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October  13
  1. Time schedule should have components for execution , quality and safety and contractor deficiency .


Arjuna was in a quandary that none of the projects are being completed within time and the assessment of the time is being so wrong that the accuracy of projected dates are not within +/- 10% of the actual and the performance of Arjuna is waning in front of the top Management . On this issue Krishna advised Arjuna to have a correct assessment of the time .He told generally people calculate time based on the unitary method i.e. quantity of work X time taken to doing the unit work . It gets the person into the trouble as the time taken for the quality of the work , time taken for maintaining safety at the works and the efficiency  level of the contractor who is doing the work has not been taken into account , which contributes in elongation  of the actual time period . He further told that now a day the efficiency of the contractor has come down which is the main contributor in delays in the work. So necessary education is to be imparted to the contractor as well as his employees.

Thus while working out the time schedule for any project one should try to give an allowance of around 30% for such uncertain factors i.e. if a project schedule is about 18 months , with these considerations it will be around 24 months , which can be formulated as ;

Time schedule = Fixed time + time to control uncertainties.


  1. Boss should become partners to his subordinate to foster team spirit


Krishna was sitting undera tree and enjoying the shade of a tree. Suddenly Arjuna asked about the team working , which is not being experienced in most of the cases as everyone in the team wants to fulfil his agenda . After thinking for some time , Krishna told Arjuna that for any  work which is to be completed within time and cost the first ingredient is a proper team . Propermeans  the team wherein all the members  have the same objective to achieve and they gel together .No one is jealous of another as everyone wants to be part of the win . As everyone wants to win ad wants to put his best . It can be seen perfectly when cricket team wins .A batsmandoes his work ,boiler performs his function , fielder undertakes his responsibility  and captains backs the team .

Krishna told the role of the captain  is very important who not only motivates the team but also keeps them together and whenever required he has to play his role as well as the role of the team member who is not able to perform as per requirement . He needs to strategiesto win the game . Ultimately he becomes a partnerof his team member . In team no one is Boss or subordinate,instead there is a captain and team members .

  1. PMA –Persuasion, Motivation and appreciation is the best tool to get maximum from the employee.


Krishna was counselling Arjuna beneath the tree when both were engrossed in conversation on different corporate related issues. Arjuna informed Krishana that now a days efficiency of employees is going down and jobs are increasing – how to handle the situation . Krishna politely explained home that it is upto the leader to take out the work . One employee takes out his best when handled properly , it is like glass which is required to be handled with care .

Persuasion is panacea of all the corporate problem and the reason is that the individual when assigned nay work does not understand as he is not having adequate knowledge or methodology or strategy to do the job and he looks for the direction .In absence of the same  , things gets delayed .Further ,one need to know about the factors which are hindering the  output ,thus persuasion is the best technique to get the output from an employee .

Other  major factor to enhance the efficiency is Motivation to the employees . These motivating factors get changed person to person. so the leader is required to understand  the motivating factors of individual – it may be pay package , work profile , recognition etc etc. . Self-actualisation is the best motivating factor but its attainment takes time and is difficult but desirable. Leaders are required 

. He further explained that one should have a habit of appreciating others instead of condemning, generally most of  the bosses have that malice . Bosses should find an opportunity to appreciate his people. Rather he should not miss any chance.


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