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In the age of uncertainty and competitiveness, help of astro-sciences and positive thoughts can be helpful in getting the desired results. By the help of astro-sciences likelihood of events as well as quality of time good or bad can be determined and with positive mind any problem can be solved, stresses can be reduced and mind can be plunged into serenity.

With the above concept in mind ASHUTOSH KARNATAK, an engineer by profession has conceived Center for Plus Approach and Astro- Sciences ( C- PAAS) in Delhi,India with an objective to disseminate Positive, Problem Solving and Helping Attitude among masses .The centre takes astrology as a tool to determine future events in advance based on scientific calculations based on date, time, and place with an accuracy of 80%-95 %, so that one can manage their life in most productive manner.

Mr . Karnatak has written two books namely “ I Can DO :24x7” – a book on self –help and “ Apni Pahchan “ – a book on understanding self based on Sun sign , Numerology , Graphology and Face reading. He takes out one inspirational newsletter on monthly basis naming “Plus Approach “which is sent to readers through e-mails, instrumental in developing positive attitude in mind of readers.

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