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 TEA: Let us focus on TEA - Time, Efficiency and Approach management
 June 2017
 About Us
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 Management Geeta
 May 2015
 Management Geeta
 February 2015
 Management Geeta
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 Management Geeta
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 Management Geeta
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 Plus Approach Geeta
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 PLUS APPROACH GEETA By Dr Ashutosh Karnatak
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 Manage Life with colors
 February 2013
 December 2012
 Plus Approach Geeta By Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak
 October 2012
 An inspirational article by Dr. Ashutosh
 September 2012
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 Handling Failures: An art leading to success
 March 2012
 Significance of color in our life
 February 2012
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 Travel from Goa to Delhi : A case study
 July 2011
 Inherent Tendencies July 11
 March 2011
 Manage Life with colors
 February 2011
 Travesties of Middle Management
 December 2010
 Why Not Appreciate
 September 2010
 How To Manage your Boss
 July 2010
 P2 R L Formula of Success
 April 2010
 Happy Birth Day -Sachin
 January 2010
 Think Differently jan 10
 November 2009
 Be Optimistic
 September 2009
 Developing Self-Brand
 July 2009
 Life Management through Project Management Techniques
 May 2009
 Enhance your Zone of Forgiveness( ZOF)
 March 2009
 Signifance of colors
 February 2009
 Power of Positive Thinking
 November 2008
 How Essential to have happy mood in the morning
 November 2008
 September 2008
 Play Ball by Ball
 July 2008
 New meaning of weekdays and alphabets
 June 2008
 Save Energy, Save india
 June 2008
 W for Web Management
 April 2008
 T for Think Differently
 March 2008
 S for Strengthen
 February 2008
 Never Give Up
 January 2008
 W for Weeding Problems
 January 2008
 W for Weeding Problems
 December 2007
 P for Perseverance
 December 2007
 Plus Approach
 November 2007
 `o` for Ownership
 October 2007
 Never Give Up
 September 2007
 Inner Strength (IS)
 August 2007
 H for Happiness
 July 2007
 G for Goal
 June 2007
 F for Focus - Basic element of Sucess
 May 2007
 E for Extra Mile
 April 2007
 D for Desire
 April 2006
 Never Give In
 March 2006
 Anticipate Obstacles- Path leading to success
 January 2006
 Attributes leading to Success
 December 2005
 Absorbed Listening (AL)
 October 2005
 Inner Strength (IS)
 September 2005
 How important to know yourself
 August 2005
 Eight Steps of Self Improvements (Cubical Model)
 July 2005
 How to overcome Tension
 May 2005
 How to Cope with Difficult Situation
 March 2005
 Journey towards Happiness
 February 2005
 Fire in the Belly
 January 2005
 Be Optimistic
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