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1)     WEB Management: In the life of a professional three persons play the major role i.e. Wife, employee and Boss. One should have the skills to manage them to have excellence in professional life.


All these three elements are required to be balanced, as they impact your efficiency and effectiveness up to a large extent. Any imbalance may lead to loss of energy so the performance output.

The fundamental issue is everyone wants attention, so one need to understand the requirements and align himself as per that to have satisfaction to them. That is why nowadays a term “Caring’ has come up in the language i.e. How much you care for others emotions, or how much weightage you accord to them.

For a married professional, the life partner or wife takes care of needs of the better half , her life depends on you . Boss depends on you for completion of the tasks given to you or providing him the support at the time of requirement and the employees working for you look for your support on their career planning etc.. Their life depends on you.

So everyone looks towards you, you're dealing with them and they expect that you will be able to meet their expectations. In fact, it is the equation of interdependence and balancing each other. Your performance in life depended on the WEB management – how effectively you do it

2)     Organization dysfunction: when people do not listen to their leaders, they defy the orders, may lead to this syndrome.


Organization is an abstract noun, it is a combination of management and employees. It is combination of leader and follower. Infrastructure is issued from the top and followed by down below.


The progressive and sustainable organizations to have a command centers who issues instructions are based on the requirement of the business. Such organizations have more probability of being successful as systems are continuously improved by way of the instructions.


But its contrary is disastrous, as the instructions of not followed properly may lead to take the organizations equilibrium to brink and the desired and expected results are not achieved. One of the reason for this may be short circuiting the command centers as the instruction’s which are being issued are diluted as the flowers are connected with the command centers.


3)     Leaders should transfer skills: Skills are not developed in a day; they are outcome of patience, perseverance and passion. Most of the organizations reach to their zenith with the help of thoughtful leaders and skilled manpower. Sustainable organization needs competent manpower on continuous basis, so it is necessary to transfer skills to the next generation, particularly those functions which are to remain in the organization for a longer time. Organizations, which are project based , needs the skill set to manage projects gets transferred to the next generation . Some of the important skills at senior levels are :


1)     Art of influencing

2)     Problem solving

3)     Building an effective team

4)     Execution under pressure

5)     Managing humans  than machines

Senior executives obtain these skills based on their experience, which neither can be gained in the business school or in professional life until you yourself experience it . If such skills are transferred through coaching, it would become easier to the middle management to handle situations in future.

So progressive organizations to  have such systems in place where the knowledge transfer happens from one generation to the other .  


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