The habit of giving only enhances the desire to give.


Happiness is mostly a by-product of doing what makes us feel fulfilled.


If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week.


Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that there is one less scoundrel in the world.I kept six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew. Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.


From long familiarity, we know what honor is. It is what enables the individual to do right in the face of complacency and cowardice. It is what enables the soldier to die alone, the political prisoner to resist, the singer to sing her song, hardly appreciated, on a side street.


A human being can live for 40 days without water 8 minutes without air but not even 1 second without hope....
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