Mind and Its Role

" It is the mind that makes good or ill , that makes wretch or happy, rich or poor "

 - Edmond Spencer

Goals of life cannot be achieved by the dint of fate or labor, the prime parameter is required for - mental attitude. People can achieve every dream/goal only through the mental attitude. Mental attitude is desired to achieve the goal of life.

Think for a while and visualize internal mental reaction and read further ..
Mental Attitude and Success:


I will  think positive only , not negative , because I have the power to do whatever I want to do.

If somebody hurt me, it may be due to his mental state at that moment. I must forgive him i.e. attitude to forgive should also be developed

I can not change individual's attitude . It is his personality. He is master of his attitudes. Let me control my attitude and myself.

It is difficult to control others actions , however I can control my emotions and actions as I and only I is the controller of my emotions, thoughts and actions.

These formulas are required to be repeated by the mind regularly . It can be done while you are walking, taking rest, or any other time etc. etc.

Conclusively , Attitude , Efforts and Actions are required to keep positive frame of subconscious / passive mind.

So, send positive signals to my mind and try to keep it in plus/positive frame to achieve desired goals


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