Project Knowledge Sharing - Governance Mechanism


1) Any progressive organization should have a proper Governance mechanism which includes Structure , Systems & Procedure , Human Resources .

2) Structure  means control , command and decision making lines ,S&P not only include different  SoPs but Monitoring , Control and Decision  Making system . 

3) All these are operated by the Human Resources , which needs to be competent  and capable . Thus Organizations should have their Charter indicating Governance Mechanism .

4) Governance mechanism may be classified as Macro and Micro Governance 

5) Macro governace will consist Startegy, Monitoring ,Reporting , closing 

6) Micro governace is breakdown of Macro 

7) Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators(KPIs), Key Health Indicators(KHIs) and Key Efficeincy Indicators(KEIs)

8) Project execution efficiency :

It is defined in terms of time and cost

Time efficiency = time undertaken /timed schedule

Cost efficiency = soft cost actual/scheduled  cost

                        Hard cost actual/ Hard cost schedule .



Estimated efficiency -  actual cost /estimated cost .


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