Yes , I Can  

Our vision is:

1)   Every youth of the country and the world to say : YIC

2)   Every mind has only one thought :YIC

3)    Every Disable to think and say : YIC 

The vision is to align the individual mind with a thought YIC . This thought should overpower all other thoughts. It is the mother thought .

Say YIC… when you are failed

Say YIC…. when nobody is with you

Say YIC… when you are frustrtaed

Say YIC… when nothing is moving

Say YIC… when dreams gets shattered

Say YIC… when people have deserted

Say YIC … when you are fatigued 

This thought is having double positive attack on self. I the word is surrounded by two positive words namely Yes (which is the most Powerful word) and CAN (Again  this word develops the capability to do something by you . It encourages you to move ahead .It makes you understand your internal strength.

 It has more impact on the internal that too mental strength than physical one , that is why: 

1.     This Can word has made Mahatma Gandhi to send out Britishers   from India.

2.     This CAN word has made   Oscar Pistorius known as Blade runne, who has lost his two limbs.

3.     The CAN word has inspired Erik Weihenmayer a blind to win over Everest.

4.     The strength of the CAN word has taken Arunima Sinha, who is not having both the legs and climbed Mount Everest.

5.     This CAN has made Dasrath Manjhi to construct a 110 met road by citing the hill rock  for 22 years ,

6.     This CAN word has made Abraham Lincoln to be president who failed 21 time

7.     This can word has made Edison an inventor of filament  bulb who failed 99 times

8.     Thin word has made Amitabh Bachhann as Big B , who was not selected by all India Radio Calcutta

9.     This CAN word has made latest comedian Kapil Sharma , who pays now 15 cr. as income tax

10. This Can word made M S Dhoni a legend , who was ticket collector. 

The Word CAN have impact on psychology of the person, which sometime inspires an incapacitate person to do miracles. Based on the experience it can be said that CAN does the following internal to the brain:

·       Develops the self belief and confidence

·       Develops optimism

·       Develops Inner strength

·       Develops fighting tendencies with the circumstances

·       Takes the person from negativity or despair to Positivity

·       Stimulates the persons dormant strength

·       Converting disability to ability to win ability 

So why not to chant Yes, I can; Yes, I can;Yes I can  daily in breakfast and before sleep daily 108 times. 


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