Management Geeta


Management Geeta
January 14

Happy New Year


  1. Competence is a portfolio of weapons which one can have for appropriate usage.


Krishna was explaining to Arjuna various factors related to success in a competitive professional worldwhere there is cut-throat competition. He said, “Success is not granted nor is it the eternal right of anyone who is successful at present. Success has to be gotten, nurtured and maintained. It stays with those who strive to preserve and uphold it. For that, you have to upgrade your competencies with the ever-changing environment. This is akin to diverse weaponry that the army possess, using specific arms to counter specific challenges.

Likewise, in professional field, one needs to identify a portfolio of competencies that are to be honed up. Further, apart from the cognizance of what competencies are beneficial for the career, one should know when to use them and how to exercise them.

Thus it is better to acquire all the required competencies for the job and use it appropriately.



  1. A leader is one who gives positive energy to others which then results in a better change than otherwise would have happened.

    Comments of Unilever CEO Paul Polman

In the battlefield of Kurukshetra,Krishna was always motivating whenever Arjuna was getting nervous and low on energy. As Arjuna was frequently entering into the negative zone, it was becoming all the more difficult. But Krishna, like a true leader, exuded positive energy by words and deeds to Arjuna. The leader has to be positive, even if the situation – professional and/or personal - is highly negative around him. For example, when Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak was editing the newspaper, he got news of demise of his father but he didnot leave the office till he completed the task at hand. Press was not only a workplace, but a sacred mission to him as it played an instrumental role in Indian Swaraj Movement. This is one of the leadership lessons of personal sacrifice for the greater good of the society. Krishna told that leader has to be really magnanimous, tolerating, forgiving and smiling even when he is turbulent inside.


  1. Define activity–milestone value chain; then process, measure and innovaterelate.


Any issue can be solved if you know its activity chain. Any objective can be reached by breaking it into sub-goals or milestoneswhich are connected byactivities. Krishna told Arjuna that one can get the objective if he is aware of the milestones and connected activities. It is really an art of dissecting the routes through which one is going to get the objective. the simple way to understand the same is as under :

Objective = M0—A1--M1--A2--M2—A3--M3—An--Mn

M1(Milestone-1) can be completed when one completes A1 (Activity-1). The activity A1 comprises of processes to do it – so one should know the correct process to do including its measurement attached with it –particularly time, cost and quality related to it. Krishna explained that suppose the activity A1 is to be competed in 10 days and it is slipping to 15 days, it means delay has started occurring, thus immediately actions are required to be taken. Krishna asserted that one needs to be very conscious about the time in project execution and delay in completing any activity not only delays the project butmay also lead to the cost escalations; hence it is a double-edgedsword.

Further he explained that good project personnel need to think of innovativetechniques to compress the time. As innovation and thereby improvements in organizations a continuous process, Krishna told that such organisations can be termed as “Continuously  Innovating Organisations” .

Conclusively,Krishna advised Arjuna that in whatever field one is, he should understand the activity–milestone chain along with the attached processes andmeasurements and strive to be innovative.


  1. Success depends upon previous preparation and without such preparation,there is sure to be a failure.   



It is told for cutting the wood, one should sharpen the saw for 70% of time so that the log can be cut in next 30% of time. The same was told by Chinese philosopher in the 5th century that in order to get success you need to do adequate preparation. Krishna told Arjuna that nowadays people want quick returns or in other words instant gratification.However, in order to get real and sustainable success one must have clear objective or purpose,strategy, action plan but on the top of everything there has to be the will to do the thing. Preparation is part of the strategy. Most of the time, people take short-cut and ultimately lead to no-success situation.



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