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Dr.Ashutosh Karnatak was born in Almora (Uttaranchal) a hill state of India, where he spent early years of his life. After completion of the graduation in Electrical Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technology Institute (Kanpur), he did his Master degree in Energy studies from IIT Delhi and MBA in Financial Management.He did his PhD In Petroleum Management (Asian Gas Grid – A critical analysis of its feasibility) from UPES Dehradun. Presently, he is pursuing hisPost-Doctoral Study in “Organisation Maturity in Project Management.”

He has deep understanding of fields like astrology and palmistry acquired from his father Late Shri J C Karnatak. At present, he is holding a very senior management post in major Gas Company of India.

From 1997 onwards, he developed keen interest in human behaviour and concluded that "Thinking Process" can change the personality in totality. He believes that circumstances do not control man but man can control them.

After hospitalization in year 2000, he started believing that he survived only due to blessings of other people. After that he started devoting more time in dissemination of “Positive Thinking” among people, who also got benefited from his thinking. Today, he is known as “Positive Thinker” among his colleagues and society. He started spreading "Positive Attitude" or "Plus Approach" among people through website and e-newsletter.

In order to spread further this philosophy, he has started delivering lectures on Self-Development and other aspects of life atorganizations, schools and institutions.

He firmly believes in the following:
One can do whatever he wants.
One can have control on himself.
To be successful one should have "Fight Back Tendencies"
Mind needs to be maintained in a positive frame.
Be Optimistic till the end.

Getting inspired from him, his colleagues have started “Plus Approach Foundation” by which they give back Positivity, Education, Healthetc…(Website - www.plusapproach.co.in) to the society.

After experience of around 33 years in corporate world from grass root to the top level of the management he feels that most of the people are bereft of time consciousness and deficit of decision making has dragged many projects in public as well as in private sectors leading to cost escalation. Lot of money can be saved and utilised for better purposes if “Time Consciousness” is developed.

“Doing work is good , doing work in time is better and completing it within time is best”  - DrAshutosh Karnatak

In the same way deficiency of competencies is also alarming for our country. Wemay know how to drive the car but really 60% might not know to drive the car optimally as well the role of the different components of the car. Therefore, optimal efficiency can be taken out from a competent person only. Competency in simple word is the combination of skill sets required for doing a job. It is a combination of education,experience,skills, attitudeetc.

It is my belief that what we earn needs to be shared with others. It may be knowledge, money,experience, guidance etc. This website is created with this aim. Hope readers will like it and also contribute in development of the society in their own way and also be part of “Positive, Projectised and Competent India”

"Aspiration and perspiration are important ingredient of sucess"- Ashutosh Karnatak.

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