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Boss is like God- both are responsible for destiny .One is reponsible at earth whereas other in heaven .

Our professional life starts and ends with BOSS.Bosses want to be surrounded by talented as well as honest offcials. Seldom they need sycophants also . They may be jealous also in case you try to over-smart them .

Good sub-ordinate should not be  a threat to the position of Boss, which sub-ordinate is supposed to display verbally or non-verbally

Consult your boss frequently particularly on issues , which is his area of strength . 

If boss asks to show him  the letter /note  before sending ;leave  some minor mistakes for his correction , it would  boost his ego as a boss.

Boss wants major decisions should be consulted /informed to him before implementation .

Admire your boss whenever necessary particularly his areas of strength .  

1) S/He always likes hard working person .

2) S/He wants his sub-ordinate should not come to him with problem rather approach him with solution .

3) S/He wants his juniors should be with him at the time of need.

Generally there are four categories of sub-ordinates i.e A ,B ,C, D categorised in decending order of performance . We look for A type only but other categoires are equally important . A Boss should have capability to idetify the category of his people and get the job done as per their skill because the performance increses in increment only so if one tries to get A type of performance from a C type of employee then expectaions of Boss is on the higher side .

AK 17.11.2010

At higher level we should not expect clear cut decisions .

Booses may not like ur strengths as u may sometime overcast them

How the boss should be :

1) He should be mentor

2) should validate actions taken by his associates

3) Associates  should have trust on him

 4) Risk taking capabilities enhances when boss trusts 

5) Relationship should be like elder and younger brother

6) Should be accessible

7) Alignment with the boss is essential in professional life. 


" Bosses sometimes take your test of competence , behaviour ,attitude etc " ,so don't take any interaction lightly with boss or seniors:- AK

People give respect either by fear or on account of tangible  benefit .- AK


One must understand  psyic of the boss and align with the same .



"Understand the ego points of boss"- AK

Boss is not your enemy ;He also thinks about u ,:Ak


Alignment with the boss is essential in professional life.

Great Managers want each employee to feel certain tension , a tension to achieve .
If you want to understand excellence ,you should investigate failure and then invert in it .

 A great lesson in professional life is to understand expectations of organisation & superiors and aligning  performance as per that . Most of the people in professional life make this mistake ,they belive that whatever  they are doing  is best but  is misaligned  with respect to the expectations and face frequent  problems in professional life .

One should be capable enough to decipher requirements and expectations of organisation & superiors and develop skill set as per that . Then see results , you need not to do anything else . Practice it and send your feedback on this .

Office environment(1)
Appraication is the motivation factor to get the job done .
Perception plays a major role in assessment of a person .Based on my experience it is more on past experience. If it is bad in past, one discounts the work being by him at present.: AK

Professional advancement depends on performance and perception of the individual. Perception sometimes overcasts the performance. So take care of perception,which others are forming for you .

Manager basic responsibilty is to convert talent into performance .

1) For optimum output from a group ,all the members are required to be aligned with the objective.

2) Any opportunity needs to be converted into performance because opportunities do not come always and performance is required to be done always .

3) Performance may vitiate if connected with results . Results follow automatically to the performance .

                                                                                            By Karnatak .A

One should have tension to improve his perfomance and try to achieve it .
Silence and smile are two attributes leads to better performance .- AK

Identify A,B,C,D type personnel and get the job done based on their competence .

Delegation of works needs to be blended with time to time supervision ,otherwise it may lead to disaster .-AK
He is nothing but a tool to the boos. He should always sharpen himself by upgrading knowledge etc. so that the Boss could use him properly.
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