Our body resides in our mental home. As our normal home needs care & maintenance during construction, annual  repairs, paintings etc. Similarly our mental home must always be on our radar & we should take corrective actions, when needed!


Success is an outcome of your efforts towards your goal! So continuously train your mind to put all your energy towards the goal, including optimism & enjoy the sweet success!


One’s stature in others’ eyes rises due to forgiveness, not by taking revenge. Hence FECT (Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion & Tolerance) does wonders!

Positive Attitude

In this era of co-operation & collaboration, one needs to migrate from Attitude to Servitude, which would help develop a fruitful relationship!

Decision Making

Neither question nor repent your decisions! Being functions of time, they may turn out to be either good or bad. Yet, keep taking timely decisions to be more efficient & for a better brand equity.


‘Defeat’ gets defeated when it encounters Everest like determination in achieving one’s goal! So every night before sleeping, auto-suggest your mind for steeling your determination towards the goal!

Reinvent Yourself

It helps to continuously reinvent yourself: your behaviour, relationships, tolerance level, forgiveness, passion towards goal, affection, anger, reactions etc. Observe all these within, reinvent yourself continuously & keep improving!123


The team should ultimately work for the objective instead of the leader.


1) Positivity reduces noise of mind.

2) Positive person develops the parental attitude.


Positive person has larger area of flexibility . He has broader Bandwidth to operate .


Success do no't see any caste , color and creed .It is the yield of your aspiration,perspiration and perseverence.


Great Cricketer Inzimam said duirng one of the match of the the asia cup that winning team knows to  play as per demand of the game . In professional life also , we need to act as per the requirements of the situation .


Capture the thought before it ripples down. You never know the potential of the thought.


Negative thoughts are  firewall of positive thoughts.

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