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 Good beginning and awakening for all of us.Such approach is needed in present day stressful life.
 Submitted By : IP BHATT
 Dr Ashutosh Karnatak deserves all praise for making people aware of the power in positive approach in life.Great efforts indeed.Please keep it up. God bless you .
 Submitted By : Hemanga Nobis
 Dear Sir, Best regards for keeing the magazine rolling. My humble feedback for the article and feedback for the part I found particularly interesting.Although brief feedback for all the points. 1. Take care of loose belongings while travelling. Yes pe
 Submitted By : Hemanga Nobis
 Dear Sir, Read your article with intent and interest.How true and original are your views.The best part is that I can relate to each sentence of what is being written.Wish you could write down on a regular basis. Best Regards Hemanga
 Submitted By : Anjan Bera
 Very Good
 Submitted By : Manoj Mishra
 Dear Respected Sir , It gives me immense pleasure to write to you, for the great initiative taken by you for the scattering consciousness about positive thinking, PT is only the key, which remove all the stress from our lives. This is a very useful self
 This is a very useful dynamic site to make people aware about the Plus approach i.e. positive thinking. In todays stressful environment Positive thinking is the backbone which keep people alive to survive. I would appreciate Dr. Karnatak for starting thi
 Submitted By : Sreeja
 Hello Sir, I came across this newsletter through my Uncle to whom I am grateful! I am writing this to convey that reading your inspiring words has given me strength to look forward in life with more positive energy. I am currently going through a dif
 Submitted By : G P Singh
 Basically journalist and doing Field journalism for last 12 years. 3or 4 months Ago i come in touch of some person doing on Numerology and consulting Positive and Practicle Way of life. Then i start study on Numerology and now a days Trying to success my
 Submitted By : G Ahmed
 Esteemed Dr Karnataka Saheb I have gone through your Plus Approach "an inspirational newsletter' and at the outset take this opportunity to congratulate you for the same and also admire you for devoting your valuable time for the betterment of soci
 Submitted By : Gopal Goswami
 dear sir, it gives me great pleasure to write you for the great initiative taken by you for the spreading awareness of the power of positive thinking.sir me my self is a firm believer of the same as what ever little i could achieve in life just because o
 Submitted By : Chitra Borkar
 Thanks for news letter. With regards
 Submitted By : Ajay Sawhney
 Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak, ¬ Good Day ! ¬ Thank you for your mail and P2RL formula of success. I appreciate your¬ efforts to construct such a great inspirational theories. ¬ God bless you ! ¬ Thanks & Regards,
 Submitted By : R D Mall
 Dear Mr. Karnatak, I am feeling highly obliged to you for sharing your thoughts and analysis for the Approach to be followed during the Professional career. It is quite logical and takes one to recall his experiences in the career and helps to
 Submitted By : Puja
 this is very inspiring words i m very thankful to THE ANONYMOUS
 Submitted By : Ashish
 Submitted By : Siddeeque
 I have read the Inspiring Quotes.Thank you very much.
 Submitted By : Sunil
 Article on life managemnt thru project management technique is excellent . A n article ,which has given insight on managing life. Keep on writing such articles .
 Submitted By : Avdhesh Yadav
 Dear Sir, We have recd. the book written by you for project management of hydrocarbon pipeline journey it is very usefull for us the people who are executing the project and trying to close the project . we need it to read and read again to lea
 Submitted By : Ajay Juneja
 Dear Mr. Karnatak , It is really fantastic to read this news letter of current month and last ones. This is great " differentiate person by altitude and not by caste , creed , colour. I am really inspired and will pass on these ideas / mgs. to people ar
 Submitted By : Alka Chaudhary
 Went through your newsletter , Lot of good things to read and understand .Appreciate your effort .Please keep it rolling .
 Submitted By : Raj Chaudhari
 Thank you very much for regularly sending us "Plus Approach". Much appreciation and admire your dedication in bringing out this newsletter . Raj Choudhari
 Submitted By : Yuki
 Dear Mr Karnatak, Thank you very much for the time spared for me the other day, your guidence on forgiveness made a huge difference to me, as you said, following that route made the things very simple and relieved the burden, will discuss and share th
 Submitted By : Sanjay Kumar
 A very useful site with information for our young generation to make them understand about their role and moral responsibility . The principles in this site are so simple to follow the same time so powerful.They are essential to achieving our goal.
 Submitted By : Ashok Singh
 It is one of the best inpirational sites which I have visited . After reading articles there is a change in my thinking , attitude and personality . I hope other readers are also getting benefitted from this . ashok
 Submitted By : Soumen Roy Chowdhury
 Very few people spend their time in a very positive manner in spite of being in a stressful environment. I find so much motivation by this site. How a person can use his time so judiciously! I am lucky I could be associated with this gentleman although fo
 Submitted By : Avinash Godbole
 Dear Mr Ashutosh Karnatak I had been receiving e-newsletter ĎPlus Approachí and I found it to be very interesting. I am impressed with your art of communicating the basics of positive thinking and finding its application in daily life. I am also con
 Submitted By : Vishal Gupta
 This is a good site which would certainly help in changing ones attitude and concentrate to resolve the problem in a positive manner.
 Submitted By : Amit K Sharma
 This is a very useful site to make people aware about the Plus approach i.e. positive thinking. Positive thinking is the backbone which keep people alive in todays stressful environment. I would like to say thanks to Mr. Karnatak for starting this s
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