PLUS APPROACH GEETA By Dr Ashutosh Karnatak

JULY 2013
Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak


  1. Success in professional life is through ATTITUDE X (Qualification + Knowledge+ Performance):

Thus, if one does not develop a positive attitude, it nullifies all other attributes which he is having. Everyone looks for a person with an attitude to provide solutions to problems.

Professional life is not easy. It is rather complex. It has been observed that people are concerned only about their own work i.e. they feel that whatever they do is adequate to get them promotions and wage hike. However, this is far from reality. When Arjuna asked about performance, Krishna explained to him that performance, in reality, is a combination of two factors:

  • Physical performance i.e. alignment of the outcome of your efforts with that of the management’s perception of your results.
  • Mental performance: It is one of the contributing factors which people are generally missing out i.e. the perception of assessor /management.

Krishna asserted that despite your best performance if the perception of management is not positive, the physical performance may not yield desired results.
Therefore, get a continuous assessment of your physical and mental performances.
Krishna told Arjuna that he should constantly upgrade his knowledge as it creates a significant impact on performance. You can take leverage of your qualifications in ameliorating your performance.
In the end, Krishna told Arjuna that the management always prefers to have a person who is qualified, has an adequate knowledge, callable of blending with performance. However, it is the ATTITUDE which multiplies all these attributes to get the final outcome. Again, it is correct to say that “Attitude is everything”. Simply put, Attitude is an approach to deal with things in life, dealing with peoples, how you manage the crisis, how you control your emotions etc.
Therefore if you wish to succeed in life and keep on giving the desired performance, strive constantly to develop your knowledge base, and above all, always keep your attitude on the positive side.

  1. It is very important to know how the top management perceives you

Arjuna was depressed on viewing the attitude of the management of a person who, although being a good performer, was very crafty. Till now, he was successful in getting a favorable attitude of the management. Arjuna was perturbed by the attitude of the management that, despite the man’s crafty activities how it was supporting him. He raised this question to Krishna, who asked Arjuna to sit calmly and understand the concepts of management. In professional life, the approach of management   is not straight and linear. Hence, there is no need to become perturbed, but rather watch the happenings with a “Sakshi Bhaava” i.e. as a third person. Be vigilant on the issue and also realize that the management is seemingly emotionless and blind, but in reality understands everything. It is only a matter of time when it will react.

  1. Try to enjoy defeat - as it has many facets of learning

Every day we look for success only and failure deters us mentally, psychologically   as well as physically.
Krishna told Arjuna that such incidents are the generators of lessons for the future. They help us in enjoying the success achieved, up to its fullest extent.  Krishna further advised that, at the time of failure, one should try to remain calm and balanced because the event has now occurred and nothing can be done to revert it. Now, only one thing can be done—enjoy the feeling of failure, as this will provide you with the KICK to move forward.
Krishna cautioned that there are some persons who get disturbed after failure and do not proceed further at all. However, this is the point in life from where the road to success starts. So, never despair with defeats/failures but traverse your way further. Krishna further cautioned Arjuna that the road of life is full of pits, rumbles and falls. So you should EVOLVE techniques all by yourself to handle all such obstacles.

  1. Incubate the problem in such a way / till such  time so that a healthy solution comes out

Arjuna was perplexed when the people around him were keeping some of the issues pending for long without any solutions, and not helping to evolve a solution. He also observed that at times, the issues get stinking as many other collateral issues start emerging and it became difficult to arrive at a solution.
Krishna in his humble way advised Arjuna not to get disturbed on mundane issues, as it is the way the people normally behave. We are required to handle the situation as it is without changing the magnitude of the issue. It is our perception which changes the intensity of the issue whereas shape of the issue remains same .  

He further added,” Incubate the problem in such a way /till such  time so that a healthy solution comes out.”  It is clear from this that any problem needs to be handled carefully and it needs to be settled well within time; otherwise it will be an abortive attempt. Krishna told Arjuna that in corporate world we need to develop people.

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