, Blue
9 Red

Characteristics of Colors:

(1) Red: Vigorous and forcible color depicting man of action, adventure and bold Red color lovers are generally upright, straight forwards bold and faces challenges in life with smile. However, our negative side, if makes our angry impulsive, vengeful and foolhardy. If one is facing depression better wear red shirt a kelp red handkerchief.

(2) Pink: ‘Think Pink’ is a slogan of a Hollywood comedian. Pink shows love and willingness to help others. True pink is a delicate shade and people who respond to its vibration get easily hurt thought they recover readily.

(3) Green: Adaptable to circumstances, sentimental and sympathetic, fond of companionship and inclined to take life easy. It case of failure, putting blame on others.

(4) Blue dark: It gives measure of devotion self-sufficiency and deep and far reaching thought that why European / American during business meeting wear blue suit.

(5) Sky Blue: Having flexible moods, going from dejection to happiness. Gives booth to the individual and other. Invites others for easy conversation. Sky blue lovers worry out trivial issues.

(6) White: Symbol of purity. Sincerity and Sympathy. It is symbol of purity and sincerity that’s why generally leaders wear white clothes so that general masses have an impression of their sincerity or honesty etc.

(7) Black: Highly formal and conventional. Black vibration great understanding. Devoid of false prestige shown dynamism and purposefulness.

(8) Orange/Gold: Proud or self esteem impressive and influential color. Ambition of some kind drives them a long and neither love nor sentiments can disturb them from this purpose. Efforts to become popular on the negative side, they sometimes lack warmth and override all opposition with uncanny cunning and genius.

(9) Yellow: It denotes intellectuality. It speaks of a scientific mind that overcome ignorance love of yellow color are often sought after few their practical wisdom and constructive counseling. They love preaching and involved in occult science & philosophical activities.

Use of Colors for Alleviating Diseases


Chromopathy: In the last article, an introduction of colors was given. The universe is colorless but when the sun light is passed through the prism – it is divided into seven colors namely-V(Violet)-I(Indigo)-B(Blue)-G(Green)-Y(Yellow)-O(Orange)-R(Red). Green is the color having mid position and towards left of it i.e. towards violet –have cold nature and towards left i.e. towards red – have hot in nature. Use of these colors can be used for treatment – which is called Chromotherapy.

Blue Green and Red are primary colors and generally hey are in proper proportion in the body and any imbalance leads to disease due to deficiency of these colors and if proper doses of colors are given the ailment could be cured. The basic question is how to give this treatment. After doing research it has been found that Liquid particularly WATER or OIL can be used as a media for injecting colors inside the body. Water or the oil is kept in a bottle having Blue /Green/Red colors and are kept in the sun-light or in the light of the bulb. The water or the oil is charged with that color and when used –the color balancing is done inside the body and the ailments get improved.

How it is taken:

a) Exposure: By exposing the part of the body to the colored light.

b) Water: By drinking as per dose.

a) Oil: Used for messaging at the particular area of ailment

According to Ayurveda System three types of Imbalances in the body as explained above cause diseases:

Disease Cause Remedial Colors
PIT (Bile) Caused due to excessive heat Violet and Blue Colors
KAF ( Phlegm) Excess of cold Orange and Red
VAT ( Air) Due to Gas pressure Green


Thus based on the type of diseases water and oil can be used . They are shown in the tabular form as under :

Diseases Color Disease Color
Heart and Cancer Exposure to Green color Fever Blue
Ulcers Blue Low Blood Pressure Orange water + Red oil on the body except head
Inflammatory Blue High Blood Pressure Green water and Blue oil on the head
Back Problem Blue Insomnia Blue
Skin Red Thyroid Green Orange
Anemia Red Diarrhea Green
Allergies Orange Worms Green
Muscle pain Yellow Fistula Green water and Orange oil
Gallstone Yellow Piles Blue
Reduction of weight Red Pimples Green water and orange oil
Asthma Yellow Red eyes Wash with Green water
Throat Blue Impotence Red water
Under weight Blue Gas Green water
Depression, Anxiety Green Diabetes Orange water after meals and green water Morning and evening
Stomach problems Green +Yellow Mind, Memory Violet
Constipation Green    


The color indicated can be used as under:

1) Exposure to light : Exposing to the particular light is beneficial for alleviating the disease

2) Water: Take the water in bottle of particular color and if the bottle of that color is not available then color paper through which the rays could pass, be used and the bottle should be exposed at least 8 hrs to the sun and then the water could be drunk morning and evening.

3) Oil: Oil is to be anointed. The oil could be kept in the bottle in the same way as water bottle is kept for exposing to the sun at least for 3 weeks as charging of the oil takes more time than the water . The Charged oil could be used for messaging the particular effected areas.

This therapy is harmless and could be used by anybody.

Be Stress Free:

Colors can be used for releasing of stress .One can concentrate on different colors given in the following diagram it and get stress free

Readers can use different colors as per the explanations given above and use them to color their lives.

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