With or (unknowingly) without permission, our lives are continually influenced and under a microscope; be it via the Internet and/or Social Media or the onslaught of opinions coming at us from all directions. This begs the question, do the opinions of others, really matter?

Well, singer/songwriters Kjersti Long and Ryan Follesé (of Hot Chelle Rae fame) definitively answer that question with their new duet, “IDC (Ask Me If I Care).” The honest and fun infused start to the song leads us down a path to a completely confident and self aware place. Relatable to all ages and demographics, “IDC (Ask Me If I Care)” offers a healthy and upbeat attitude towards hurtful criticism, giving the listener an opportunity to release pent-up frustrations as the chorus rings out in an anthemic styled chant, “I DON’T CARE!!!”

Gen Alphas to Baby Boomers alike, and all genders, will totally relate and certainly join in to share the theme of this epic fight song, that speaks to independence and self awareness!